On The Set: Ciara Shoots New Video

Ciara was spotted on the streets of Los Angeles yesterday shooting the Melina directed video for her next single, Gimme Dat. Leaked last month, “Dat” immediately became a fan favorite and was quickly picked up by radio stations across the country. No official release date has been given for the video, though Ciara did tweet that it would premiere sometime this month. The singer’s “Basic Instinct” album has been pushed back several times, but is finally set to hit record store shelves on October 5th..


  1. Uh I don’t know about the whole outfit ci ci and def not feelin’ the converse/pumps whateva it is..but I like the maxim photo’s better

  2. Gorgeous body. Pretty face. Okay weave. HORRID OUTFIT. HORRENDOUS SHOES.

  3. Man, I guess i’m just wweird, but I actually REALLY like those shoes and was like…where can I get ’em?! lol. haha, I do think that only Ciara could pull of the belt that says FLY around her waist, but honest, to me, it looks REALLy cute and fashion forward-chic. I like, and can’t wait for this vid to premiere 🙂

  4. I love the look! If Lady Gaga wore this same out, blonde hair and velvet red lipstick with going weird with a mask…it would make many editorial pages in top magazines and online…not to mention how well the shoes would sell…Ciara looks hot…she’s runway chic…a nice look for a music video…Ciara is truly a fly girl!

  5. Ladies, seriously? THOSE SHOES are cool??? *weeps* It’s official then. I have no fashion sense whatsoever.

  6. i rele like everythin im seein, shes my go girl, yea keep doin hard work mama, im always gonna support u.. lov u to death cici

  7. *thinks of chris rock and looks at those chucks hot glued to those clear heels* with a sigh i can only say…..i’m not hip so don’t tell me anything or ask me anything but why?

    i think i just spotted the child she will have in the future. those shorts, wow.
    hope she likes the video(end result) and i hope her fans and stuff like it too.

    see, i’m all positive and what not.

  8. The outfit looks really cheap and I don’t like her hair. But I love this girls legs!!! And just because something looks good on Gaga doesn’t mean it’ll look good on Ciara. I’m just not feeling it at all. But I still love her.

  9. lol@pray for the children
    I think I love you.

    That weave just never makes it huh? SMH Ciara will always be an example, but now, whether that’s of WHAT TO DO, or WHAT NOT TO DO that is up to her. Body is toned, athletic model and dancer, yes. Regular model and singer, meh.


  10. @ endofdayz
    i’m just speaking off the top of my dome(head, trying for my street lingo. don’t mind me) but i’m also being positive and what not.

  11. if they were skates that woulda been more interesting. the matrix dance move that she loves doing on skates woulda been better than those.

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