Nicole Beharie Singing

Nicole Beharie Singing Bjork’s Unravel is a Treasure

nicole beharie singingOne of my favorite things in the world is Sleepy Hollow actress Nicole Beharie singing. The 30-year old pint-size beauty has an amazing voice that few fans of the show seem to know about.

For many Nicole singing karaoke in season two’s Kali Yuga was the first time they became aware of her talents. However we longtime fans have known Nicole could blow since we saw her in the 2011 film My Last Day Without You.

Nicole performed several songs in the film, including the title track, Two Hands, Catch Me and Morning Light, all of which she wrote and produced.

You can purchase the soundtrack on Amazon, as well as preview most of the singles.

We don’t know if Nicole will be doing any more professional singing in the future, but we do know she’s taken to her bathroom lately to bless fans with her beautiful voice.

Here she is below singing Bjork’s Unravel.

You’ll have to excuse her camera work. She’s no Spielberg.


  1. Her voice is amazing.
    Her camera work is not.
    Who records their foot while singing?


  2. Nicole is the worst at social media, but I love her so much and hope she does more singing on and off Sleepy Hollow.

  3. I’d like to see her in the works for something else besides sleepy hollow. She’s a great talent but the show isn’t my cup of tea.

  4. Yeah, I’m ready to see what else is out there for her besides this show. I loved her in Apartment 4E.

  5. Either she did it on purpose because she wasn’t in the mood to show her face….or she mistakenly didn’t switch her phone to front camera to record her face. And if she’s the type to close her eyes and hold her head upwards when singing then….. yeah, she never saw what she was doing.

  6. She had to have seen the video once she uploaded it though. Surely she could have redone it. Nicole is just a trip at social media. Her fans just have to take the good with the bad. 😆

  7. She might still be shy about singing or wanted us to focus on her voice… Artists are weird y’all -cut her a break.

  8. Yes, Nicole is still very media shy.
    Neither she, nor Tom Mison seen all that interested in conversing with the public.
    Tom actually deleted his Twitter a few weeks ago.

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