Nicole Beharie Says ‘Creative Tension’ Led to Her Sleepy Hollow Departure


Nicole Beharies Attends ‘Brave Summit’ Panel at Georgetown University

While attending yesterday’s Brave Summit: Women in Media panel at Georgetown University, Sleepy Hollow actress, Nicole Beharie, reportedly gave attendees a glimpse into what led to her character being killed off during the show’s shocking season three finale. According to journalist Phyllis A. Gilchrist, Nicole cited “creative tension” as the reason behind her no longer appearing on the show. However, whether she chose to leave Sleepy Hollow or was fired, remains unknown.

Nicole also reportedly took time to acknowledge the unwavering support of her fans, saying: “Those folks don’t know it, but they buoyed me, and I want to say, in this moment, I love y’all for that.”

You can check out a few images I found from the Women in Media panel below. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear anyone bothered to record it, which is really sad. Nicole has attended several such panels over the years and in each case, no one so much as pulled out a camera phone to record what was happening. SMH.

Above: A really cool fan made video for Nicole. She got wind of it via Twitter and promised to finally upload a new video of herself singing.

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  1. Nicole needs better management. I didn’t even hear about this event in advance. And while it’s cool someone was there to relay what she said, I would’ve like to have heard it from her mouth.

  2. What exactly did Nicole say about the creative tension? I can’t seem to find her quote anywhere. Someone was able to capture her fan support quote, so surely someone captured this other comment, too.

  3. Phyllis not giving no details on Twitter and the devil is always in the details. She’s ignoring fan questions. She just wanted retweets.

  4. I know this site is aimed primarily for black women but,as a black man and big fan of sleepy hollow and ms beharie,something is just not right with this picture.To quote dana in the above post”Nicole needs better management”.I also agree withe aouthor of the article,you have this young woman in the middle of a media storm right now,and not ONE person taped it,incredible.Although to me personally,the biggest elephant in the room is ichabod crane himself,Tom Mson,where in the hell is Tom Mison?,havent heard a woird from him………..and that is strange in itself.Nicole said “creative tension”,hell, they have been using that statement since hollywood began.Anyway ,just my 2 cents.

  5. Nicole has been at the center of a huge news story for over two weeks, gives her first live interview and not one person from the press is there to report on it. How many people even knew about this event?

    Nicole lacks that certain something that all artists need to take themselves to the next level. She has a Twitter and Instagram page. Why didn’t she promote her appearance? Why didn’t she tell her fans she’s be speaking at an event at Georgetown University?

    Where are her people? Who is her manager? Who is her publicist? Who advises her day-to-day?

    You need better management Nicole. You’re 31. You don’t have a lot of years left to get the meaty roles. Step you game up sista. I’m rooting for you.

  6. Why do fans keep expecting Tom Mison to stand up for Nicole? He only cares for himself and his character and his job. He glorified the season finale and told fans they’d be pleased, knowing Abbie was killed off. I hope Tom attends an event and fans rake his scrawny ass over the coals. He got Nicole fired just like he got Katia Winter fired.

  7. I love that Nicole acknowledged her fans and says they gave her strength. 🙂

  8. i’m gonna give Tom a pass for the England comic con because,he was there to promote the show.I believe that the show airs 4 or 5 episodes behind the states,so he couldn’t say or allude to what was gonna happen.On the other hand,mison was the biggest ichabbie shipper around ,til tptb made him stop.As far as standing up for nicole well ,she didn’t stand up for herself either,at least not publicly.

  9. it could be that Nicole doesn’t want to say the exact reasons for leaving. I mean she’s already got a good job lined up and the negative energy for calling out Shitty Hollow would bring can’t be worth it. That being said, if Nicole is paying someone to manage her and promote her, they should be the ones promoting her appearances.

  10. Strangeness all around. I wish Nicole the best. I will miss this show…when it was great.

  11. @Elle
    While Nicole’s management should be helping to promote her, Nicole can still promote herself via social media. Every celebrity does that. Having management doesn’t mean you do nothing yourself. I love me some Nicole, but she has to be more proactive in her own success.

  12. @Cornell,

    While I don’t fault Mison, I also don’t understand his closing remarks about the season finale. He was very upbeat about that ending. Even when saying someone would die. Very odd.

    @everyone else,

    Yeah, Nicole needs someone promoting her. Hard. Not to say that she shouldn’t continue to be diplomatic about her leaving, just that she should strike while the iron is hot. She has a lot of fans who want to hear from her.

  13. I will never understand Tom telling fans at Comic Con that they would be happy with the ending. Knowing how much fans love Abbie and love Abbie and Ichabod together, how could he deceive people like that? I see him in a totally different light now. I understand towing the party line, but he went overboard in my opinion. I also stand by my earlier claim that he could have saved the Abbie Mills character. Tom admitted at the end of season two he was consulted on the death of Katrina and he said he co-signed it. I know they consulted him on Abbie’s death as well. Seeing as how Tom gets consulted on these matters, I know he probably agreed the show would be better off dumping her too. Seriously, Tom is gonna have a lot of explaining to do at the next event he attends.

  14. ladies,you have a point maybe i didn’t think it through. p.s. delorb been reading you for years on imdb,agree with much of your opinions on the subject,forgot my password to lazy to get another,lol

  15. This is why i want the show renewed,if it is Somebody has to explain this mess,if it’s cancelled,they will just sweep it under the rug,and let it blow over like nothing happened

  16. One thing I Agee on Nicole need s better management and she needs to learn to use social media better to promote event that she involved with people love her and she is hot right now fame is fleeting

  17. Getting booted from Sleepy Hollow is going to be wind up being the best thing that ever happened to Nicole. Good luck to her.

  18. Glad to see Abbie gone. The whole show is about Ichabod anyway. We don’t need another prime time soap opera and people making the relationship between Ichabod and Abbie another “Tiva” thing the way the NCIS fans did with Tony and Ziva. Blegh!

  19. You Tom Mison obsessed old broads kill me. The show was NEVER just about Ichabod. From episode 1 the show was sold as a partnership between two Witnesses (Ichabod and Abbie) brought together to save the world.

    The show was always about the two of them and that’s why Abbie and Ichabod’s faces were on the poster and not just Ichabod’s. They were like a supernatural cop duo.

    The show started to fall apart when they stepped away from that premise to focus on Crane’s personal life. But you knew that already. I’m sure you’ll be just fine when they give Crane yet another love interest next season just like I’m sure you were fine when they started to focus on Katrina and then Zoe and then Betsy.

    Without Abbie Mills Sleepy Hollow is nothing. Nicole has chemistry for days with everyone she was ever paired with on the show, even the damn monsters. Tom Mison, not so much. All of his flaws and the show’s flaws will magnified to the tenth power without Nicole to pick up the slack.

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