Official Trailer For “Desert Flower”

The life story of Somali-borm model Waris Dirie is finally coming to the big screen. I first heard the 5’9 beauty tell her story of female genital mutilation on the Oprah Winfrey Show some years ago. Since then Waris has written a book and traveled the world in hopes of bringing attention to what was done to her and continues to be done to millions of African girls in the name of purity.

“Desert Flower” will be released in the U.S. in March of 2011 and stars Ethiopian model Liya Kebede in the lead role. Kebede, 32, grew up in Ethiopia and was discovered by a filmmaker at the French lycée in Addis Ababa. In a recent interview, she was quick to draw a distinction between her own life story and Dirie’s. “On the surface we have parallels,” she said, before explaining how different life seemed in Djibouti, a neighboring country to Somalia, where parts of the film were shot. “This is where she came from. There’s nothing there, there’s no water, there’s nothing. And being in that environment was a new thing for me, and then trying to understand how you go from that to become this incredible woman — [Dirie] was never really a victim of her circumstances.”


  1. African and most Islamic men are mean to their women. African men especially hate their women which is why rape, mutilation and all other forms of abuse is so prevelent over there.

  2. DANA get the hell outa here with that dumb statement of yours! how the hell can you justify rape and mutilation and all that other stuff you mentioned to an entire race of men… so when its done in Japan, Germany and the US in your own damn backyard its “hate” that American men have for “their women”??? you see how foolish that blanket statement sounds when you say it out loud? but i dont blame you. i blame the ignorance and lack of knowledge that your teachers and “family” and the media feeds you. youre clueless much like anyone else who thinks that “Affrican men especially hate their women.”
    please explain to me– cuz im all ears now– how rape… is so prevelent over there as opposed to here, and the reason… EDUCATE your SELF lady, and dont open your mouth and let ish fall out!

    how ever to the story i will not deny that this doesnt take place, and that the act in itself is utterly evil. but pple do your research and know that these things that happened in Africa is not “prevelent” to the rest of the continent. there are only a handfull of countries in Africa (for those of you who didnt know it was a continent with 55 countries) who practice female mutilation. let your ignorance not fool you to thinking that they do this because of hate. ignorance is worldwide homies, and the people who practice this; which you would be surprised to know are even the mothers of these girls. do this based on the fact that they believe that it is something that has to be done. it does not come from a place of “hatred” for they have a completely different perspective on life and do not believe that women have the right to enjoy pleasure amongst other things…. there are further reasons why they practice this religion being part of them. but not Islamic. there are alot of “traditional” “peganistic” religions in Africa… and most of them are part of that.

  3. i took offence to your baseless comment DANA, because i am African. there are a lot of stupid misconceptions and dum ideas/ copied opinions on Africa in this westeren part of the world, its pathetic and im tired of hearing about it. i know i will not suddenly become the spokeswoman of Africa…or whatever, but i will call nonsense out when i see it.
    since i came to this country the things i hear and read shock me… from my teachers to my schoolmates to my friends parents etc. its ridiculous.

    btw im 21. i did not know anything about female mutilation untill i came here(Canada) about 3 years ago… go figure. im Nigerian.

  4. The practice of female circumcision is not unknown in the West. Clitoridectomy was performed into the 1940s to treat masturbation, insanity, epilepsy, and hysteria.11 In the United States, physicians have also incised the clitoral prepuce to treat frigidity,12 and perform aesthetic vaginal labioplasties to reduce the size of the clitoris and labia.13 African immigrant girls have undergone genital surgeries in Europe and Canada, and London physicians performed clitoridectomies on refugees in the 1980s.5 There are anecdotal reports of such genital surgeries in the United States, and of refugee girls having ritual circumcisions during visits to their native countries.Female circumcision is illegal in several African and European countries and in Canada. As of September 1997, it will be illegal in the United States to circumcise females under the age of 18 (Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Act of 1995. H.R. 941, Feb. 14, 1995). The U.S. Congress also mandated the Department of Health and Human Services to educate communities on the health effects of the practice and make recommendations to medical schools for its treatment. The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service granted political asylum to a Togolese woman, recognizing that her likelihood of being circumcised constituted a bona-fide fear of persecution (Dugger C. New York Times. 1996;145:A1, B6–7). There are now public health campaigns in many countries that educate communities about the harms of circumcision with the goal of eradicating the practice.14

  5. After reading this article..i searched and found the movie online. I just got done watching it. 🙁
    I never cry…the last time my eyes had tears was when i left my homeland 10 years ago…THIS MOVIE HAD ME SOAKED IN TEARS!!! Liya is a wonderful actress , Waris’s story is so moving, so strong, so inspiring and so much more than just another womans journey…hmmmm i could go on… Please go see it when it comes out …I know i will

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