Nicole Beharie Gets a Rhapsody Blurb

Nicole Beharie Talks About Her Rise to Fame


Actress Nicole Beharie is featured inside the November issue of Rhapsody magazine.

The 29-year old brown-skin beauty waxed poetic about being born with a “global perspective” thanks to having grown up in places like Florida, Atlanta, Panama and Nigeria.

Being born to a father who was in the foreign services according to Beharie exposed her to a life that made her think anything was possible if she worked hard enough for it.

Because of that determination, the 5’1 powerhouse has quietly made a name for herself in Hollywood even though she’s only been acting professionally for five years.

Nicole calls her present job, that of Lieutenant Abbie Mills on the FOX sci-fi hit “Sleepy Hollow,” her dream job, saying “The show is a mash-up of everything I like: sci-fi, horror and fantasy.”

Nicole’s starring role in “Sleepy Hollow” puts her in an elite, but small group of black women who presently helm their own shows. Sadly, this week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow left fans with a bad taste in their mouth, causing many to take to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

Despite being the show’s co-lead, alongside actor Tom Mison who plays Ichabod Crane, many fans feel Beharie’s character has been reduced to sidekick in order to accommodate the show’s male lead and a cast of supporting characters.

The #AbbieMillsDeservesBetter tag was quickly born of out fan frustration and has been going strong for two seven days now.

I personally wrote about my frustration with the way season two has played out for the character of Abbie Mills, noting that despite getting plenty of screen time, as a character she is not being explored and has no arc of her own. Mills has essentially become the male lead’s Black Best Friend. She has no life of her own, no love of her own and appears to be there only to help her white friend accomplish whatever he wants out of life while having no goals, desires or accomplishments of her own.

The show has 11 more episodes to go before the season wraps up in January and according to co-star Orlando Jones, fans will indeed get more Abbie, Jenny and Irving. Personally, this week’s episode of “Deliverance” left a very bad taste in my mouth, so bad I don’t think I can in good conscience promote the show as I used to. Though I adore Beharie and want the show to be renewed for a third season, I can’t get past Crane siding against Abbie and silencing her opinions with a 2-to-1 vote that included him and his wife against Abbie, his Witness partner whom he is supposedly fated to save the world with.

At any rate, it you’re still riding the Ichabbie train, you have my condolences.



  1. Ichabbie won’t go down without a fight. Just wait. If they keep pushing “Kertrina” or some warped triangle with “Hawley”, ratings will reflect the disapproval. If anybody is IchTrina then they are seriously lying to themselves. Ichy has more chemistry with the Mills’ sisters than his own wife!

  2. Last week’s episode (Deliverance) did it for me when it comes to Ichabbie. Watching Crane side with his wife and vote down Abbie while simultaneously needing her to save their asses was just too much for me. Abbie was reduced to a sidekick in that episode and I hated it. Its like they wanted the public to know they were pro Ichatrina and that Ichabbie would never happen. It literally made me sick.

    We all know Crane and Abbie rock together. Ass Jenny and it gets even better. Katrina on the other hand is a downer and yet the whole season has been about rescuing her and her redeeming her crazy son. I’m tired of it. Bring back last year’s team.

    F*&^% the Cranewrecks. 😆

    I hope Andy returns too. John Cho’s show “selfie” was cancelled today.

  3. I think you guys are being too harsh on the the way the story line is unfolding with 11 more episodes to go (IMO). One thing I personally don’t like in the fantasy genre, is when plot lines and story arcs get too easily tied up, but at the same time I don’t like it when things get dragged out too long. I guess I have faith that the writers have a long term plan in mind.

    To be honest, I blame the actress that plays Katrina for not making her character more accessible and relate-able…her manner of delivering lines is a bit wooden to me, so that comes across as her being insincere …whenever she says ‘my dear Ichabod’ or something like that, I immediately think she’s lying, and there is zero chemistry between her and Ichabod. In fact, I think she and Abraham/the HH seem to be a better match!

    The thing is, for such a huge war that is going on, the witnesses do need side characters to help out. I am *hoping* that the reason why we are seeing less of Irving and Jenny is to flesh out the new characters (Capt. Reyes, blond guy with beard).

    In a way I wonder if the writers/producers etc bit off more than they can chew with such a vast story line because it seems like it’s getting hard to do everyone justice. I want to see Capt Irvings ex wife and kid again for example!

    I am giving them at least 2 more episodes or so to put the focus back on Abbie herself but in the meantime I am very happy how she is being portrayed. She is smart, dependable and has common sense. She saves Ichabod’s butt on numerous occasions, and did the right thing by Katrina when she (katrina) wanted to (maybe?) die so to not give birth to Molloch. That was definitely taking the high road IMO. So in a way, though we aren’t getting backstory with Abbie for right now, her character is still being written strongly. She is the best black female character on TV right now I think, Olivia Pope has nothing on her.

