Oprah Vacations With Tyler+Tyler Sues Family

Talk show hostess Oprah Winfrey was spotted recently vacationing with good friends Gayle King and Tyler Perry, in Portofini, Italy. Tyler is known for whisking his friends off to exotic locations for quickie vacations. The trio was spotted shopping and later on taking a boat ride with friends. Oprah, whose show is on hiatus until the fall, is also rumored to have recently visited South Africa to check on her all girls Leadership Academy. South Africa’s News24 reported Oprah arrived under a veil of secrecy after taking a private jet from London. Oprah swore she would make these spontaneous visits after girls from her school complained of abuse by school workers.

Tyler Perry is also making news these days after it was revealed that the playwright is suing his own cousin, Marlon Campbell. Tyler’s camp apparently sent Campbell a cease and desist letter after Campbell used Tyler’s name in connection with his own movie, “Oblivious”. Campbell, who is an Atlanta based producer and director identified himself as a distributor for Perry and Perry of course denied this. Sources claim they have proof that Campbell did indeed help Tyler distribute his films and have the invoices to prove it (pictured below). Campbell is now suing Perry for 10 million dollars and the invoices are expect to be their trump card.


  1. Italy, totally cool…I dream of Italy…I love everything Italian. I need a friend like Tyler Perry, or a side gig!

    As for the trump card, am I the only person who finds it strange that a distributor could purchase a DVD at $23 for resale? IDK how much that man was selling those movies for but he couldn’t have made much money. He paid the approx. retail price. IDK for sure if that invoice is “cooked” but I don’t buy it.

  2. I was thinking the same thing Rae. Plus, why is the cousin now suing for 10 million? I guess Tyler wasn’t helping out the cousin enough and now he has found a way to try and get more. You would be suprised how family sometimes expect the wealthiest members to just take care of them. I’m talking about grown folks too thinking they should no longer have to work because someone in the family is now making money.

  3. I disagree with the both of you. I have researched this story and Tylers cousin was really his distributor, also contrary to believe Tylers cousin also did a lot to help Tyler when they were growing up. Tylers cousin interviewed on the radio in South Carolina and I happened to hear the interview and believe the fact that Marlon, Tylers Cousin did not ever ask Tyler for anything nor did he put out the fact that they are related. Ignorance is certainly bliss!!Marlon stated the obvious; that of course the media naturely tied the two public figures together as they do with any famous couple. Also, I knew of Marlon way before I ever heard of Tyler Perry (during his days as a recording artist). I did not realize thats who he was back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. If anything this raises discussion about the old slave mentality or “crabs in the bucket” analogy. I wonder if African Americans are even capable of supporting one another…it doesn’t seem so. For those who speak of all the charity support Celebrities like Tyler does…remember Tyler has sold “poor me” stories in order to gain support of his fans, so wouldn’t charity be a constant fitting publicity campaign. Additionally, Tyler has openly admitted to using the characters and likelinesses of his family…I wonder if he compensated any of them??? Now think of that and look at this story…Tylers upset because his name has been mentioned NOT as someone involved in the movie but as Marlons Cousin…I’m sorry but somethings painfully wrong with Tylers actions (Mr. Christian). I guess it goes without saying that i am completely disappointed with Tyler, I for one thought he was truely better than this!


  5. @Lisa said:

    Crabs in the buckets are actually not pulling each other down. They are helping each other out, but, because of their claws it appears that they are pulling each other down. We have gotten so use to saying a bunch stuff that is actually not true. I believe that these two intelligent gentlemen will not go to court because they are smart enough too realize that they can work together and make more money than fighting and loosing money.

    So don’t be so negative and think things will not work out. In their high powered world law suits are just a way to get someone’s attention. Let’s elevated our thinking and lifes and the outcome will be elevated.

  6. Lisa, the facts as you say, were sent to me personally along with the invoice I posted. None of us really know the facts and won’t know them until this case is resolved in the courtroom, which is obviously where this situation is headed.

  7. I don’t understand the confusion. The article states: “Tyler’s camp apparently sent Campbell a cease and desist letter after Campbell used Tyler’s name in connection with his own movie, “Oblivious”. ”

    Tyler is well within his rights to do this. You can’t attach Tyler Perry’s name to any type of production without folks thinking Tyler has SOMETHING to do with it. That’s just a disaster waiting to happen.

    Campbell may well have been a distributor for Tyler, but one has nothing to do with the other. How do you logically tie the two together? That was just a desparate measure to use Tyler’s name to promote his movie. Cease & desist. Cousin or not, Tyler doesn’t owe him his reputation. He worked too hard to build it.

  8. Ok so is it “Tyler Sues Family” or “Tyler SUED BY Family”?? I thought his cousin was the one suing him?

  9. Ok so I get it, Tyler sues his cousin AND the cousin sues Tyler, BOTH are doing it? DAMN! Family is a beautiful thing………

  10. Is it just me or does this invoice look just like the one you got when you ordered a DVD from online? I mean I did order a DVD from his (Tyler’s) site and the invoice looked just like this one. I think he needs to find another “trump card”.

  11. Ok, so I never heard of this guy Marlon Campbell but now all of a sudden he is all over the place. All on the internet, Tv and radio shows. He must have one hell of a publicist. I wish I had her job she got to be banking by now!

  12. Listen, the invoice is real. Actually, that’s one of many. at the end of the day, opinions don’t count. I’m telling you what’s not an opinion – the invoices are real, Tyler is a jealous liar who didn’t expect Campbell to have the invoices still, and Tyler will be financially responsible for defemation of character and more. Monica, I don’t know what god you worship, but it’s okay by law to say Tyler Perry – even if you’re not him. Marlon wasn’t trying to use Tyler’s name. First off, Marlon is not doing bad financially either. People assume since you’re not Tyler Perry or in media’s eye 24 hours that one must be doing bad financially. Marlon’s got more money than the most of us will probably have in our lifetime. The guy was a bonafide millionaire over 5 years ago. i don’t feel sorry for either, but Tyler was wrong. get off your high horse. You’ve used Oprah’s name since I’ve known of you, Tyler!

  13. I think what people are missing is that Marlon only stated that the two were cousins, the same way he has always done for the past 20 something years. But what he DID say was “TYLER PERRY IS NOT CONNECTED, IN ANY WAY, WITH THE MAKING OF OBLIVIOUS.” You can’t get any clearer than that. That statement released Tyler from any obligations to Marlon’s movie.

  14. Yes, I agree. Disclaiming that Tyler has no connection with the movie is letting everyone know that Tyler has no involvement. He can’t deny that Tyler is his cousin. If a reporter asks him in an interview, what is he supposed to say… he’s not? If there is one invoice, I’m sure there are many. These things can easily be proven. Sometimes people get notoreity and forget about who helped them get there from the very beginning. It looks like this is the case. I have never seen anything that says Marlon states he was Tyler’s only distributor, just that he has distributed for him. That doesn’t sound unreasonable. Who wouldn’t help out a cousin if they asked for it? Bad move on Tyler’s part for sending a cease & desist letter to his own cousin.

  15. Viv,

    Help me understand how what God I worship has any bearing on this topic. You shed additional light from another source or perhaps first-hand information; but that comment was really uncalled for.

  16. Just seems like idolization to me, Monica, because you fail to realize that Tyler was NEVER mentioned as being a part of the film. In fact, it was mentioned by Marlon that Tyler was not a part of the film. And this was mentioned in every interview I’ve heard seen or read by Marlon. That’s the confusion, you’re being bias and coming off as being illiterate. You’re treating Tyler like GOD.

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