Nicole Beharie to Step Behind the Camera


Actress Nicole Beharie is rumored to be stepping behind the camera for her next project.

With her hit Fox series “Sleepy Hollow” on hiatus until the fall, Nicole has quite a bit of free time on her hands, and according to one of her fansites, is looking to spend it directing her first short film.

Nicole reportedly got the itch to direct when she appeared in Kahlil Joseph’s short film “The Mirror Between Us” back in 2012.

Word has it Nicole may also step in front of the camera long enough to show off her vocal skills, which she first displayed in the 2011 independent film “My Last Day Without You.”

Nicole recently tweeted about wanting to work on a musical, calling it “a longtime dream” of hers.

There has been no official word on the upcoming project from Nicole herself, but here’s hoping it works out. I love it when sistas take things into their own hands.


  1. I love her so much! Her character on Sleepy Hollow is such a pivotal moment for us.

    She is a black female lead that is not defined by any of the men around her.

    The show Sleepy Hollow is actually really good for black actors- Orlando Jones, Jill Marie Jones, Rue from the Hunger Games (sorry can’t remember her real name!) plus Abbie Mills sister.

    I think Brown sista should do an article on the show (I know I am so bold ha!)

    Can’t wait for more to come from Ms Beharie, and I hope she gets her musical!

    PS I remember reading a great article talking about how Abbie Mills (Beharie’s character) is a better black female role model, rather than Olivia Pope which the general population seems to worship. Was a good read!

  2. Congrats to Nicole for the come up. I first noticed her in the movie Shame. She had a small but important role, and she was amazing. I than checked out her earlier work in American Violet, which was a wonderful and important story. I regularly watch Sleepy Hallow and have been since the first episode. Its wonderful to see 5 regular black cast members on a network show. Mad props to Nicole for giving us a strong and different representation of a black character on television. Good Luck to Nicole making moves in Hollywood. I will definitely be checking.

  3. I watch Sleepy Hollow to support Nicole but the show needs work in season two. Its a bit confusing and needs to tone down the religions rhetoric and feature more of the Horseman.

  4. I don’t know much about her but I know her attitude stunk on the Arsenio Hall show. Everyone walks out to greet him and she walked right past him and sat down, didn’t say hello to the crowd or anything. He even made her re-enter. Overall attitude was bad even during the interview. Idk, may she was nervous but it turned me off to finding out more about her. *Shrug*

  5. Idk much about her but her attitude when she appeared on Arsenio Hall STUNK!! It really turned me off. When guests walk out, they generally greet him and say hello to the audience, she just walked out and sat down. So Arsenio made her re-enter. Her overall attitude during the interview was bad. Maybe she was nervous idk, but after that I wasn’t really interested in learning much about her. *Shrug*

  6. The show is about the apocalypse. Religious overtones are inevitable although the show does not follow the biblical blueprint given in Revelation.

  7. That short film is beautifully shot, but i’ll be damn if I know what the hell it’s about 😆

    As for Sleepy Hollow. It can be a bit confusing. But recently I have been re-watching the first season on Hulu and I am really enjoying it quite a bit. The rapport between Abbie and Crane is very sweet. The show also has its humorous moments, especially when Crane is trying to figure out today’s technology.

    Can’t wait for the show to return. I do wish Nicole would promote herself more. She seems quite introverted, which is odd for someone who chose to be an actress.

    Either way, Sleepy Hollow is officially one of my must-see TV shows along with Scandal, The Walking Dead, The Good Wife and The Big Bang Theory.

  8. Don’t know much about her but I know she had a terrible attitude on the Arsenio Hall show. She walked out and walked right passed him, didn’t greet the audience or anything. He made her re-enter. LOL!! Her overall attitude during the interview kind of stunk too! Idk, after that, didn’t care to learn anything else about her. Idk, maybe she was nervous or had a bad day. *shrug*

  9. My son and I really enjoy watching Sleepy Hollow. I’m not familiar with Nicole’s other work – but I believe she is excellent on this show. I agree with Danielle’s comment above – Nicole’s character is her own, independent of male lead on the show. Looking forward to the next season and Nicole’s other projects!

  10. I’ve nothing but love for Sleepy Hollow. It’s entertaining, not too scary and sweet with the relationships with abbie and ichabod and now jenny and orlando’s character. just good stuff all around.

    nicole is beautiful. happy for her other endeavors.

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