Nicole Beharie Shines in “Bones” Crossover Episode

ABBIE MILLS SHINES IN BONESWhile Sleepy Hollow can kick rocks with flip-flops on, I am still a Nicole Beharie fan and will support anything she does outside of the show. Because of that I decided to take some time last night and watch the preview episode of the Bones/Sleepy Hollow crossover event.
I tried watching Bones some months back, but the sometimes gruesome nature of the show turned me off. Luckily, the rotting flesh and maggots were kept to a minimum, which enabled me to enjoy this episode’s true highlight: the awesome scenes between Abbie Mills and Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz).

From the moment the Witnesses enter the Bones universe, Abbie Mills is at home and fits in nicely with her new surroundings. Being paired with Booth for most of the episode gave her even more room to shine, and proved what most of us already knew: Nicole Beharie has chemistry with everyone. You could pair her with one of the show’s many corpses and she’d still be able to knock it outta the ballpark. She and Booth banter with one another playfully, and I found myself really enjoying their interrogation scene. I have heard complaints about Abbie’s role as an FBI agent on Sleepy Hollow. Some say they’re just not buying it. To that I say, watch her on Bones and you’ll change your mind. FBI Agent Abbie Mills is 100% in her element, and something tells me we probably have the Bones writers to thank for that.

Nicole turns in a flawless performance in this episode and she and Boreanaz should seriously think about working together again. I’d personally love to see Abbie Mills return to Bones, minus her British shadow of course.

BonesSleepy Hollow crossover episode The Resurrection in the Remains airs this Thursday, October 29 at 8pm. Do tune it. Nicole will not disappoint.


  1. Nicole is such a precious bunny. I’d watch her in anything. And kudos to you Sista for giving her some shine. All other articles just seem to be talking about Tom, David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel. Glad to see not everyone leaves out Nicole.

  2. This is awesome, thanks! Once again the media and the producers show their asses and treat Nicole like chopped liver. When Sleepy Hollow ends, I don’t want to see or hear about Tom Mison in a decade. I know it’s not his fault, but neither is it mine, that he is so overexposed and prioritized over his co-lead.

  3. I grew to hate the Ichabod character last year and hate him even more this year. His rantings and arrogance are not cute. They’re annoying and do nothing to endear him to fans. The focus on this character has killed the ratings. Nicole was always the star and they should’ve treated her like one. I really hope to see Nicole on tv again in a role where she’s respected by the writers.

  4. Agree with everyone, but want to add that Ichabod has been reduced to a Disney character, he’s not charming anymore, and frankly irritating boyish. I miss the adult, arrogant Crane that had sex appeal. Basically, I want the Crane that was with Abbie during his time, and she was trapped there. Frankly, I think Tom and Nicole are basically just doing it, Tom already said, he can’t wait to return to the theatre.

  5. TBH, I don’t think Mison is all that. He has been the most focus-pulling actor in the writing room and in the media, but I don’t consider him anything but average. He’s a nice guy and plays the Brit with a stick up his rear well (but then, he is a Brit), but I find him lacking in almost every other area. He tends to act down and relies on his OTT schtick to keep the attention on him. When it comes to Crane, if you strip him off the-man-out-of-time gimmick, there is literally nothing to him. He has always been a paper thin character, who had potential a long time ago, but not anymore.

    That’s why it gets me that the talented Nicole, who literally has chemistry with everyone, even Katia Winter, and her character isn’t defined by her antics, gets neglected when it comes to promoting and in the show. The industry keeps showing its ass and betting on white male mediocrity.

  6. Ichabod is the worst. I can barely stand him the way he’s written this season. The whole playboy thing is utter bullshit. Crane looks like he stinks. Ain’t no way women are falling all over him. He’s become like Abbie’s child. She’s taking him to doctor’s appointments and chastising him for not studying and doing his homework. I’m shocked at the number of fans who find their living arrangement cute. And don’t get me started on his kissing scenes with Betsy Ross. Who thought Tom Mison could sell a love scene? It is so bad I found myself laughing. This show is a trip and a half. I can’t believe I ever liked it. It seems like such a long time ago.

  7. Not a fan of Bones but I look forward to the crossover.

    No comment at this time in Mison’s acting. 🙂

  8. The hot black chick on the screen was the only reason I ever sat through Sleepy Hollow. Without her I would never have watched a single episode. Season 1 was good thanks to Abbie. Abbie is hot and the chemistry between Abbie and Ichabod was intense and a sort of new (on TV anyway), surprising and great thing to behold. Without Abbie the show would be boring and bland. Abbie is who makes me like Ichabod. I dislike Tom Mison in real life. He’s just… ugh. He’s disrespectful toward Nicole in the very few videos I’ve seen of him – the first video I ever saw was of him asking the interviewer, “Which one is Abbie?” at a convention after the guy complimented the chemistry between his character and Nicole’s. Another time a black(?) female interviewer talked about the season finale where Abbie went back in time and she gave Tom several opportunities to say for example, “Slavery was an atrocity. Thank God the good guys won.” or whatevs but Tom was just like “I had a great time shooting that. A really great time.” and “No, life has never been hard for the white male!” Way to be insensitive, you pompous @ss. The only good thing about Tom Mison the actor is that the network had a lot of viewer’s questions, supposedly, and they had Nic ask Tom “Monkeys or baboons?” (OMFG) and God laid upon Tom the gift of decency to say “What?” and then try to avoid the question. Other than that Mison the actor “can kick rocks with flip flops on” as Sista said. 😀 But then, I don’t like Nicole either. XD Abbie and Ichabod Yes, Tom and Nicole Ugh and No.

