One “Elle” Of A Photo Shoot

It seems like ages since we posted anything on Beyonce, but with the promotion of Dreamgirls about to go into full swing we expect to be covering her a bit more.Below Bey is featured on the cover of December’s Elle Magazine and as usual she looks the same- beautiful-but the same.A new do would do her well and the blonde Barbie doll thing leaves me cold.The pics are of medium quality but I hope to have the hqs by tomorrow which I will post in our gallery.



  1. If you have seen one photo of her you have seen them all.I would love to see her just totally switch it up and hit us with a whole new look.I felt the same way about Aaliyah and her straight black hair over the eye style that she wore her entire career.I love how Janet and Madonna always come out with new looks, more artists should follow suit.

  2. Her hair is part of her identity and it was the same with Aaliyah.If Beyonce stops being a long weave wearing blonde what will she have to make her stand out?

  3. Hey beyonce my name is kelly and i love your music.If its possible can you come an see on november 21 because that is the day of my birthday if not can you write me at :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:
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  4. I don’t get the Aaliyah comparison. Her hair wasn’t to make her ‘stand out’ as you say and if Beyonce’ needs hair to define her then that says enough right there. Anyway, I subscribe to this mag and when I saw it I was like are they kidding me?!! All of her poses and outfits were dry from the cover to the article. I didn’t even bother to read her article b/c I’m tired of repetition. :thumbsdown:

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