Obsessed with Donna Summer

Since her passing two months ago I have literally become obsessed with Donna Summer. Being that I grew up on 80’s and 90’s music I knew very little about Donna before her death. My teenage years were spent listening to Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson and yes, even a little bit of Duran Duran.

However, with renewed public interest in Donna and her music I was able to discover just what a trailblazer she truly was. Though known as the Queen of Disco, Donna was also a woman who grew up singing in the church and could truly blow.

Below is one of my favorite powerhouse performances by Donna. Listening to her sing, you can tell she is probably using less than 25% of her vocal ability. Amazingly, what you don’t hear is almost as powerful as what you do hear. Makes you wonder how she would have sounded if she had given it her everything.

And I am including this performance of “Hot Stuff” because it’s just so much fun.


  1. I loved Donna Summer!! She was so chic! Soo many of today’s artists duplicated and still duplicate her style. She was one of the greats!

  2. How did you grow up in the 80’s and not who Donna Summer was. She was huge in the 1st part of the 80’s. She works hard for the money didn’t come out until the 80’s that song was everywhere.

  3. That song came out in 1983, I wasn’t even a teenager yet. As a matter of fact, I lived in a house with only one television, no radio and cable wasn’t even available in our county.

    Not to mention, that’s about the biggest tune Donna had in the 80s. Her career suffered badly after disco and false rumor that she hated gays.

  4. You remember all of that but you can’t remember how big she was in the 80’s. I was a teenager in the 80’s and she was big. Just in case you didn’t know I will tell you. Up until about the mid 80’s and even after that she could still sale out a tour.

  5. I loved Donna Summer and thought she was such an amazing talent. What a voice. There’s that famous story about how she held the note in “No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)” even when Barbra Streisand passed out.

    She started out in Church but got her big break in the musical Hair touring Europe.

    I remember dancing in my living room to her records. I guess that tells how old I am if I had records!

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