Nicole Murphy Launches New Jewelry Line

Alicia Keys isn’t the only recent brownsista to launch a jewelry line. Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole has recently announced the launch of her own jewelry line. The former supermodel/ fiancee of NFL star Micheal Strahan jewelry line is entitled Friendship, Love, and Peace. ” I’ve been the wife, mother, and the girlfriend, but now i’m ready to be the businesswoman. Although there’s little known information about the line, it is available online now at The line will retail in high-end department stores and boutiques later this year.

Source:BV Buzz


  1. Question: Is it that easy to just start up a self-made business? What truly differentiates her line from say..Khloe Kardashian’s new jewelry line? I do not know their previous histories or familiaralities with precious gems, but I imagine there has got to be some sort of instincive knowledge that must come with the this. What I am saying is, what makes their lines legitimate to say Cartier?

  2. very very very good point…

    i guess at the end of the day its the name and how much money invested.

    i wouldnt want to wear anythin gby Khloe lol…

  3. I’m pretty sure after years of her modeling someone put enough money to back her line of jewelry and some may even know her history.

  4. But my thing is, how can you just do that overnight? Like some people really persue their life goals in like jewelry, and cuz she’s rich her or Khloe Kardash ian just get one overnight? It’s like really Wayne, your getting 200 mill to put a graphic on a tee when Kanye put his blood sweat and tears into those sketches for his clothing line and shoes? Something ain’t right! Money is the root of ALL evil

  5. Well, maybe not rich, but def. well known within the Hollywood circles, right? I mean, if it wasn’t for Eddie Murphy, I wouldn’t know her!

  6. Its all about marrying the right man/woman with money and real star power and all your dreams will come true overnight. This chick has never modeled a day in her life, unless she was a hand or foot model or model in science textbooks. Because, I have yet to see her on a runway, magazine or ad that wasn’t related to being Eddie Murpheys wife or the new ballers chick. She is an outright opportunist and golddigger. SO, she worms her way into the limelight every chance she gets. Count to three and this mess will be on QVC.

  7. The prices are pretty steep for beads. Good luck to her though. I have a bag of beads on my dresser from old necklaces that have broken. I’d soon as make my own than pay for something so expensive that really doesn’t seem all that distinctive aesthetically…but if they are handmade pieces…Good luck to her. Seems she’s already got some great clients who can definitely afford her work. 🙂

  8. NOELLE- Please stop BELIEVING MediaTakeOut it’s ok to read it because it’s entertainment but dont take them seriously. Only a VERY very small portion of their info is true and that’s only because it was recycled.

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