NY Fashion Week: Baby Phat Show

                         models by you.

The Baby Phat collection wasn’t one of the bests, but I love and appreciate the way Kimora ran the show. All her models were either Black, Asian, or Hispanic — and 2 very “exotic-looking” European Models.

                         people2 by you.

                         people3 by you.

                         people by you.

                         people5 by you.

                                           kimmi by you.

* See more pieces from the Baby Phat collection, here.

* Check out some of Fashion Week’s designer collections, here.


  1. I love kimora but for some reason for a fashion designer she never stung me as a fashion icon…

  2. the last dress is gorgeous i know it will look good on my curved body 🙂 i love the color the style every thing! and you’re right fashion sista kimora make sure to bring diversity in her shows

  3. The outfits are really cute. I love when she brings her daughters out with her at the end, they are getting so big!

  4. I’m not going to judge her show based on a few dresses but her line has never attracted me. I do like her girls line though which I buy for my niece from time to time.

  5. Why is Teyana always looking like a little girl as of late? 😆

    And what in the hell is wrong with Keenya?? That face :lol2:

  6. Teyana needs a short little black chanel dress and christian dior pumps and she will look just fine when she does not look hella young she looks like an over the top lesbian [sorry].. She is gorgeous thought with all that hair looking like my younger one 🙂

  7. I think this is her more expensive line KLS, the last dress is nice, and the peach is doable kinda has a bohemian vibe. Ive never been a Baby Phat fan, I hate that so many of the more popular”urban” brands insist on assaulting thier clothes with logos, even moreso on the womens clothes then the mens collections,hope she translates the sans logo effect with her less expensive line.

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