Official Season 5 Scandal Trailer

official season 5 scandal trailerConsidering how many promo videos have been released in support of Scandal’s upcoming season, it’s hard to imagine this one is being billed by ABC as the official season five trailer. Compared to some of the other Olitz-themed videos, this one is relatively tame, and lasts a mere thirty seconds.

Like all Scandal trailers, this one is heavy on Olitz and even heavier on the drama. We get lots of sexy scenes of our favorite political couple rolling around in the hay. As well as the one thing I’m sure the couple’s fans have been waiting for since season one: the apparent dissolution of Fitz’s marriage to Mellie.

If I was a die-hard Scandal fan I’d probably be doing backflips right now. I hope season five brings you Olitz fans what you’ve all been waiting for the past five years. It’s an amazing feeling when your ship finally comes together.

But be warned, would we have a show if Fitz and Olivia were all of a sudden happy? Nope. So don’t start popping champagne just yet. This is a Shonda Rhimes production after all, and you never really know what’s gonna happen until it happens.

Enjoy the video and look for Scandal to return to Thursday nights on September 24 at 9|8c on ABC.

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  1. I’ve never been able to support the relationship between Olivia and Fitz. It’s infidelity and not sexy at all. Neither Jake nor Fitz are worthy suitors. Bring in a guy who isn’t married or swarmy and I’ll get behind that in a sec.

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