Nicole Beharie Gets Renewed


After just three episodes and an average ten million viewers for each, actress Nicole Beharie has seen her freshman sci-fi drama Sleepy Hollow get an early pick-up for season two.

Sleepy Hollow, a modern day retelling of the Headless Horseman tale, has been a huge hit for Fox, especially on DVR where it has been viewed by an additional twenty-three million viewers since it debuted last month.

Despite not ordering a full thirteen episodes for season one, Fox so believes in the long term hit potential of Sleepy Hollow that they have ordered a full twenty-two episodes for season two.

This is great news for Beharie, who in a recent interview credited her first primetime role to the breakthroughs recently made my actresses Kerry Washington (Scandal) and Taraji P. Henson (Person of Interest)

Sleepy Hollow airs Monday nights on Fox at 10pm EST.

If you haven’t watched yet, do tune in, if for no other reason than to support Nicole. Aside from Kerry, no other show on network television has a black female as the LEAD character.


  1. I dont like Fox biased network and never watch any of their shows. Most people think that network is too racist to watch, but I wish her well.

  2. Such great news for her. She is a great actress and I think we have only scratched the surface with her.

  3. I’m a fan of Sleepy Hollow. I was glad to hear this news.

  4. this show is great and i love watching it. i wish her the best and they even have orlando jones. so i am happy

  5. I’ll have to check out Sleepy Hollow, I think she’s a great actress on the rise. Since I saw her in American Violet I’ve liked Nicole.

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