Nivea Post Baby Body

Despite giving birth just two months ago, R&B Artist Nivea has been seen out and about lately showing off her post baby body, and last night was no exception. She came through to support Reality T.V. stars and groupmates Kandi Burress and Tiny as they hosted “Celeb Tweet and Meet Karaoke Edition” in Altlanta, to show their fans some apreciation.It was a full house of devoted fans and ATL Celebs Diamond, Rasheeda, Lyfe Jennings,Neffe, and Toya were also in the building.Photographer FreddyO snapped the exclusive pics.

*Sidenote*How do you know when you’re really over your ex? When you can party and hang out with one of his recent babymamas, and that’s exactly with Toya and Nivea did last night at their favorite night spot in the ATL. It’s also good to see Soullow and Neffe still hanging in their, but there’s still something about Neffe I can’t quite put my finger on. Diamond oh Diamond I have so many things I could say but I’ve decided to keep the negativity to a minimum in 2010 so on that note I wish her and local ATL artist Rasheeda much success in 2010. Season two of “Tiny and Toya” will premiere on BET April 13.


  1. Oh I was wondering who that was kissing. LOL. Neffe. But ok, Nivea looks good after having a baby. =)

  2. Nivea does look good. It’s great to see the female celebrities in the ATL are always so supportive of each other career endeavors.

  3. I love Kandi !
    Whatever you’re thinking about Diamond, I’m probably thinking it too. cant stand her lol!!

    That guy behind Nivea in the 11th pic looks like Kid Cudi.
    She looks great though.

  4. I think Toya Is over Lil Wayne she has said numerous times In her reality show that ”she will always have love for Wayne and connection with him just because they do have a daughter together ” she looks happy with the way her life Is turning out..

    And if her and Nivea get along then so be It…. why should a women continue to argue or fight over a man and give him that kind of power…If anything men love that kind of attention so don’t let em’ have It

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