Nivea Records A Sade Classic

Nivea is set to release her “Nivea Undercover” mixtape this fall and on Sunday the singer debuted the video for its first single, the remake of Sade’s 1988 classic “Stronger than Pride.” I know Nivea will catch a lot of flack for attempting to cover such a classic; however I think she did a pretty decent job. I also think that like a lot of her music these days- it is subliminally about her relationship with rapper Lil Wayne.


  1. The music is good, and Nivea delivered it quite well. But I think it should come with another version of video. I just don’t like the dress and the way she tried to act sexy.

  2. It’s ok as a song but not liking the vid. I agree w/ Monica–the dress isn’t flattering to her figure and the sexiness looks fake.

  3. I cringed at this, because Sade is my Girl! No one should touch a Sade track unless you come correct. She doesn’t have that soul vibe needed, but she did a decent job. I couldn’t watch the whole video because she looks a mess. No pun intended. I second she desperately needs a stylist. lol! I do like the fact she is thick and not hiding her curves, but can we put it together in a decent look?

  4. She sounds pretty good; not a bad version at all – but she definitely needs to reshoot the video, it’s not working.

  5. Sorry, certain artist just stand apart from the rest. Sade and Prince are artist whose music should not be redone.

  6. I think she did good too. The low budget video could have been better though.

  7. @ANONYMOUS I agree sade, prince, pattie labelle, chaka khan just to name a few are artists u just don’t duplicate…but I’d rather have SADE version of her OWN song!!!

  8. Her voice is very clear. great job. meaning no base in her voice. she don’t have to choke .

    This is music.

  9. Nivea has always had a strong, clear voice and she definitely did a good job! I’m pretty sure she’s not under a current recording contract and the video demonstrates that you can still release your music without incurring unnecessary expenses. Kudos for creating your own opportunities even when the market is inundated with other female artists vying for the spotlight. Isn’t this the method we “preach” all of the time – empowerment and creating your own opportunities??

  10. I love the song it is the truth! The video was not as bad as I thought it would be, but it was cheap. Nivea did not do bad at all with the song, I think she made it her own

  11. I dont know why I always comment before watching the videos. Anyway, I love listening to this song because I love the original version. Nivea did a great job… Just not feeling the video but that is nothing new in this day and time. Will certainly add this to my quiet storm collection or long drives to school in the morning when I am just trying to get my head right.

  12. Cute but Sades version is better and as for the video……………….WIGGADY WACK !

  13. I give Nivea an “A” for effort. It’s not easy covering any of Sades classic and timeless masterpiece’s. It wasn’t bad; not the best, but surely her video and wardrobe need to be redone. Sades version is beautiful, I love this song!

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