Olivia Debuts New Single ‘I Do’

Olivia’s singles seem to coincide perfectly with either the season premiere or season finale of her VH1 reality series ‘Love and Hip-Hop.’

The one time J Records protégée continues with this trend, releasing her new single ‘I Do’ earlier this week and just in time for her storyline, which kicks into overdrive on next week’s episode.

The Jerry Wonda produced track enlists the help of rapper French Montana and samples the 1987 Eric B. & Rakim classic ‘I Ain’t No Joke.’

Olivia signed to Wonda’s label back in 2012 and is scheduled to release her sophomore album ‘Show the Word’ later this year.


  1. HUGE improvement from her last single……actually listened to the entire single..and thats rare for me

  2. It’s cool I like it! French Montana is questionable but over the song is cool! If Olivia was more likeable she’d be a lot more successful! It’s sad because she sing better than Keyshia Cole.

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