Nivea’s Baby Shower

In releation to the previous post I posted, Nivea who is the ex-wife of the dream is also pregnant. This past weekend in Altlanta she had a baby shower at Villa Christina hosted by Kodak Boi. Lil Wayne was reportedly not in attendance.This will be the rapper’s third son in a year. Actress Lauren London recently gave birth to his second son who’s name is not yet confirmed. This is a complicated “love” triangle, however beautifal and innocent babies are being born in the process. I wish them all the best.


  1. Its time for wayne to get that stitched up! Its okay to have kids but with so many women? I hope he isn’t somebody role model. I just pray that all the babies are born healthy.

  2. I wish them all the best as well. There is nothing could be said. Only prayer.

  3. Wayne needs to wrap it up and called them soldiers to to end this pregnancy/baby mama dilemma!

  4. Just a sad case.. Speechless.. I guess he feel he got the money to take care of them!

  5. Im not just goin’ to be “one-sided” about the whole thing In general. But these ladies let him do this to them they could and should have been more wiser at the choices they made.. but who am I to judge I hope all Is well w/ “wezzy’s babies”

  6. I wish the mothers of his children and the children all blessings from God. However all of the adults in these scenarios should look towards the future of their children and understand what questions they may have about their father and all of the brother and sisters they have in different families.
    Creating life is not something to take lightly. Hopefully each adult involved will be a responsible parent and not let the lives of their children play out in a media circus.
    I’m just saying….

  7. I won’t even put it all on Lil Wayne, this girl is just a dummy. She is part of whats wrong with young girls. Why does she think it’s cute to be pregnant by that wh0re. I have never seen so many pics of her. Instead of using her talent and personality for attention she parades around with that belly. I just don’t get it. Maybe she didn’t know about the others?

  8. DAm,lol,I had to come back to comment again…Nivea just cheesing like she proud to finally be having Wayne baby..Now she has financial security,etc..since they have that on and off again relationship. Wayne aint the only one to blame….These silly ass women know better too.. They all adults

  9. @ TRUTHTELLER I think she (Nivea) did know about the others as well as Antonia carter, Lauren London, and that asian chick? that has his son as well….anyway It is just down right nasty SMH!

  10. While I think the women were irresponsible,they still win. Wayne might’ve have fun knocking them up, but he’s gonna lose in the long run. He must love giving his money away. 3 kids, by different women !! They’ll suck his A** dry. What a Dumb man !!

  11. @ Signature BArbie

    I think she didn’t know about London, but she had to know about Toya and the Asian chick b/c they already had their kids.

  12. Well If she do know It’s too late now cause she Is just another baby-mama after his riches!

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