Olivia Hooks Up With Victoria’s Secret

Olivia Singer Olivia is not letting her dismissal from the G-Unit get her down as the blonde beauty is apparently in talks to start her own lingerie and fragrance line to be sold through Victoria Secret stores and catalogs. For those of you who are fans of her music you need not worry as she has started her own Production Company and is in the studio working on a new album with producers Rodney Jerkins and Ne-Yo. And just in case you can’t wait for the new album, here is a new track from the sista called Missing You .

Olivia is also touring Germany from May17-26th. Find out more here .


  1. I’m happy to see her land on her feet.GUnit is nothing but a group of thugs anyway.She needs to move on to something classier.Afterall you are know by the company you keep.

  2. Olivia has a very pretty voice and I sort of like the song. I remember seeing her interviewed with Clive Davis a long time ago and he praising her. She was the first artist signed to his J Records label I think. Funny how these record label honchos love you one day and then drop you the next. I guess that is just part of the business. I hope she gets it together and moves on to having a successful career. Sometimes sistas just gotta do it for themselves :brownsista:

  3. I’m glad she moved on and is doing something with her life now! She’s faced 2 failures, because of 2 bad record deals, but didn’t let that bring her down. More power to Olivia the artist and entrepreneur!

  4. not an olivia fan and never will be…definitely wont be buying her stuff during one of my visits to my fave store Victorias Secret :thumbsdown:

  5. I never knew she had her own album or made her own songs. I only remember her from that 50 cents video.

    And if memory serves me correctly, she will definitely be the ish if she hooks up with Victoria Secrets – Olivia radiates sexiness.

  6. I am happy to see that this sister is not letting her dreams die out simply because two men have failed her. Sometimes it takes falling down more than once to see that sometimes we have no one to depend on but ourselves. Glad to see her taking things into her own hands. I hope she makes it and Fiddy is left looking the fool.

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