On Set: Rihanna Shoots “Rockstar” Video

Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker tweeted the first photos from the set of Rihanna’s “Rockstar 101” video. As you guys all know by now, Rihanna kicks off her “Last Girl On Earth” tour this Friday in Antwerp, Belgium and anticipation is high. The singer has brought in Janet Jackson’s former choreographer Tina Landon to stage her show and has Barker giving her drum lessons. Rihanna is expected to show off what these two legends have taught her on tour, showcasing her musical moves with a 9 piece band and 12 backup dancers.


  1. ^^^Don’t be mad….LOL!!!!!!! :bowdown:
    This chick is making amazing moves and taking incredible risks with her career and still standing! Oh, she’s #1 on Billboard. Ya heard?! LMFAAAOOOO

  2. Rihanna’s puttin in that hard work, that’s what it’s all about. Hopefully she has a successful tour.

  3. This is my fav. song from the album glade to see she shootin’ a video for it

  4. Travis is a YT that could most DEFINITELY get it.


    That is all.

  5. I too applaud her for trying new things and being more bold with her sound. I think this is why she has remained as popular as she is – not necessarily because of the haircuts or the sexy clothes, but because of the willingness to take risks.

  6. I am all about people Learning, Good for her to take classes and study the art; instead on Jumping in head first and produce “Shit”.

  7. Not to be a hater, but call me out if you wil, but that song is mediocre. I liked it at first but it has the WEAKEST bridge ever… the only good part is Slash, who unfortunately you can barely hear on the track. The lyrics suck “baby I’m a rockstar. oh baby I’m a rockstar” and “frisk me good, frisk my panties and my bra.” Really?! Really. Pretend rockstar is what she is. I like the girl but something changed. Maybe his name was Chris Brown but as a whole she is not the same.

  8. :bowdown: FIERCE! Get it girl! Rihanna may not be a “real” rockstar but I’d be lying if I said she didn’t look every bit the part. Work it chick! And I’m loving that hair…

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