Nicole Beharie Poses for Playboy Magazine

Sleepy Hollow Actress Nicole Beharie Poses for Playboy

nicole beharie poses for playboy magazine

“Sleepy Hollow” actress Nicole Beharie is keeping it on for an upcoming photo shoot in Playboy magazine. The 30-year old brown skin beauty will be featured in a “Becoming Attraction” pictorial that promises to keep it rated PG based on the photos we have seen so far.

Photographer Josh Reed unveiled a few behind-the-scenes images from the shoot via Instagram, telling fans to keep a look out for the final product in the coming weeks.

Beharie recently wrapped up shooting on “Sleepy Hollow,” which aired its season two finale last night, and is expected to take a bit of down time before the show hopefully gets renewed and starts shooting again in early May.

If you’ve been keeping track of the show this season you know it struggled a bit in the ratings before rebounding with a well-received finale that promises to reset things for the upcoming season. If you haven’t seen the “Tempus Fugit” finale, feel free to hit up or Hulu to check out. If you’re a former fan especially, what you see might just make you wanna tune in again.


  1. Now I never knew Playboy did PG, as I am not exactly a subscriber. And do not plan on ever being one. I am hoping Nicole doesn’t go down a “look at me road”. I guess when your YBF (young black and fabulous) and co-star in a hit network show, Playboy calls? Not Instyle, Glamour, People, Vogue, damn even Redbook????Something to ponder??? I know Nicole showed some of her goodies in the great movie “Shame”. If she wants to go nude again, she should do a tasteful movie a la Shame. I don’t know if its me but did Nicole upgrade her “muffins”? Trying to keep it PG. Sorry this headline was shocking, can’t say its good news, but hey if it gets Sleepy Hollow renewed, okay. ???

    As for Sleepy Hollow, I stuck with it and am happy I did so, as the show really picked up. I DVR’d the season finale and am looking forward to watching it. I really hope that it gets renewed for a 3rd season. “Everyone should continue to watch”. As for Nicole’s down time, I hope she does some great artistic work, cause she’s a great and unique actress, and a good singer.

  2. Another point..Ya think Nicole is trying to show the producers of Sleepy Hollow that she is sexy… Cause obviously they don’t know or forgot…Hello Katrina and her push up corsets.

  3. Playboy has always done just interviews with female celebrities. They just never get the attention. Plus there is the website which is straight up rated PG and reads like any other celeb based blog.

  4. Jayne Kennedy was the first black woman to be on the cover of Playboy, and she did not have to undress for it either. Hugh Hefner was just that enamored with her.

    While I do prefer to see Nicole in a more respectable publication, I hope that our other sistas will see that our women past and present have been able to get coverage while remaining covered.

  5. Kudos to Nicole. I want another season of “Sleepy Hollow” but they’ve got to keep it #MillsSisters and #TeamWitness, otherwise I’m out.

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