Olivia Pens Tell-All + Lands HBO Role


Singer Olivia is moving on from reality TV and is embracing bigger and better things.

The former “Love & Hip Hop” star has abandoned VH1 for HBO, having secured the role of Ruby in the upcoming drama “The Family Business.”

Aside from her burgeoning acting career, Olivia continues to focus on music, saying fans can expect her album “The Right One for You,” to be released sometime this fall.

Olivia has also penned a tell-all, “Release Me: My Life, My Words,” which the singer says will give a true account of her struggle to survive in the music industry since being unceremoniously dropped by her label at the beginning of her career.

According to Olivia, her move from J Records to, G-Unit, to being an independent artist has been difficult. However, she calls the recent success of Tamar Braxton motivation for her to keep trying to live her dream.

“I remember Tamar from way back in the day. Seeing her all these years later finally get the shine she deserves is a huge motivator for me. It helped me to see that no matter what you have to keep doing what brings you the most joy.


  1. Good for her. Even if she never again goes platinum, if she plays her cards right and keeps her name and music out there via the internet, she can still have a successful career. Radio is a cold world right now and few black women are making inroads. She’s right to keep on moving and take real opportunities when they come her way. Reality TV is based on being a fool. Glad she got out before she fell for the okey-doke.

  2. applaud, applaud…she has really grown into a very classy lady. I wish her much success!!!

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