Seriously: Nicki Minaj’s Album To Debut Big

About a week ago I posted an article saying Rihanna’s “Loud” album was set to “debut big.” Many of you took issue with my saying that seeing as how “Loud” was on par to sale less than 200,000 copies. Well here I am again saying the same thing about Nicki Minaj– however I doubt many of you will take issue this time.

According to Hits Daily Double, Nicki will be battling fellow rapper Kanye West for the top spot on next week’s chart and it looks like whoever the winner will be, will sell somewhere around the 400,000 mark. Should Nicki overpower Kanye, she will in my opinion become a certified force to be reckoned with in the music industry. The girl, who we all thought was just a gimmick, will officially have the last laugh with a #1 album. And not just any #1. To sell 400K in the first week is something that few artists can do today. Outside of Pop and Country acts, few rappers or R&B artists can come close to those numbers, and those that do tend to be well established; think Alicia Keys, Usher, Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige and Beyonce.

It should also be noted that Nicki’s album leaked well over a week ago and has gotten almost universally negative reviews. Still- the rabid fan base that she has obviously acquired, did not care and still came out to support what Billboard Magazine has now anointed the young diva: The First Lady of Hip Hop.


  1. I predicted she would do around Rihanna’s first week numbers. Good for her though and yeah Taylor Swift fans are tweeting for folks to buy Nicki’s joint. Kanye is known for selling big in the first week so without a doubt I think the the Taylor Swift incident last year has hurt him. 400k the first week is like child’s play for Kanye. He usually sells well over 600k in the first week.

  2. Dana is right. And actually, 600k is not that crazy for Kanye. Let’s not forget his 957k start for graduation.

  3. I have to disagree with the claim that she has gotten universally negative reviews, Allmusic gave her 3.5/5 stars, Spin 7/10, and many other reputable, respected, music critics have given her above average ratings. Waiting on Popmatters and Rolling Stone for the real verdict, but all in all, this is far from negative. Mixed to average would be more accurate.

  4. Wow, i must admit im impressed by those numbers. Cant wait to hear Kanye’s numbers, that should be interesting.

  5. Her album was no bueno in my opinion. Way too much Pop and singing for a Rap album. There are only two Hip-Hop songs on the album (Did It On Em & Roman’s Revenge, which are my faves). I was VERY disappointed. & I hate hearing her sing btw.

  6. Nicki nick nicki…smh.. I still remain NOT to be impressed with her music…I DETEST the way she interacts with her fans the most…She’s so RUDE. I was watching her on 106 and park and for the fourth time, everytime her ‘barbie fans” got hyped and would resite her lyrics in unison she would say something stank or not really acknowledge it. WHAT THE F–k kinda ish is that?

    Maybe she would treat her pitiful barbie fans better if she was back in Queens struggling to cop that white bmw..

    Talk to the hand nicki

    P.S. Oh and I hope you @ss Deflates.

  7. It’s called anticipation, better yet curiosity, something unusual
    perhaps worthy of collecting. It may not be all that worthy but the build up is there and the results are sales. My niece said it’s great so!

  8. I agree with @Fashionista101. I have tried to give Nicki a chance and I like very FEW songs she’s done. I am definitely not feeling the album and think it’s pretty much like Drake’s album… too much singing and pop for a hip hop album. I highly doubt she’ll over ride Kanye. Kanye is a hip hop King that shouldn’t even be compared to Nicki. And if Taylor Swift fans have to tell others to buy Nicki’s album, then what does that tell you? I REALLY DISLIKE KANYE… I REALLY DO! LOL, but I do like his latest album. Specifically because of the mini movie he did with Selita.


  9. I’ll be honest if you like her single, you’ll love her album-it leaked two weeks ago….I thought it was a hott mess…I’ve heard Kanye’s album as well, and it’s complete;you know Kanye of old, not that heartbreak 808 stuff but real Kanye…..Nicki’s album is what we all should’ve expected, all five of her personalities are she’s singing all the time..I was a little confused as to why she’s always singing if she’s a rapper but oh well I really could care less about her and her music! I am checking for the new Tank and Jazmine Sullivan albums…they should be great!

  10. Just because she sells a lot of cds doesn’t make her less of a gimmick. Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye, etc… have been gimmicks for years. It just shows how easy some people are to persuade to buy junk. Good for her. She came with a plan and worked it like a pro and now she will have a huge payday from people who don’t even have jobs. SMDH!

