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Happy Monday Brown Sistas.

Everyone around the way has been saying that money is tight and that gift lists will be short this year. And GT understands. Only one person is getting a “gift gift” this year and that’ll be my mama. But for the most part the money crunch is real; so no Plasma TV’s, costly designer bags, and most definitely not another sweater. As promised GT delivers you gift ideas that are no cost or low cost, and this will be the final word on gifting. The best gifts and the most remembered gifts are gifts from the heart…so here are my top five….

  1. Give a coupon for a service performed by you. You can make the coupon up on your home computer, add some holiday graphics to make it pretty, sprinkle it with glue and glitter and shazam!  Coupons could be good for, baby sitting, house keeping, mowing the lawn, house sitting, pet sitting, snow shoveling, help in the garden, massage, laundry, ironing, shopping or errand running. The coupons will only cost you your time, and everyone receiving it appreciates a gift of quality time. Plus they help take the load off.
  2. Plan a potluck dinner. Have a sit down dinner, have everyone contribute and just talk.
  3. Tutor for free at your local after school program, church, or recreation center.
  4. Give your talent away. You can give lessons in soap making, candle making, jewelry making, organizing closets, knitting or what ever you talent is. Gifts like these help people fulfill their hobby wishes.
  5. Write a hand written letter or note to your loved ones. Let them know that you care and that they’re loved..while they’re still here. This gift is one of the most treasured.
And that’s it. No more gift talk! But if you wish to see more gift ideas posted and unposted you must visit The Get Togetha blog where I’ve rounded up some pretty nice, unique and affordable gifts ideas. Ha! Now which no cost idea do you think you can offer up?
Update: GT had to post this. It’s a Barbie Doll’s Collector’s Item Edition of an Alvin Ailey Dancer.


  1. Thank you Get Togetha :thumbsup: . Happy Monday to you, too.
    You give me some wonderful ideas. I love to write to friends and family members oversees and at home. However, it’s been awhile since I’ve done that. This is a wonderful opportunity to get started again.

    Besides, my family is not so big on Christmas gift [Or any other holidays] anyway. We were always taught at a young age to appreciate one another everyday, and to not wait for the holidays to show it. My mom would bring us back little gifts regularly when she goes out 🙂 . As a result, the big expectation on holidays was lowered.

  2. I’m one of the people that don’t have excess money to spend this Christmas. I’m keeping it simple. Every holiday becomes ridiculously commercialized to the point that it’s sickening. The retail giants have turned a beautiful holiday into a brutal holiday…people are litterally being trampled to death by other “shoppers” trying to catch a deal. SAD! Now that I’m a mother, I’m trying to get back to basics also. I love the idea of writing a note to a loved one. I’m going to do that for my daughter. I’m going to get her some gifts as well, but the note her gifts will be accompanied by a nice note. I might also do the baby sitting gift certificate for my cousin who has four kids. Hmmm…I gotta think about that one…LOL Thanks GT.

  3. I’m not one to spend a lot of money on gifts anyway, so this year I will be doing the same as last year. I’ll be getting my nieces and nephews a gift.

    GT, I love that Alvin Ailey Barbie Doll!! I hope it doesn’t cost a fortune!

  4. Oh my…Gifts, I already bought most of the gifts I needed to buy on Black Friday but I still have some more gifts to get before Christmas. I’m really LOVE pressies. I save up for it during the year and I love wrapping the gifts up! I come from a big family and though we treasure each other every day of the year we always go the extra mile on birthdays and Christmas. The best gifts I’m giving this year have gotta be the savings bonds for my nephew and niece who are 3 and 2. They go gaga for whatever I wrap up (seriously) and I hope this will help them see the value of saving as they grow. I like the baby-sitting gift certificate idea. I have a friend I was going to just give a card only and I’m giving her this gift. I can almost see her face now!!!

    Awww, I’m tempted to buy the Alvin Ailey Dancer for my niece coz she loves dancing but she’s so young she would only chew on it and barbie collectibles are overpriced IMO.

    Thanks for the post.

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