On The Set With Amerie

R n’ B diva Amerie is hard at work prepping for the November 3rd release of her “In Love & War” album. The singer is presently shooting a video for her second single “Heard Em All”, which will reportedly feature a cameo from rapper Lil Wayne. Amerie gave her fans a sneak peak of the video earlier today, when she tweeted an image of herself on the set. Check it out below.

Amerie "Heard Em All" Video Shoot


  1. I wish her nothing but the best. She’s talented, beautiful and has a hunger to ‘do this’ that I don’t see in other artists (who I refuse to name here LOL). Go Amerie!

  2. All these years and no real hits, I don’t see why she’s still around.

  3. I hope she makes it big…shes beautiful and her voice is amazing….

  4. Amerie is always hard at work…… I just wish it would pay off. I love the way she sings and she is a very beautiful lady but somehow i don’t think her album will sell she just don’t get the recognition

  5. I don’t know why we always have to mention looks when we talk about these artists. So Amerie is easy on the eyes. her singing is definitely not easy on the ears. She has never had a real hit but she keeps getting play on blogs.

    I just think it’s time to let it go. The public has spoken and they are not interested in this girl at all.

  6. I heard the video is going to be insanly amazing with crazy dance moves. I love this chick she’s fly, smart, intelligent and down right beautiful. One thing I really love about her is that she is always working a striving to be the best and she has a true love for the music. I applaud her!Can’t wait for the video!

  7. “Why Don’t We Fall In Love” wasn’t a ‘real’ hit? Word? I don’t do chart stats, but I remember when the vid came out and the song played constantly. That song prompted me to buy the album.

    I get what you’re saying Dana and really it’s a sad situation that so much of this industry now is looks-based. I listened to a rap record the other day for the first time, where the hook was sung by someone who even “I” could most likely outsing. But she’s got the look which is why she was put on the track.

    There’s an avenue, a place for all so I don’t blame her for letting go. There are thousands of R&B artists unsigned or signed to smaller labels playing small gigs and doing their thing. And some of these have wayyyy better voices than the ‘faces’ currently on the scene. There’s a spot for Amerie just like there is for Mya. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it may not be ‘at the top’ or on the scale of a Janet or a Whit or a Brit or an Alicia, etc. I think her last album sold well in Japan? LOL As long as there’s an ear to hear and you’ve got the means, why not do what you love?

  8. @ KNAYADE I agree when I heard the song “Why don’t we fall in love” It was a summer smash in 2002 and I loved it when I first heard the song/ video And I liked her song/video “Talking To Me” I was like I want to discover more of this artist because she was diffrent to me at that time . But the music industry today is based on looks than talent n nether the less!

  9. I really like Amerie. I hope things work this time around. I just don’t understand why she’s not a big artist. She can sing, her voice is distinct, she can write, she can dance, she’s pretty, she has a nice personality, and you can tell she just loves music. I don’t understand why she doesn’t sell.

  10. i hope it works out we need some new blood i’m board lol. i want all these females to win…her monica, christina, al of them but they have got to go harder and start thinking market wise and shock value. they have been coming out very boring. thats why B continues to win. This video needs to be like oh sugar honey ice tea.

  11. She was cool but boring as well. Im sorry i don’t mean 2b so critical, but i want real, no holds bar, uncut talent. And i what they are giving me is not that.

  12. @Dana-so right. How many comebacks can someone do b4 the inevitable plays out. Yes, she did have hits here & there but its not enough. She’s like a Christina milan, tho she sings betta than amerie.

  13. I LOVE Amerie!
    For me… I don’t give a damn whether her songs are “hits” according to so&so’s chart. Her albums ALWAYS have some fiyah on em and as long as she keeps making good music… I’ll support.

    I love some of the underdogs in the music industry… the artist that I THINK should be at the top but aren’t like: Eric Roberson or J*Davey for instance.

    Ya’ll can have the cookie cutter, radio ppl!

  14. love amerie, haters please just stop it! who are you to tell someone to stop pursuing their dream? there are plenty of other females in this industry who really don’t deserve to be, yet a lot of you keep singing their praises (i won’t name names, but one of them sounds like a billy goat/yodeler when she sings). Tell them to give it up! i think amerie is interesting and has a lot of talent, she just needs a better promotion/manangment team

  15. hahahah just say it yall BEYONCE…..

    lol who to me jacked amerie swagg..but its all good. not like we dont know that already….

    so carry on with the bashing…


    I totally agree. Amerie is like no one but Amerie. When I hear her on the radio I know exactly who it is, I can’t say the say for Keri, Ciara and Beyonce(love her). Amerie is HOT.

  17. Love her the video drops next week and I can’t wait. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from behind the scene dancers that this video is gonna be fire! The videos director did Jay Z’s Run This Town and Rihanna’s Disturbia.

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