  11. You can love her or hate her. She is here to stay. She’s NICKI MINAJ. She don’t owe NOBODY shit. She came a long wayy. I’ve been following her carrer since 07′ and she has PROVED that she is REVELEANT. Just because the review says otherwise doesn’t mean it’s true about her album. When u listen to her album she’s telling a stroy about her LIFE, her EXPERIENCES, her UPS and DOWNS, what she’s BEEN THROUGH. Lyrically she CAN rap. It’s her STYLE. C’mon you can’t expect someone to be something they’re not. You accept who they are or don’t. That’s how the way LIFE is. She’s very VESATILE and that’s why her fans are DRAWN into her. She’s not Missy, Eve, Foxy, Kim, or Queen Latifah. Instead of DICTATING who she is as a person LEAVE HER ALONE and let her DO HER. She’s not giving some of y’all the SATISFACTION and I know 4 a FACT a few RESENT her because y’all are UNHAPPY. Black people need to GROW UP and be happy for their folks instead of listening to the white media and think for y’all selves. YES y’all have y’all opinion and I RESPECT that but Nicki got EVERYBODY talking and it’s NOT HER FAULT she’s SUCCESSFUL. By all means I REALLY enjoy the album. I’m VERY VERY VERY GLAD. She’s not talking about pussy and dick. And fucking and all that MESS. If you listen to SAVE ME, FLY, HERE I AM, LAST CHANCE, MOMENT 4 LIFE, RIGHT THROUGH ME. Nicki speaks the TRUTH. The media has always put her as a PSYHCO, a MANIAC, A MONSTER, GIMMICK. AS the statement says “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” So the reveiws belittling her album because they feel it was too poppy or not enough hardcore then screw them. They would RATHER her the likes of female rappers talking about pussy and dick. Fucking, have NO VALUES, NO SELF-RESPECT, NP PRIDE, NO DIGNITY. Like *coughs* Lil Kim. But to wrap things up I have MADE UP MY MIND and I’m an OFFCIAL STAN OF NICKI ONIKA MINAJ. And to be 18 years old writing this I’m glad I have the GUTS to get something OFF MY CHEST. Nicki WILL BE FINE. And screw the NEGATIVITY.

  12. @ Lil CiCI is that you? I like Nikki Minaj but she’s still a recycled lil Kim sorry …

  13. #FAIL

    Kim who? Smh…. when she ACTUALLY PUTS OUT MUSIC instead of SPENDING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS on her DISFORMED face. Call me up.

  14. And who wants to like KRIM? Uh…. DEFINITLEY NOT NICKI!

    Nicki >>>>>>>>>>>>> Krim

  15. Nicki’s MUSIC isn’t like KRIM’s. Smh…… talking about pussy and dick is a #FAIL and that’s what ended up Kim’s DOWNFALL.

  16. i bought da album will HAVE 2 GROW ON ME!!!!!

  17. Anyone who can listen to Dear Old Nicki and think she’s talentless…has problems.. I’m sorry. She’s so much like drake, can’t really sing, but can hum, can rap pretty well but not amazingly, but together, the talents make for an amazing album experience.

    But that’s just my opinion.

  18. @ CiCi Oh my god girl… Calm down!!!

    All I will say is this you said you’re 18 so you probably would like her music. I am a BIG fan of rap and R&B and I think Nicki is a HOT A$$ MESS!!! She sounds okay sometimes but I wouldn’t bump her Shi+ in my car or house stereo. (Maybe if I was 18). Foxy Brown used to be a bad B!+c# when it came to rapping and I would listen to her at any age. I remember guys used to bump her $hi+!!! I guess I like timeless music, not some $hi+ that will only be around a few years at most. Like Tupac the man’s been dead over ten years and music has changed a lot but his music is timeless, nas has made some timeless music, kanye has some timeless music, foxy brown, eve, Jay Z,… I could go on but you get my drift. Nicki is a cartoon character to me. I’ll pass on anything she does.

  19. To be fair, @ Summer-RAINE, we don’t bump Foxy Brown. So, maybe, because that was a product of your generation, you consider it timeless…

  20. Young people (24 and under) are very magnetic to
    BullSh-t….NONsense…they just like what they see, Nicki is a pretty girl and thats its….She has a style the little girls would love to copy….

    What she’s saying appeals to older people and thats why the older audience don’t Fu-ck wit her like that. I (WE) need lyrical Content. I like to listen to lyricS that make me think, outta this world lyrics that you can relate to content that goes way pass the surface..

    The only reason you will her on a song with Kayne Jay Z or Em. is because its what the industry wants you to focus on when Jay Z or anyone makes a song with Nicki its a business deal, not solely jusy for Entertainment.

  21. Side-note: Why do some people accord so much importance to album sales? As if selling a lot of albums makes you anymore talented than the next individual. People who thinks that way and claim to know anything about music and talent can literally sit down.

    Nikki minaj she hasn’t done anything i ever want to be associated with, but i wish her the best regardless and congratulations if she indeed sells that much or anything at all.


    My age doesn’t DEFINE who I listen too okay. I mostly grew up listening to Micheal Jackson, Earth Wind and Fire, James Brown, Anita Baker, Chaka Khan, Marvin Gaye and the other 70’s r&b classics. If u think Nicki’s audience is mostly teenage girls them you’re not getting the BIG PICTURE. People with DIFFERENT ages like Nicki’s music. That’s why she’s VERSATILE. She’s not only catering to her younger audiences but to older audiences as well. How am I UNSTABLE when I have the right to have my opinion? It’s my OPINION. It’s not right or worng. It’s an opinion. We LIVE IN AMERICA. Haven’t you heard of FREEDOM OF SPEECH? I’m not arguing and I’m not wasting my time arguing about Nicki Minaj because as I said I already MADE UP MY MIND. And about Foxy Brown I’m glad she has made an impact on female hip-hop. And Foxy and Nicki respect each other. But like I said no matter what anyone says at the end of the day Nicki MADE HER MARK and she’s STILL STANDING. I know a struck a nerve didn’t I?