  9. Oh, one more thing. The new director has made the show way better than Season 2 but his agenda is to split up Abbie and Ichabod. I read one interview with him and in that interview he said “I can’t do what everyone wants because if I did the show would be a zebra.” I assume zebra = black and white = Ichabbie. And he doesn’t want to do that. Ugh. He gives with one hand and takes with the other… The show doesn’t suck anymore but this director has shoved that guy from Tyler Perry at Abbie and is also throwing every non-black woman in sight at Ichabod. I also dislike Ichabod’s new modern personality, I don’t like the director saying “Ichabod can save the world WITHOUT Abbie!” by having him defeat the Tooth Fairy with Abbie’s sister, I don’t like his direction of Abbie (notice her new facial expressions? It’s like the director said “Do it again, Blacker this time! Like uh purse your lips like you’re p.o.’d, yeah that’s it!”) and I have a very low tolerance for BS so I notice that Ichabod’s dialogue is getting a bit… um… suggestive in a bad way. Like the “Half the British army was after my (whatever)” and “My jaw aches at the memory of how he manhandled me!”. I don’t have a dirty mind at all but I’m just sensitive to that stuff the way dogs are sensitive to the presence of ghosts, lol. I guess this director wants to go in any direction except Ichabbie and he’d rather pander than leave the pairing as it was. But that’s all I’m going to say about my issues with the dialogue…

  10. I couldn’t make it through the Bones episode (omg SUUUUUUUUCK and geez the Bones lady cannot act!) so I’m watching the 2nd half on Sleepy Hollow now. I’m halfway through and I’m REALLY not liking this episode. Ichabod’s dialogue is annoying (“I served beneath him” oh great, more terrible innuendo, how enlightening Ichy, I get which position the writers are saying you played in this particular innuendo) and I’m not liking Booth at all whatsoever. He and his co-lead just showed up and Booth has two strikes already. First, after Abbie says her line Boreanaz pinches his nose the way you know whats do when they’re around a black person. Strike one. Then after he says “chimp” (his son’s costume) he turns and looks directly at Abbie. WTF? WTF is it with these writers and monkeys? Yes, racist people used to use that as a slur. Yes, we’re all aware. Mmmhmm. If you want to make digs at her why the heck did you put a black chick as the lead of the freaking show? They did the same thing to Lisa Turtle, in one ep they had her say “Ooh, do you HAVE a banana?” because she was nervously eating a lot and another time they told the principal that a truck full of bananas crashed on the highway and a bunch of monkeys escaped and the line they wrote for the principal to say after this was “Well at least Lisa’s mother was okay!” because she was involved in the accident. The writers on white shows with one black chick in the main cast are often so screwed in the head! Everyone recall the ep where our two mains had to go into the dream world and that extremely fine and very tall “native American” guy gave them the tea? And when Ichabbie awoke they were both topless and panting and sweating? How hot was that! THAT’S the innuendo and suggestive stuff people who watch this show want to see! Nobody wants to hear innuendo about Ichabod fooling around with one of the founding fathers or some shit. Do you recall the Weeping Lady ep where gorgeous Hawley had to bend down to look at our lovely lady as he said “I’m kidding, I’m kidding!” That was great! 🙂 And then Ich calling her Abbie for the very first time as he PANICKED because she was unconscious and then Hawley gave her mouth to mouth? That was great! That’s what we want to see! The current writers are SO effing stupid, the show could still be enjoyable without it being Everybody Loves Abbie but they are screwing it up and making it worse in all kinds of ways to the point where I’m seriously considering not watching this show anymore because it just isn’t enjoyable. It doesn’t make me happy. As a black woman the last thing I want people talking about in my presence is apes and chimps and baboons and shit so yes I’m taking that line as a dig, as it actually is. JEEZ I wouldn’t even want to BE an actress, even if I were super hot like Nic because what happens? The directors and writers like you at first cuz you’re hot but after your novelty wears off they revert to type and start using slurs, typecasting you, making your character stereotypical and disrespecting you, maybe not even letting you do promo stuff – like they just kick you off to the side in the press. I’d much rather model for a black-owned clothing company. I’ll watch the next ep and if I don’t like it I’m done forever. I’ll check back in the final season to see Abbie and Ichabod hug and kiss before he goes back to his time but I’m not watching anything until then if this next episode doesn’t work. Bye ladies. Sorry so long btw. It’s just… now I’m down to only one freaking show to watch! TWD

  11. Okay ladies, here’s my last comment. YOU MUST WATCH Ash vs. Evil Dead! The female cop is an Abbie! In fact, I believe she’s the same actress who played Orlando’s wife on Sleepy Hollow! Can you believe it?? Most importantly of all it looks as if this black chick is going to team up with the iconic Ash of Evil Dead fame! This is effing incredible! Do you know how important, famous and iconic Ash is? The answer is “Extremely” 😀 So watch it! I’m so happy that I stumbled upon this – now I can replace stupid Sleepy Hollow with Ash vs. Evil Dead instead.

  12. Watch Ash vs. Evil Dead from now on. The black chick is an Abbie and it looks like she’s going to team up with the iconic Ash of Evil Dead fame. Sleepy Hollow has been sucking for more than one season straight so now I can replace it with this!

  13. Thanks for letting us know. I was wondering if I should even bother. I’ll give it a chance now.

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