Nicole Beharie Takes ‘Ichabbie’ Mania Overseas

ABBIE MILLS (140x140)

My favorite actress of the moment, “Sleepy Hollow’s” Nicole Beharie, along with her co-star Katia Winter, will be promoting the show’s upcoming second season at the MCM Comic Con festival in Birminghan, U.K.

If you guys haven’t jumped on the craziness that is the “Sleepy Hollow” fandom, I suggest you hit up Tumblr to see what all the mass hysteria is about.

Nicole’s role as Lt. Abbie Mills has garnered her an incredible fanbase online; one that I hope continues to expand.

Few people know it, but aside from Kerry Washington, Nicole is the only other African American female to helm her own show on network television; and for that reason alone we should be tuning in to “Sleepy Hollow” each and every week when it returns to the air this fall.

If you have yet to fall in love and ship #Ichabbie, I suggest you check out a few Tumblr blogs devoted to the show’s two lead characters, as well as the amazing fan art the show’s fans continue to churn out.

For those of you not planning to cross the ocean to visit Birmingham Comic Con, never fear, Comic Con New York, San Diego, Chicago and Dallas are right around the corner.
Update: So what is Sleepy Hollow Fandom? Imagine The Navy and Beyhive all rolled up into one to support shipping the show’s lead characters: Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane, together known as Ichabbie.

Check out my favorite shipper right here» » » » Lukabbie


  1. I don’t necessarily “ship” Abbie and Ichabod. I like them more as friends/partners. There’s a special connection they share. I do follow a couple of tumblrs for the show. Thanks for the addition of this one. Adding now 🙂

  2. My grand daughter and I love this show and it is very good plus it has Orlando Jones in a great supporting role. This show is just good.

  3. @Surabi Orlando is hysterical on Twitter and does a really great job of promoting the show.

    @Kanyade I’m like you, I love the friendship of Abbie and Ichabod.

    The show’s fandom community on Tumblr is hysterical. The whole Ichabbie vs Ichatrina thing keeps me laughing. The Ichabbie fans are like The Beyhive on steroids.

    They totally took over the show’s Comic Con panel in New York last year. Poor Katia, I know she walked away feeling bad. Fans basically want her to stay locked up in Purgatory so as not to get in the way of the Ichabod/Abbie friendship.

    This gifset says it all. The last photo of Tom Mison laughing never gets old:


  4. love the show, she is so tiny, love all the brown people in this show, its greatness

  5. Sista, did you notice how Tom and Nicole were separated at the New York Comic Con show and never did one interview together? Tom and Katie interviewed together and Nicole and Orlando interviewed together. I don’t think the writers and producers were prepared for the Ichabbie craze and want to snuff it out or at best get people on the Ichatrina train. People like this show because of the chemistry Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie have (Miharie) and without them the show is boring to me. I love the way they play off of each other on and off screen. I can do without the shipping. Don’t care one way or another. But if they try and keep Abbie locked up in purgatory for all of season two I will riot. I am not here for Ichatrina. It’s Abby and Ichabod or nothing.

  6. Tom is just so cute. Thanks for the gif. I hadn’t the chance yet to peruse the site’s posts.

    Although I love Abbie and Icky working together I don’t exactly “hate” him and Katrina. I do think their storyline is or was kinda slow-going for a while. Now that the truth is out about their son they should be able to move on and hopefully their togetherness on the show will be better from here on out.

    Also, I love Jenny and Orlando’s character. I love the entire cast! 🙂

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