Official Ciara “Work” Music Video

Official Ciara Work Video
Ciara premiered the official video for her “Work” Single yesterday and it’s pretty nice. Helmed by uber female director, Melina, Work is another great masterpiece from Ciara’s “Fantasy Ride” CD. Click the image above to check it out (You Tube).


  1. HOT!!!!! CiCi is on fire in this video….Love the dancing!!!…. 😀

  2. I’m actually not really feeling this one. Cici’s figure is just gorgeous though. I respect the time and hard work she has put in to get herself in such great shape. :mrgreen:

    (@ Stephanie: Please bring back the other cool smilies)

  3. Ci-Ci was gettin’ it in 😎 “WORK” gurl and missy still get the clubs poppin’

  4. I like the scene with the teal dress and orange earrings

  5. OK y’all know I’m iffy when it comes to Ciara as a legitimate singer, but I do honestly think she’s a pretty girl with a great attitude and a dedication to working hard, so I’ll say this:

    PRO: Great body for those outfits, backup dancers were off the chain (esp. the chick doing backflips! loved that), great outdoor scenery

    CONS: Repetitive choreography. She should either fire that Jamaica woman or hire another choreographer from time to time. I was actually surprised to find that Cici wasn’t choreographing her own videos, as I think she is a great dancer, genetically gifted with the agility and flexibility for the stuff she’s done in “Goodies,” “Oh,” “Promise,” and “Love Sex & Magic.”

    I really do wish her the best, even if I’m not one of her buying customers.

    How’d I do? I tried to keep it as positive as possible b/c I really do feel we need more of that in the black community.

  6. i wanted more from this video, i guess maybe more dancing instead of the same routin, but it is still good, i just hope like a sergeon is better, she looks to hard while dancing in this video and i dont think thats very cute

  7. Is she performing at the BET awards this year ❓ so far i know Beyonce is performing as usual


  9. Between C-error and BoreYawnSay I don’t know who is more of a fashion disaster. This video’s play on fashion is just as tragic as BoreYawnSay’s flop Diva.

    Leave the fashion to the icon – Rihanna

  10. This video is GREAT! She looks hot in every shot. The clothing and choreography is great. Also repetitive choreography in THIS video? I think NOT! If so, someone show be a video if Ciara doing similar choreography to THIS!

    …and FINALLY we get a Ciara post on this site!

  11. CC can work anyday!!! i love the video, can a post be entirely on Ciara and not other artists *cough*(Beyonce’), …..guess not

  12. Between C-error and B….
    DEAD lMAO wrong on so many level!
    Anyway the Video is hot, but again i need more from all of them cheap chicks they all look like video vixens and its a shame

  13. @fashionflop i agree that riri stay on her fashion game but she hasnt been around long enough to be considered a icon on anything in my opinion

  14. Loved the outdoor set. I’m not really feeling the direction she is taking in her career. Call me crazy, but I liked the “old” Ciara better. Not this video vixen of today.

  15. I like the construction scene; however, I wish there were other scenes to this video, say club scene? I know that is thinking in the box, but it would have made sense with this song. Also, a mistake that I believe was made was when Ciara’s background dancers were on the construction trucks and using the machinery. I think those shoots should have been of Ciara. If I remember correctly the first person you see in this video is one of her dancers and not Ciara, another bad move. Ciara in person seems to be very sweet, nice, down-to-earth, but I think when it comes to business, videos, preforming, etc it’s ok to be a little selfish and have the spotlight on you. To me videos isn’t just about doing a video for the song because that is the thing to do, but because it is another way to market the artist. Ciara doesn’t become memorable in this video until the middle/end:not good. I’m learning in my acting class that you have to hit hard and capture your audience from the beginning. Good note, the song and dancing was good and Ciara has a nice body. I’m still a big fan and wish she was performing at BET awards.

  16. Go Ciara!! I likes it! The girl can move and the dancing in the teal dress was fire. The hair swings were cool as well. Good look for her in my opinion. Nice to see Missy as well. Her energy throughout the whole video cannot be denied.

  17. I agree Lisa I don’t think Ciara gets the credit she deserves for what she contributes to dancing and music videos. Some of her moves take alot of body strength and control and people don’t always give her props for technique. Its almost like she is before her time in some things.

  18. Wow, this video came out to be pretty hot. Although very unoriginal still hot, but the song, this is one wack a55, janet wannabe, annoying song.

    But on a positve note, I agree with voice. She’s stayin in shape. Put out a workout tape ci ci, you’ll be glad you did.

