Nicole Beharie to Star in ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ Remake


Jesse Williams and Nicole Beharie to Star in ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ Remake

Calling all Nicole Beharie fans. I’m gonna need you guys to take ten minutes away from mercilessly dragging Sleepy Hollow on Twitter for the eleventh straight day, to celebrate news of our girl landing a new gig. Via online reports, Nicole will be returning to the big screen opposite Jesse Williams in the Will Packer remake of the 1990 horror classic Jacob’s Ladder.

Nicole and Jesse will be joining actor Michael Ealy, who has already been cast to play the role of Jacob. Not much is known about Jesse or Nicole’s role in the film, though were I to venture a guess, I’d say Nicole will either be playing the role of Jacob’s girlfriend, Lizzie, or his ex-wife, Sarah.

Filming is reportedly set to begin next month in Atlanta.

Yay, Nicole for finding another role so fast. And while I’m happy her status as a “working actress” remains intact, I can’t say I’m not a bit sad she didn’t immediately land something else on TV. While seeing her every so often on the big screen is fine, I’d much rather see her weekly on my TV screen.


  1. I was waiting for you to post this 😆

    Sleepy Hollow’s shooting schedule caused all the actors involved to miss out on a lot of other opportunities. Now that she’s off the show I bet we get multiple projects from her. Nicole is really about to shine. I am hoping to see her back on television also and hopefully in a starring role. The girlfriend/wife ish is limiting.

  2. Knowing her character would be killed off for some time now, I knew Nicole had to already have something else in the works. I’ll go see this film for her though I’m not happy it appears to be an all-black remake of a film that originally starred mostly white characters. It just seems cheap. You gotta start somewhere though. Just glad she found work. Nicole was too good for Sleepy Hollow, but also too good for cheap remakes. Will Packer should have some original thoughts in his head. Hopefully something on television comes Nicole’s way this year or next.

  3. Love Nicole but a Jacobs Ladder remake?? Nah. It’s gonna bomb.

  4. This is a powerful cast. And while yeah, Will Packer could have went for something more original, I am way on board. So glad Nicole bounced back so quickly. I’m here for this. Still hope she returns to TV though.

  5. This will be very interesting because I loved the original movie with Tim Robbins. Seeing a new cast will be great. Can’t wait to see it.

  6. I’m so sorry to all the Sleepy Hollow fans out there. I just watched the finale and it was such a mess. The entire episode just came off as thrown together. Nicole is lucky to be free and I’ll support her no matter what.

  7. I am so happy for her — and I have the same sentiment as you ( wanting to see her talent regularly). However, is it coincidence that both are filming in Atlanta? Maybe she will have some small part in S4 (if renewed) as it would have been difficult to get out of a contract.

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