    I see you’re #MAD. People have the right to choose who they listen too. Just because u don’t listen to a particular artist that you don’t like doesn’t mean everybody feels the SAME WAY. Complaining andgoing on about NOTHING isn’t going to change the fact that Nicki has made IMPACT in the music industry. Hell I don’t listen to alot artists that I don’t like but do I sit and complain about why people listen to there music? GROW UP and get into REALITY. Nicki can’t please everybody and that goes to you. So for you to belittle her fans and other people who like her music is IGNORANT and DUMB. If you don’t like her then why watse your time on this topic. You have the right to you opinion and that’s FINE. But don’t be BELITTLING on other folks just because things aren’t going your way. Regardless what your thoughts on Nicki it’s NOT GOING TO CHANGE the fact people like her music. So I SUGGEST you LET IT GO.

  24. Nicki will not sell 400K. The album has only been available for sale for two days. No way anyone has the official numbers yet. Kanye will not sell that either after the taylor swift incident. He hasn’t been able to crack the top ten of BB hot 100 with any singles from this album. His 808’s album had two hits out the gate and did less thank 500K. Again, neither will sell that number first week out. Watch and see

  25. HDD have updated their sales figures and it looks like Kanye will best Nicki with sales between 525-575k. Nick meanwhile looks to sell somewhere between 375-425k.

    Cash Money/Universal Motown’s red-hot Nicki Minaj also bested pre-release predictions, with a total in the 375-425k range for her hotly anticipated debut, Pink Friday, though the upcoming Black Friday could render these estimates a little less accurate than usual.

  26. @ CiCi… sweetheart. Your age may not define what kind of music you listen to but it does explain your behavior. It’s funny how you are constantly checking this post to see who is saying what about you and your “opinion”, just so you can say something back. Are you Nicki Minaj??? To me her Barbie Doll ways are very immature like something a 18 year old like yourself would listen to. I just can’t see a grown a$$ woman or man going around singing her music.

    And no you didn’t strike a nerve with me because I really don’t give a F#cK!!! Nicki Minaj is not paying me so I don’t care. You act like she paying you. Focus on you honey go to school or something get your education. When I was your age and in College I had no time for BS. (like blogging)!! I mean look how LONGGGGGG your posts are.

    You’re getting mad because not everybody feels the same way about this clown of a woman as you do. Anyway I’m not responding to anything else you say because then I would be acting like you.

    Establish your own career honey… get off Nicki Minaj’s Cl!+!!!

    So Long CiCi oops… I mean Nicki LOL!!!!


    You sure you actually know music???
    You may not bump Foxy, cause todays generation wouldn’t know real music if it hit them in the mouth!!!!

    Peace I’m done with ya’ll… On my way to MGM grand Detroit to spend time with family who just flew in for the Holiday.

    Happy Holidays Everyone.

  28. @ Summer-raine
    Are you my long lost twin sister?
    I agree with everything you say, but you have to jump out of this deadly “teenager think they know it all but know nothing” circle, If you sit back and watch quietly , there is a pattern to what kind of music they listen to and it does NOT get any better than that, As for me i rocked the same music you rocked, and still bump it, This generation has zero to offer, nonetheless i say give props where props are due, if she sells that much, congrats to her

    @Sad but true: So very true.

  29. @SUMMER-RAINE you summed it all up real nice about lil c.

    you did just go Mack and B’wick on her a@#!! lol


    Funny how you’re calling me immature and you’re the one who’s #BITTER. You don’t like Nicki Minaj but you’re WASTING YOUR LIFE being on here to PROVE A POINT. Honey LIFE IS TOO SHORT to worry about other people’s lives INSTEAD OF YOUR OWN. Black people putting each other down. #SAD. You DON’T KNOW ME so your STEREOTYPE of me is IRRELEVANT. @BDAV AND @MOONYA that goes for y’all BITTER women too. WORRY ABOUT WHEN YOUR NEXT MEAL IS GONNA COME. REAL TALK.

  31. Whew! I made it all the way to the end of this thread without getting a head ache (wonder if I can say the same thing about NM album…?)

  32. Lil cici:
    I don’t feel like blessing you with my intelligence so let me use your own limited vocabulary

    “you’re WASTING YOUR LIFE being on here to PROVE A POINT”

    “LIFE IS TOO SHORT to worry about other people’s lives INSTEAD OF YOUR OWN”


    The first in is two days you can use your ebt card to purchase the album 🙂 but make sure Tywana and Tyron eat first ^^

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