Olivia & Fitz Cover TV Guide

I really like ‘Scandal.’ I think the show is well written and superbly acted by the entire cast. Having said that, I don’t get the whole Olivia/Fitz love affair. I personally don’t see a stitch of love between these two characters. All I see is sex. Each and every episode they are either having sex or fantasizing about a previous sexual encounter.

My feelings aside, the show is a bonafide hit and its lead actors, Kerry Washington, aka Olivia Pope and Tony Goldwyn, aka President Fitzgerald Grant, are covering the latest issue of TV Guide.

The show’s fans rallied to get the scandalous drama on the cover, and Kerry personally thanked the ‘Gladiators’ for their support via Twitter.



  1. I like the show too and agree with you, Sista. Olivia and Fitz do not have a love story. They are just hot for each other. I think the show would have been even better had the relationship been given more depth. I’m watch either way though. The show keeps getting better and better. Love Olivia’s wardrobe.

  2. when you are cheating there can’t be any love because it involves lying and fooling yourself. cheating is all about eating the forbidden fruit so no love needed. lol. just fantasizing and sex and more sex and fantasizing.This show is the best. i love it and hate that ABC has such a long time between showing new episodes.

  3. the show returns next week yippee! i enjoy the show very much and am so glad for its success. hopefully the storylines of all of the characters will bloom and this will be about more than just getting fitz elected and olivia and fitz’s torrid affair and hotness for one another. Tony and Kerry look goooood, btw. 🙂

  4. Tony Goldwyn has said in interviews and on twitter that Fitz is OBSESSED with Olivia. And that he could see Fitz and Olivia together. I don’t agree with the idea that Olitz is all about sex. I do think that it’s a major component, but there is a love, passion, understanding there. They are insync. He trusts her with his soul and being, and he opened her up to the possibility of complexity in her personal life, which she was longing for. Remember, the minute she began her affair with Fitz, she broke up with Edison. He mentioned that he was around her, when she pressed her hair.When Olivia broke it up with him, she told him that she could be happy with him, have a life, and babies,but she wanted the love with the pain,etc. He was like love isn’t supposed to her. I think with Olivia and Fitz they need each other to function, and without being together, they are no good. I think because of their chemistry, their energy, that whenever they collide it will be sexual, because of their magnetism. Maybe, because I’m young but I would rather have that type of love , than what she had with Edison. I bore quickly, so I would need a Fitz/Olivia thing. but , back to the whole sex thing, I think because Fitz hooked up with Olivia, him and Melllie his wife, were not on good terms, so I seriously doubt he was having sex with her, and Olivia was probably with Edison, but it was probaly not as good or adventorus, or mind blowing. So, they just express their love in the physical sense. lol

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