Nicole Beharie is Coming to UP TV


If you missed Nicole Beharie in the independent flick “My Last Day without You” when it was unveiled in limited release last fall, never fear, the film will make its cable debut later this month via UP TV.

The flick made its original debut at several film festivals back in 2012 and walked away with awards for “Best Producer” (Brooklyn Film Festival) and “Outstanding Independent Film (Black Reel Awards).

Despite its modest accolades, the film was given only a limited release in AMC Theaters last fall, and was not released overseas at all.

Still, if you need a little more “Leftenenat Mills” in your life, “My Last Day Without You” is a great way to get your fix.

Along with starring in the film, Nicole also sings five of the soundtrack’s songs, including the title track below.

Check out the video, as well as a few stills.


  1. Miss Begarie has been giving it her all these days and is making a very good name for herself as an actress. I enjoy watching her in Sleepy Hallow. Her theatre rls movies have also made a impact on her career. Looking forward to seeing her in new and upcoming projects in the future.

  2. Nicole’s singing voice and tone has a wonderful richness. She has a really nice voice. I definitely think she should make and release an album. The lyrics to that song are heartfelt and genuine. That movie looks excellent, and I cant wait to buy it, hopefully it’s released to dvd sooner rather than later. Nicole’s career is unfolding beautifully, and I am glad because she is uniquely talented with an ethereal look.

  3. Don’t know her, but her attitude on Arsenio Hall REALLY turned me off. It was so bad that Arsenio made her leave and re-enter again. Maybe she just had a bad night…I hope.

  4. Oh No, Liyah. Don’t hate Nicole, she needs us to support her. That little show she put on via Arsenio was a skit he made up, she said so on Twitter. Nicole is a total sweetheart. She spent en entire day on Twitter talking to fans. It was so beautiful. Nicole is the lead on her show and there is a massive hate campaign against her because she and Ichabbie get all the shine. White girls are mad Matia, who plays Ichabod Crane’s wife, isn’t the real star. Ichabod and Abbie, Tom and Nicole, have a massive fandom community and because of that the racist haters have come out. Nicole is a doll. Beautiful and humble. I’m gld Brown Sista is giving her attention here. She deserves it.

    Defending Grace Abigail Mills:

  5. I have been following her career for awhile and she is the real deal. This girl is a superstar.

  6. …but I don’t understand what the point of a skit like that would be *shrug*

  7. I don’t see the purpose either Liyah, mostly because it left a lot of people confused. I was on Twitter the night it aired and it left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouth concerning Nicole. But watch her interviews, especially with her cast and you’ll see she is a very grounded and sweet person.

    I personally love me some Nicole. Can’t wait to get my Abbie Mills fix when Sleepy Hollow returns.

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