Olivia Unveils Her New Video

R & B songstress Olivia Longott is not giving up on her dream. Despite being signed to two major labels and being dropped by both, the 30-year old New York native continues to release new music and with the help of her manager Rich Dollaz, release her own videos.

The latest offering from the duo’s stable is “Walk Away,” a single Olivia wrote and co-produced herself. The single originally premiered on an episode of Love & Hip-Hop and now the official video has been unveiled as well.

Directed by Gee-Lock, the visuals use the issue of domestic violence as its backdrop, a move I am sure is designed to help Olivia seem more relateable to the public. Check the singer’s latest offering below and let us know what you think.


  1. i wish her the best, i just find her music so dated.

    i really see her working behind the scenes in music but not center stage.

  2. The only thing I like about this video is the sync dancing centered around domestic violence. Other than that, Eve and Ashanti did better jobs with their domestic violence videos. I wish Olivia the best as well. Beautiful voice, beautiful girl, but there’s just something that’s not IT about her. The show and these one “hit” songs once in a blue moon are not the go. I also don’t like how she talks to people who try to give her some honest and strong advice. Either way, good luck to her! Hope she finds her way. =/

  3. To me, there is something desperately missing in this song and in this video. I’m a fan of Olivia (the artist, not what I’ve seen on “reality” TV) BUT I agree that she needs to open up and let us see who SHE is and not the representative that she’s trying to force down our throats b/c no one’s buying it (literally and figuratively).

    Love you Liv, but you gotta dig deep and deal with YOU then maybe we can relate to you better. You’re beautiful but this isn’t it. Again, just my opinion……………(shrugs).

  4. Olivia has such a beautiful voice, great inflection! I really like the song, the video not bad, the makeup, no. There seems to be a veil that’s not letting her really resonate. I can understand her frustration with the industry, it’s gotta be the worst business in the entertainment industry. It takes such an incredible network of people (a machine) to make an artist, even when they don’t have Liv’s problems. The window of opportunity is so narrow and for her to get stuck in a really bad contract and unable to perform or make music at this stage would truly be the end.

    But, after viewing Tyler Perry’s recent video on 2012 Success, she just needs to continue to believe and keep watering her seeds. Feel her SELF-WORTHINESS down into the deep creases of her soul! What God has for her can’t be withheld, it’s God! We could use some really good R&B songtresses with chart-toppers or is this era over?

    I hope Olivia keeps on working, affirming (recite affirmations daily) and never give up…something GREAT always happens when we don’t give up!!!

  5. Pass… her ship sailed a long time ago.. she is wasting the money she has left… it’s time to invest in another field… think second career.. acting maybe…

  6. i liked it i like the story line but Olivia does give the impression that she is so together, she should have been the victim of the domestic violence scene that would have been more believable than her being the loving friend and confidant.

  7. Sorry I’m just can’t get into Olivia…it’s something unlike able about her. Good luck to her.

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