Nicole Beharie Attends ‘College Signing Day’


Nicole Beharie Looking Flawless at White House Event

Hey, Nicole Beharie fans. I know I’m like 24-hours late with this post, but here it is anyway. As you guys very well know, Nicole was in attendance at yesterday’s 3rd Annual College Signing Day. The event was sponsored by MTV and is part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s initiative to get more high school students to seek higher education.

Nicole and actor Matthew Morrison, who both attended performing arts schools in New York, spoke to some 4,000 students for a brief moment, giving advice and sharing a bit of insight into their own college years.

You can check out pics and video from the event below.

By the way, am I the only person who got a very Abbie Mills-esque vibe from Nicole’s outfit? If I didn’t know better, I’d think she just walked off the set from shooting.


  1. Look how happy she is! It gives me life to see her so luminous. Sleepy Hollow was really stiffing her.

  2. I told y’all already, watch being dropped from Sleepy Hollow open up all sorts of new opportunities for Nicole. She’s gotten more attention in the last three weeks than she got the previous three seasons combined of appearing on the show. God don’t close a door without opening up a window.

  3. Nicole looks great. Hope to see so much more of her. Really hope she starts to grow in confidence. She always seems to be shocked that anyone knows or cares about her. I wish Beyoncé would loan her some of her ego and arrogance. She’s got an abundance of it.

  4. Nicole looks good. I think deep down she’s happy to be done with the show. I hope her next television role is something that allows her to visit Comic Con yearly. In always like her at those events. She’s such a natural when dealing with the fans.

  5. I like that idea Wendy. I’d like to keep seeing Nicole at Comic Comic or even Paleyfest. If she gets on another popular show it’s almost a guarantee she’ll at least be seen at Paley. Comic Con is strictly sci-fi type stuff.

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