Nicole Beharie to Appear at Dragon Con in Atlanta

Nicole Beharie at Dragon Con is Just What Sleepy Hollow Fans Needed

NICOLE BEHARIE AT DRAGON CONActress Nicole Beharie is set to appear at this year’s Dragon Con alongside her Sleepy Hollow co-star Tom Mison.

Now that Fox’s hit sci-fi drama is taping in Atlanta, it seems only right the show’s lead characters, Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane, would be in attendance for the yearly spectacle.

Like Comic Con, Dragon Con is a huge event and great opportunity for actors to interact with their fans, and in the case of Sleepy Hollow, scoop up some much needed positive press.

As you all know, the show went through a restructuring phase last season that saw the removal of most of the original cast, including Orlando Jones (Frank Irving) Katia Winter (Katrina Crane) and John Noble (War/Henry/Jeremy).

Since then, several new cast members have been added, most notably Lance Gross who appeared in the 2011 film The Last Fall alongside Nicole.

Sleepy Hollow is set to return for its third season on October 1 and is now airing at 9pm on Thursday nights, a time slot that puts it in direct competition with ABC’s Scandal and CBS’s Blacklist.

Will the show survive? We hope so. We love Nicole.
Oh yeah, here is some more interesting Sleepy Hollow news for ya. According to a recent Nielsen study, the show’s fans (Sleepyheads) are some of the most active and loyal on social media.

Another interesting fact: of the top five shows with the most active and loyal fan bases, three were led by black women (Scandal, Empire and How to Get Away with Murder).


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  1. Cool, cool. I’m ready for all the good TV coming up this Fall. I plan to attend a “con” one of these days.

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