Niecy Nash Covers Ebony Magazine

Niecy Nash Balances Her Way Through Hollywood
TV star dishes on life after Dancing With The Stars

Niecy Nash could very well be one of the hardest working Black women on TV these days. The sassy actress and television personality strutted her stuff for the cameras in an exclusive June Ebony photo shoot in Los Angeles with her new beau, Jay Tucker on the set. With so many things on her plate, like being the host on The Insider and the Style Network’s No. 1 show, Clean House, along with reflecting on her Dancing With The Stars stint, Nash has found balance and continues to surround herself with those who have a positive impact on her life. “My daddy told me, ‘Baby girl, nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream. If you want to do something, just do it,’” she said. “It really resonated with me. I hope my life will be an inspiration to people who want to pursue something.”



  1. Hardly recognize her…

    I love Miss Niecy Nash! Didn’t watch the behind the scenes on the cover but I sense a vintage, retro vibe to it. It almost looks painted until you zoom in closer. Her smile is more of a grimace; I’d venture there were better takes that could’ve been used…

    Glad she got the cover. Congrats Niecy! Continued succes to her 🙂

  2. I had to look twice, because at first I thought it was Tichina Arnold!

    She looks really pretty & thank goodness…NO FlOWER!

  3. Very pretty cover and great advice from her dad. It’s wonderful to see that WE recognize her success because she’s on the move. She went from RENO 911 to hosting Clean House. Go Ms. Niecy!!!

  4. I love Niecy as well. she said she used to be a pastor’s wife in her other life. lol. i really enjoy her because she is very outspoken and real to me. congratulations to her.

  5. I like Niecy I think she’s talented and very classy. I loved her on Reno 911.

  6. like Park Avenue, I thought it was Tichinia. I love me some Ms. Niecy but i don’t like the cover. (singing) “Who wants a Clean House!”

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