    I am intrigued by the information about her mother and the fact that she may not have been ‘crazy’. If they do a love triangle with the blond guy I’m done though- the Mills sisters deserve a better story line than that.

    Sorry for the super long post! This last episode was actually the best episode for me of this season. (Sorry Katrina still don’t like you or feel like you are there for Ichabod. )

  4. People (writers/producers/executives) think that they can alienate us once they reel us in. They think we will stay and be devoted. I have left (stopped watching) many a show’s throughout the years where the black star or co-star was once prominently featured and then was reduced to hello’s and goodbyes (Ally McBeal anyone?? –Where on earth is Lisa Nicole Carson).
    Nicole Beharie-(Abbie)is now saying…Oh, were doing what? I’ll help…I don’t work???? Okay lets go. How can I risk my life and my sisters life so your wife is okay? Let me give you all some privacy! I have no life????

    I noticed the “slight” this season and thought I was the only one getting a little salty. Also Orlando Jones better be featured more, as he adds a lot with his character. Also where did his family go???? Jill Marie Jones and kids??? I liked John Cho as well. Bring him back.

    I’ll still keep on watching and see where they take the show, but…. Abbie better get a life soon……….

  5. I am sorry to say but crane is getting to be annoying! Every five minutes running to his supposed love Katrina ! Are they serious we all know that Abbie is meant to be with crane end if story! I guess we have to put up with the bull until something good happens!

    I love sleepy hallow. I will continue watching as usual. Katrina needs a early exit ASAP!

  6. At this point I want Crane and Katrina gone. Abbie and Jenny should be the two witnesses. Crane is too weak. Bring back Andy and Luke as Abbie’s love interest.

  7. Well, it’s what networks do, they do reel us in and then change the program. I see them trying to hype up Alfre Woodard in clips to promote Kathleen Hiegle’s new drama airing soon, like it’s her series like Viola Davis’ hit show. As much as I love Alfre Woodard’s screen presence, I won’t be watching. They always try to play us, FOX, especially, shows like Martin and Living Single contributed greatly to the success of the network!

    Bravo to Nicole, only professionally acting for five years, being 5’1 and having a lead in a hit-show, amazing!

    Also…hate that ABC cancelled ‘Selfie’…I thought it was so funny and where we are today with social media, probably why people didn’t tune-in. Thanks for the FYI!

  8. The character of Abbie Mills has been reduced to just muscle. She saves everyone, including Crane and gets nothing in return. Her role as a Witness hasn’t been explored since the first half of season one and now with Crane’s wife free Abbie is outnumbered and outvoted when it comes to how the group will approach fighting Henry, with whatever Katrina wants always winning out and Crane going along with it. What’s the point of being a God appointed Witness if the other Witness’ wife can usurp your authority? Abbie is the BLACK BEST FRIEND, THE STRONG BLACK WOMAN and MAMMIE all rolled up in a pretty package. She is every trope we had hoped she wouldn’t be.

  9. SISTA, I’m hopeful. Now that “Kertrina” is back with her evil son and evil, beheaded boyfriend, to fulfill her evil purpose for her evil existence, I’m hopeful.

    I rolled my eyes more than a few times during last night’s episode.

    HAWLEY and his attraction to Abbie. I understand. She fine. Jenny is fine. But please writers, don’t make this happen.

    ICHABOD. Glad to see he got himself together by the end. He knows that he and Abbie are bound not only as witnesses but as comrades, friends and potential lovers-in-the-nighttime. LOL.

    Next week’s episode gives me hope. More on the Mills’ sisters and less of “Kertrina” an her sappy place/existence.

  10. Hey SISTA. I thought once that both Jenny and Abbie were the witnesses. They were the “two” who saw Moloch. All Ichabod did was fight with a minion and get killed by his sword/hatchet. Did they ever explain the witnesses? I know Google can be my friend, but… the girls saw Moloch. They looked on the face of evil and passed out for three days…or however long it was. One saw and believed, the other saw and denied. How is Ichy a witness?

  11. We have yet to find out how Crane was chosen as a Witness. Same with Abbie, only we know even less about her.
    Last night’s episode worked my nerves too, but not as much as the “Deliverance” episode.
    I can’t wait for the “Mama” episode next week. One of the show’s writer’s said the whole episode would be all Abbie and Jenny Mills. I hope so. I think Crane will be sidelined with the cold, leading Nick Hawley to be called in. Honestly, I wish he would go away sometimes too.
    As for Katrina, the less we see of her the better. Kill her already.

  12. OMG I love this show. This site singled handedly made me a believer. YES!

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