Meet Nola Darling’s Three Lovers


She’s Gotta Have It: Nola Darling and Her Men

As previously reported, Spike Lee’s 1986 hit film She’s Gotta Have It is officially coming to Netflix as a series. We were introduced to the new Nola Darling, played by actress DeWanda Wise in a previous video, and now, thanks to another promo video, we get to meet Cleo Anthony (Greer Childs), Lyric Bent (Jamie Overstreet) and Anthony Ramos (Mars Blackmon), the three men who will be playing her lovers.

In the updated version, Greer Childs is still a self-centered model, Jamie Overstreet is still a banker, but Mars Blackmon has been upgraded from an unemployed street peddler of socks, to a popular blogger and internet personality.

Other notable additions to the cast include Sydney Morton, who’ll pay Jamie’s wife Cheryl, and Chyna Layne, who’ll paly Nola’s best friend Shemekka Epps.


She’s Gotta Have It begins its 10-episode run on Thursday, November 23rd (Thanksgiving Day). Will you be tuning in?

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  1. I will be watching, but not going to lie, some of the dialog and acting seems a bit off.

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