  19. @ Baron

    I couldn’t agree with you more. These people can go on and on about Beyonce wearing the leotards and doing the 3 dancer thing, but at least it was a different leotard and routine for each video. This chick does the same dance over and over. Everytime someone says she can’t sing, or her music isn’t good anymore the first think said is, “well atleast she can dance.” I wouldn’t know because she does the same thing over and over. She is so predictable, if I watch her perform, I KNOW what I will see. I know she will do a back bend, shake her a55, and start talking the song because she cant’ sing outside the studio. And yeah I did it, I brung Beyonce in it. 👿

  20. Oh shut the hell up with that “she doing the same thing” bullshit let me tell you something I can do every single beyonce’s dance every single one of them beyonce ain’t that strong or athletic which is why her dance moves are always so easy to copy i tried doing the LSm dance and my sister had to pick my body up of the floor that’s how damaged i was, None of you people know music, you just know what sound good to your ears if ciara cant sing neither can Beyonce again if we are to go by fundamentals rules of vocal performances they can all SIT DOWN, and let Nikki jane Cassi Davis(Yeah i went there) , Jen hudson Jaz sullivan and all of them Take the stage Enough with bringing her in every single post,waiting for someone to talk about her and bring that “if she wasnt hot you wouldn’t talk about her”, Well guess what BYTCHA if Ciara was that bad YOU wouldnt feel the need to compare her every single motherfudging time,Yall get on my nerves Something SERIOUS,and it is always the same people I Triple dare put all my savings on it Miss Video phone to emulate ONE of ciara video I wish she would then we can all see that she is physically too WEAK to do so and yall would let ciara swing her goddamn ponytail IN PEACE , agree with it or not I don’t give a fudge truth is without sex appeal and horse hair ALL of them wouldnt be so when you wake up and realize that bey AINT NO GOSHDANG legend holla at your girl for now kiss ciara’s very athletic ass HMM HMM
    and truth teller it ain’t against you but those same people that always have something to say about anyone else than miss hamburger helper

  21. Preach Voice, preach. I did not see the same dance moves in Ciara’s Work video neither. I think a lot of people want Ciara to fail. Ciara, in my opinion, represent the average girl next door who believed in herself enough to not allow people to stop her from pursuing her dreams. Ciara is a young woman who is experimenting with her career. I do not even think that FR not doing well is going to hurt her career. Bey… on the other hand is predictable to me, she stays within her comfort zone, and most people as Voice said can copy Bey dance moves (I’m not saying I can because writing, acting, and modeling is my thing.). I think some people are all over Bey because she is the glam girl: light skin, super made-up, booty pads, long weaves, lots of money, etc. and women to a degree admire that, because they feel they see something in that “woman” (not just referring to Bey when I say that “woman”) who has something extra then them. Ciara, on the other hand, worked her way up from the bottom starting from around 16/17. A lot of people have a hard time accepting when somebody who use to be on their level accelerate. There are some things that Bey can’t touch Ciara on; however, there are also some things that Ciara can’t touch Bey on. For all those people who credit Bey for being the number one and on the next breath discredit Ciara by says she is copying Bey, in a way I think that is a complement to Ciara. You’re saying, “Who do Ciara think she is, trying to be Bey?” Is like saying, “Who do Ciara think she is, trying to be number one?” Why not is my question? Both ladies have good talent in their own right. Ciara’s Work video is exactly what it is Ciara’s Work video. If you stop looking to see other people in Ciara, you can enjoy her talent.

  22. they feel they see something in that “woman” (not just referring to Bey when I say that “woman”) who has something extra then them.

    EXACTLY ! That is the essence of her fanbase those people are envious of her, they are the real hater!!! they wish they were her, they have no self esteem WHAT SO EVER, They feel inferior to her and that is so sad

  23. Too Hot! Have to give it to her for this one. Ciara is a dancer, a physical dancer, and I love that. And those boots and I need to meet, anytime and anyplace! I think she’s quite talented. People have to bring Beyonce into it. Fine, but I think it can be said that if this had been Beyonce some people would have been putting their knees to the ground in praise of her. Ciara seems to change it up quite a bit to me, much more than Bey has by following her recent formula. I like them both and I’ll rock to them both. Although I’m still hoping Like A Surgeon will be released, because I just love that song to death.

    On another note, I’m surprised Missy didn’t catch on fire during that video. Her outfit looks like it just attract heat and would start flaming up from the temperature.

  24. @ Voice

    “let me tell you something I can do every single beyonce’s dance”

    That is NOT what I was even talking about. I wasn’t talking about how simple the moves are, I’m talking about how they are the same. Okay. And if you want to take it there, all high school cheerleaders can do what Ciara does, and some of them can actually sing. And Beyonce would be without her weave because she can SING. Don’t get her mixed up with Beyonce. If Ciara is all that then how come she isn’t endorsing make up or something, Beyonce got Loreal, Rihanna got Cover Girl, Queen Latifah got Cover Girl, and Ashanti got Herbal Essence. Where is Ciara??? She has nothing on Beyonce or anyone else she COPIES.

    Beyonce takes squats on Ciara and I think that has you stans jelous.

