Nikki Sixx Turns Rihanna Down

Rihanna was spotted over the weekend slipping into a sound studio in Los Angeles. The singer was said to be putting the final touches on back-up vocals that will be used during her upcoming “Last Girl On Earth” tour. As previously reported, the pop diva will kick off her world tour this Friday, April 16th in Antwerp, Belgium, with Ke$ha as her opening act. Ticket sales for Rihanna’s tour are said to be brisk and on par for a celebrity of her status.

And in other RiRi news, the singer shot the video for her “Rockstar 101” single over the weekend. Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx said Rihanna personally asked him to make a cameo but that he respectfully declined her offer. Nikki tweeted the news to his loyal following- asking them what they thought about his decision.


  1. Not everyone is on this Pop star praise craze train, Rock starts hate gimmicks, and they try as hard as they can to dissociate with them, The last rock group I’ve seen sell out was linking park with jay-z and they never came back from that, However Nikki Six didn’t have to shame rihanna like that, It’s tasteless…

  2. His tweet wasn’t shameful. This is what he wrote on his Twitter page.

    Rihanna just asked me to be in her video for “Rockstar”.I respectfully said no.What do you guys think?

  3. It’s Linkin Park, not Linking Park :lol2: *SMDH*

    Anyways, makeup is Rihanna’s best friend cause her without it o_O

  4. Yeah but he did NOT have to put the fact that he turned her down on his Twitter Page for the world to see (HE WAS OBVIOUSLY BRAGGING ABOUT IT)!

  5. What difference does it make if he puts it on twitter. It’s not embarassing or anything. He said he respectfully said no. If he didn’t say, just maybe someone else would by making it into a big “drama” deal. Some people can get a hold of a story and quickly blog about it as if he said no because he doesn’t like her or something. I mean, it’s better he says it then someone else.

  6. Either he was bragging or he was being arseholic. He’s a rock legend; he doesn’t need to mention her name unless he needs (publicity) to mention her name; comprende? 🙂

  7. StormySkies: Oops Pardon me
    And without make up Rihanna is probably more beautiful than you are 🙂 It’s okay we all put our foot in our mouths sometimes 🙂

    hmmm: What was the purpose of it?

  8. What is up with Rihanna’s face in the first pic?! WTF! LMAO. She looks like she has a REALLLLLYYYYY BAD flu or something! Damn.

    …on second thought, I’ve never looked like that when I had the flu. She looks throwed.

  9. Yokesm has understanding.

    Nikki Sixx ain’t just some random mofo. He is a rock legend and his fan base doesn’t want him frolicking around with wanna-be pop rock stars. I dig Rihanna but Nikki knew not to mess with that. Any short time pay out he would have gotten from appearing in her video would have been short lived and detrimental in the long run.

    He still didn’t diss her though as some of you claim and why is TOY taking shots at the blogger who posted it? Everyone posted this story but this blog was the only that didn’t claim Nikki dissed Rihanna or tried to make it more than what it was.

    She just reported the story.

  10. i don’t think there was anything wrong with what he said. Like somebody said earlier, its better that he said something instead of someone else blogging about and completely screwing up his words

  11. and@yokessm

    you are so wrong. you don’t know how she looks. Rihanna is not the most beautiful women in the world you know, not even close

  12. @yokessm
    and beyonce is not
    and britney spears is not
    and lady gaga is not
    and ciara is not
    and janet jackson is not
    And i could go on and on and on for the next hour, I know for experience that when someone is so quick to point someone’s flaws, all they are doing is try to hide their own… 🙂

  13. I love Motley Crue and Tommy Lee, and the rest of the guys, but I think it would have been a good idea for him to team up with her because rockers working with other artists seem like a great idea to me. i don’t think he was trying to be rude or disrespectful. that is what twitter is for to post information. but she will do fine and nikki will continue to be the legend that he is.

  14. Some folks get riled over nothing. He is simply comunicating with fans on Twitter in the same way everyone else does. Don’t they all talk about their professional and personal encounters, in addition to sharing what they are doing/did? Isn’t that the point to Twitter? Is this something new? SMDH!

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