On The Set With Beyonce & Lady Gaga

Beyonce and Lady Gaga have teamed up once again. Gaga had previously made a guest appearance on Beyonce’s “Video Phone” and now Beyonce is returning the favor by appearing on Gaga’s “Telephone.” The video for “Telephone” started production last week in an undisclosed desert location and now the first images from on the set have found their way online.

Clearly fashion will play a major part in this video, as it does in all Beyonce and Lady Gaga videos. Both ladies are dressed “strangely,” which I think is very much in keeping with Gaga’s style.


  1. Excited about this video, because I like the song better than Video Phone and I know Gaga think of great treatments for videos.

  2. Definitely see Gaga-ian influence in this dusky image. Of the two songs I like this one better.

  3. Ok, I hope Gaga stands out in her video.
    I’ll be waiting for it.

  4. U know i love beyonce, but i just hope she does’nt lose herself in the video..Like Gaga was full on Beyonce, but out of respect for Gaga, Beyonce is gonna be full Gaga…But hey i like the Beyonce is, not ALL GAGAISH..Im sorry, im a bit tipsy…

    Ps..If that aint a pagent Dress When I see it, i dont know what it is..NOT CUTE BEY

  5. More devil-worshipping symbolism! Beyonce is going the wrong way. She is so lost.

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