    @ Antoya

    Ashanti is the girl next door, we don’t need Ciara. That’s why music is so jacked up now because of these over sexed under singing over rated so called “girls next door.” If I want to see the girl next door I’ll go to church or the local talent show, and the most of them will probably have more talent than Ciara. And light skin doesn’t have a damn thing to do with it. As much as I love Beyonce who happens to be light skinned, I’d pay to see Fantasia first, because I think she is a better singer.

  25. Have to tell you that I don’t like this video but the music is cool, thanks Missy who produced this cool piece!
    Anyway, wish this song to be one of the top in charts. I love Ciara!


  27. Truthteller OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO DUMB since when having endorsement makes you “all that”? and me a ciara stan? CHILD you are an idiot! completely incoherent at that

  28. Ashanti may be the girl next door, but not to many people are talking about her. And though I am a firm believer in God, the Bible, and going to church some of the people/girls in church are more wild and fast then Ciara. Ciara may put out “oversexed” videos as some would say, but nobody can honest say she is going around sexing different men. Bow Wow is the only confirmed ex-boyfriend & neither Ciara nor 50 cent has confirmed their dating. However, their are a lot of girls in church on Sunday, but sexing Monday through Saturday: where is the integrity in that? It doesn’t matter if you present yourself to be a classy woman or “the girl next door” if you are a hoe under the table. Yes, Ciara and a lot of other artist are over sexy, but I can not say that is honestly who they are as a person. Let’s be real, Bey wouldn’t have made as much money as she did last years fully dressed. And sure there are unsigned talent that can sing better then Ciara. However, there are also unsigned talent that can sing better then Bey, Ashanti, Ri Ri, and all the rest, but an unsigned talent is just that an unsigned talent trying to get to where these ladies are and hopefully surpass them. Anyway, I wish Ciara and all my brown sistas well.

  29. I agree with Voice and Antoya 100%! I am really starting to wonder if this is really deeper than Ciara changing her direction with people. She is a beautiful BROWN sista and I think we as brown sistas already have it hard enough as it is. You don’t have to support Ciara or like what she does, but she isn’t doing anything wrong in my eyes. She is a hardworking young women. I have seen on some blogs(not this one) give Kim K, Amber Rose, and many others get more love than Ciara. I just don’t get it. 🙁

  30. @ Voice, it doesn’t make them all that, just better than Ciara 😆 you have to be a stan if you can’t see her doing the same thing.

    @ Antoya, What you said about the church girls is true, but I wasn’t talking about how fast they are, i was talking about how they could sing circles around Ciara. I didn’t call Ciara oversexed because of who she dates, I was talking about her performances. I know almost every female in the industry sales sex these days, but Ciara only does it to compensate for where she lacks on the vocals, and now the sales.

    @ LaLa, I don’t doubt that people don’t like Ciaras skin color, some people are that stupid, but I’m not, I’m a dark skinned sista myself, I’m darker than Ciara, and Amber Rose is a disease to me. I am proud to say that I have never liked or disliked a black woman because of her skin.

  31. @ Truthteller

    We can not say Ciara “ONLY” does it for her lack of vocals. If a person where to commit murder the reason they did it doesn’t matter, it is the fact that they did it. All the ladies are in the same boat on the over sale of sex no matter the reason.

    Me being a dark skinned sista like yourself am glad you never liked or disliked a black woman because of her skin; neither have I.

  32. the problem is most of the black community has turned on ciara cause she is appealing more to whites now to. most of you only wanted her to be some underrated crunk singer who can dance, but now that some in the media are saying stuff like who is the bigger diva beyonce or ciara or now that her status is getting higher and paps following her more now some of you can’t take it. get off this shit about she can’t sing cause when her live performances didn’t sound the best sometimes homegirl album still went platinum in 5 wks. so you can keep throwing in how she can’t sing but yet she has 8 top 10 hits and great sales. the problem is you need to get over the fact she is stepping up her game and will be around for awhile and not just beyonce or rihanna is going to get the attention. and beyonce and rihanna fans coming for ciara now cause they know the media is looking at ciara closely now.

  33. I agree with Queen C and Antoya…A lot of people want her to fail including her own fans…She works her ass off and doesn’t get the credit she deserves…Her fans don’t even support her anymore and they wonder why she’s failing…They talk shyt and laugh at her all day and as soon as she switches her style up…she’s “FAKE”…Its hard being one of her real fans when everybody else is sitting back being fake…Its sickening

    I love that girl to death though…I hope she can make it through this…

  34. This new Video is hot. alot of people are hating on Ciara saying shes trying to be sasha fierce(beyonce) but this is bullshit. Ciara is doing her thing and diserves more credit shes talented and if you cant accept that than dont watch her videos..


  36. Aesthetically pretty hot but I still don’t really like this song. She work it out in this video tho and looks great.

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