On The Set: Rihanna Filming “Disturbia” Video

Never let it be said that Rihanna is not a fashion risk taker. The “Disturbia” singer was photographed rocking a disturbing feathered headpiece on the set of of her new video for her single, Disturbia. Not only was the singer wearing questionable head attire, but everything she was photographed wearing from the neck down was just as outrageous. I cannot say for sure what look Rihanna was going for her but I would venture to say she may be playing the role of a Vegas showgirl. Disturbia is set to be the third single from Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded CD and was co-written by boyfriend Chris Brown and features background vocals from the singer as well.


  1. What im seeing look interesting can not wait to see the video. I love the plaid thing going on and loving them shoe.

  2. Not really a fan of this song Disturbia, but the video looks like it will be very interesting….. (judging by the feathered head piece )… lol….

  3. i luv the song it’s up tempo but will see wat she tryin 2 do 4 the video but @ the moment all i can say is she still bringing the same attitude but this tyme she goin a lil scary judgin’ by the 1st pic, not complainin’ tho

  4. You have to give it too her. All of these women from Beyonce on down that are out right now the “it” girls all have the same exact image. This girl reminds me of the 80’s and 90’s because everyone kind of did their own thing and she definately brings that.

  5. Bria,
    It’s funny that you don’t care for B, yet you always find way to bring up her name…in blogs that have nothing to do with her…HELLO

  6. Now back to Miss Rihanna
    I’ll check the final product when it’s out. I’m not feeling this particular look.

  7. I think she is going to reiterate the thriller Disturbia. I’m not into scary movies. they give me nightmares. I am not ashamed, I sleep alone and the light will be on all night if I watch one. The last scary movie I saw was Hellraiser 2 and that was back in highschool. never again. I hope the video goes over well. All the best to her.

  8. I’m unfamiliar with the song, but the vid has caught my interest. David LaChappelle? Oh yeah, will definitely check it out. 🙂

  9. @ Bria i understand completly were u comin’ from but she seems 2 be stuck on that over exposed image that really does get on peeps nerves we know she luvs the look more than anyone as well but it’s tyme she get a bit ordinary. it doesnt really stop me frm sleepin’ at night tho

  10. @ Bria, I too understand what you’re saying and I also agree with Stoney-Brie about the over exposure. Sometimes it’s nice to be missed just a little.

  11. I love me some riri and so does the world, she decut this single #18 on the billboards!!!! No publicity just her fab self, can’t wait I see another number 1!!!!!

  12. I don’t know what she’s wearing but i do know that she is fierce!
    Go rih rih

  13. like i said before….TRYING TOO HARD TO KEEP UP THIS “GOOD GIRL GONE BAD” IMAGE…its just downright insane now…

  14. I wish everyone stop complaining about this person and that person being “overexposed”. What the hell does that mean anyway these days? Everything is overexposed technology is advancing like crazy creating a variety of ways to find out information about anyone anytime. Maybe if you stop googling certain artist or coming on blogs reading about them then they wouldn’t seem so “overexposed” maybe its our generation that is “overexposed”… to internet blogs. Give it a rest

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