NY Fashion Week: Know Your Brown Sista Models

                         models by you.

The Brown Sista models are this year’s hottest runway trend. From the young’ns Chanel, Jourdan, + Arlenis, to Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Selita Ebanks [middle in above photo], these ladies lit up the catwalk.

                         chanel iman by you.
                                                                    Born in Atlanta, GA — 18 Y.O.

                              [L to R: Diane von Furstenberg, Derek Lam, Lacoste, DVF, Marc Jacobs]

                         jourdan dunn by you.
                                                               Born in London, England — 18 Y.O.

                [L to R: Carolina Herrera, Zac Posen, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta]

                         arlenis sosa by you.
                                                        Born in the Dominican Republic — 19 Y.O.

                             [L to R: Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta, Derek Lam, DVF, Alexander Wang]

* Check out some of Fashion Week’s designer collections, here.


  1. My daughter and her friends play this game where when they see pretty girls they choose which one they wanna be. My daughter saw Jourdan today and chose her. My daughter is 11 and almost my height (5’2) and so wants to be a model. :brownsista:

  2. they are all great looking sisters but chanel is hella cute

  3. Good to see some “color” in the fashion shows. It is amazing what these girls are doing especially to be so young. It just proves, that you should never limit yourself.

  4. Ten years ago I could have named every Black model in the business. Today I can’t really name any except the ones who are from the nineties. Chanel, Jourdan and Arlenis will never truly be big ubtil they are afforded the same opportunities that Black models used to have just s few years ago. Damn, it is crazy how quickly times change. White models are doing better than ever while Black models have all but vanished into oblivion.

  5. @ Stephanie

    I’m 5’2 too! :hifive:

    I just don’t see the hype around Chanel. Sorry. I am loving the Oscar De La Renta dresses!

  6. I live right here in NYC (the best city in the world, HA!)

    I watch the NYCtv channel every night. On the channel, during fashion week, they show EVERY designer collection. I havent missed a show yet.

    Anyway, I absolutely adore the models you posted up. Arlenis and Jourdan are beyond beautiful. I love them. I hope these ladies make it to the top.

    I loooovee Chanel also. I look for her in every fashion show. My cousin loves her also. But I think my cousin should be a model, imo. My cousin is very beautiful and has very smooth dark skin, she has super long, mega thick hair (and yes, every strand is hers). She is slim like the models. She’s about 15 and 5’7. Three more inches and she’d be perfect. I hope to convince her that modeling should definitely be in her top 5 career picks.

  7. Stephanie my older sister should be a model too she is 5″10″ dark skinned with chinky eyes she look like a dark chinese doll just gorgeous but she is fronting! if you think ur daughter has potential enroll her girl!

  8. The all look great! I think Chanel Iman is going to make it to the top. They all look so beautiful though and I am so happy. :brownsista:

  9. Jourdan and Arlenis, are absolutley gorgeous, and I think Chanel has a promising career also. what I like about Arlenis is that she actually looks normal. Ive seen a couple of models in person and they look scary , concentration camp, skinny! Its like theyre legs are 1 foot apart! Myself and my best friend (back in the day) were both naturaly 🙄 skinny but we never looked emaciated, like some of these models do. My Mon use to harass me to model everyday when I was a teenager, but I wanted no part of it,even though I was like 5’9 and a size 3 or 4 while a teenager, Ive always had bigger legs, and thought they’d try to make me “diet” and that was blasphemy to me! youre talkin about a girl who would eat a bucket of rib tips, with a bag of bbq fries, a glass of coke and cheescake in one eating! Boy those were the days, what a decedant youth! that was before the family hips and butt developed, wish I wouldve capatalized on it back then*sigh*

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