Nicole & Melanie Do Lunch

I originally started not to post about this because I found the situation to be rather sad and embarrassing for all involved. However, after viewing footage of Melanie Brown and Nicole Murphy meeting to have lunch at the paparazzi infested Ivy Restaurant, I decided to throw in my two cents after all. First of all, this entire lunch date was an obvious publicity stunt more than likely devised by Melanie’s celebrity scandal chasing lawyer, Gloria Allred. I mean really, if Nicole and Melanie really wanted to sit down and get to know each other and their respective children, wouldn’t a private meeting at one of their homes been a much better place to do such a thing?

It’s one thing to put yourself out in the publics eye, but it another to subject children to screaming paparazzi and out control reporters. Both ladies should have known better and in the future if they truly want to protect their privacy and that of their children, they should start by not taking them to known Hollywood hot spots to have private gatherings. After all, it is well known fact that that no one actually goes to the Ivy to eat.

Melanie & Nicole Do Lunch


  1. Why is Nicole so darn bitter? She stayed married to Eddie for 13 years and popped out five of his children. Why is acting like she was wronged and making sideways comments like “Good luck Tracey” ?

  2. I don’t agree with what Eddie has done, not seeing his child and all but handling this via the media is not a good idea. Because Melanie is holding press conferences and trash talking, she will ultimately keep Eddie away even if he evntually wants to come around. Some things are best handled privately and this is one of them. Go to court and get the legal stuff out of the way and then just shut up and raise your kids.

  3. no, why should these women just shut up let men get away with this terrible behaviour. Yes i think the kids shouldn’t be subjected unduly to media attention, but i certainly don’t think women should just stay quiet about it. That would be exactly what men like eddy would want and going to the media is more likely to get him to do something but putting him to shame rather than sweeping things under a rug and letting him have a wonderful stress free life

  4. I really don’t care if their meeting was staged on Broadway. At least we see two grown women coming together allowing thier children to socialize as siblings regardless of thier father’s antics.

    Maybe they should or should not have meet up in public or maybe they’re trying to show others that they are embracing one another instead of being bitter babymommas or enemies over someone that really wasn’t worth it. Can you imagine that his ex saw his newborn before him?

  5. Everyone involved is a publicity whore and out for self except Eddie whom none of us have heard from. Nicole has an ax to grind and as a mother with teenager children who can read the papers and are aware of gossip, she should be careful what she says about her children’s father cause it will affect them.

    Melanie is eating up all this press taking in Hollywood parties and enjoying not being a D List celebrity any longer. I bet getting dumped by Eddie actually helps her get into hot spots now.

    You don’t have to put your business in the streets cause you are famous and neither one of them should be doing anything to prove a point to the public. This is a private matter that should be handled that way.

    Neither women are thinking about the kids, only getting publicity for themselves and their causes.

    Eddie needs to just write Melanie a check and send her packing. All she wanted anyway was money and hiring Gloria Alrad is proof positive of that.

  6. What has Eddie really done to have people hate him? He had five children by his wife and by all accounts was a good father or I doubt Nicole would have had so many by him over such a long period of time. None of us know the real circumstances about this failed relationship between him and Melanie. All we know is what she says and that Nicole, who just divorced him, is obviously still pissed off at him about something. Maybe Eddie has tried to see his child but Melanie won’t let him. Maybe he has tried to reach out to her only to be turned off by her dogging him in various magazines. That is why I understand what some of the ladies are saying above. This is a private family matter and if Melanie thinks allowing her lawyer to call Eddie names publicly is going to endear herself and her child to him, she had better think again. The main concern here should not be to make any type of public statement but rather to look after the children and keep their names and faces out of the tabloids.

  7. Has everyone forgotten Eddie publicly declared he didn’t know if the baby was his last year. He could’ve handled the situation better instead of humiliating Mel B the way he did. Yeah I was surprised by the Nic and Mel meet up but it’s not that big of a deal in the end. Eddie has been sued for sexual harrassment by Michael Michelle, then there’s the whole trannie situation, and rumors of hime and Johnny Gill ad who know what else. I’m not judging and I’m not saying anybody has more moral ground than the other. Personally you could not pay me any amount of money to have unprotected sex with such a questionable man but to each his own. That being said he hasn’t publicly acknowledged his child with Mel B with the same swiftness and certainty that he denied possible paternity so I think this is their way of showing solidarity. What people will do for their image, for money, for publicity and for their own ego should come as no surprise to anyone!

  8. Eddie didn’t call her a tramp. He simply told the reporter they didn’t know if the child was his or not. Maybe Eddie knew something we didn’t, like maybe she was with another man and he found out. That is all water under the bridge though. We now know he is the father and Melanie is steady having press conferences and giving interviews to magazines and making questionable comments about Eddie and his supposed lifestyle that she claimed to know nothing about until the end. Come on. She is seeking publicity and most of all money. Eddie has never skipped out on his kids so why would he do it now? Oh yeah Eddie finally spoke up saying he never made plans to to do anything with her and he has paid child support and Melanie’s medical bills. What else does she want? Money from Eddie to take care of her and her ugly new fiance.

  9. If Eddie hasn’t made an effort to see his child in four months then damn right he is scum but that is no excuse to be pulling tired ass publicity stunts like the one above. Nicole should be slapped and Melanie is just mad cause she was dumped. I feel sorry for the kids having a lousy dad and bitter azz mamas.

  10. :banana: Mmmm, no wonder Eddie left Nicole. Yellow black women age bad. She look damn near fiddy.

  11. [quote comment=”11466″]:banana: Mmmm, no wonder Eddie left Nicole. Yellow black women age bad. She look damn near fiddy.[/quote]

    That’s not nice!!!! LOL

    I think they both look GREAT! I think Lena Horne Aged VERY WELL and she’s LIGHT just like that! Mariah Carey is almost 40, please tell me what do you think about that!!!????

    Na but I’m glad to see two black women that has shared a LOT getting along. Especially for the kids sake! Like that!! 🙂

  12. I am trying to look at the positive side of this story and these two ladies meeting up. After all, Mel B’s three-month-old daughter has five older siblings mothered by Nicole.

  13. I posted my earlier comments without reading the entire story. I agree with Rachel’s comments. It seems like Melanie Brown is very bitter. This is a very personal matter that needs to be handled without the publics knowledge. Having a press conference, meeting with Eddie’s ex and being seen on the beach with her new so called fiance seems like nothing but publicity stunts. She is really enjoying her new found 15 minutes of fame.

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