Oprah’s Holiday Duet Special

Oprah Winfrey’s Christmas Special aired yesterday and the Queen of daytime brought of some of the biggest stars from the world of Pop, Opera, Country and R n’ B to help her celebrate the season. Check out the three Queens of Soul, Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys teaming up with Andrea Bocelli, Sugarland and Tim McGraw for some very unique duets.

Visit Oprah.com to see video performances from Jennifer and Mary.


  1. I saw that all had good performances. I liked Mary’s performance the best. Her vocals have really improved TECHNICALLY, and she always brings the emotion.

  2. Mary J Blige voice was amazing I saw that show yesterday. She is definately A list.

  3. I watched this yesterday, everyone did great. I’m especially proud of MJB she has really been sounding good live lately.

    I just love Alicia and Sugarland!!!

  4. Mary was great, her vocals were simply lovely!

    Jennifer and Sugarland was one of the best duets, two really good artists, allowing each other to shine with great harmonies, wish Oprah offered their song for download.

    Alicia keys was ok, her best vocals are in her lower register for me, like “Teenage Love” or the Prince inspired “Like You will never see me again” or “Diary”…but she likes to change it up and is going for a big sound. I hope she nails it on this new offering!

  5. My gosh! I am sorry I missed this. Oprah is really doing it big this last year!

  6. Alicia sounded great!! Mary really is bringing it, I love that she is doing the grown woman look and not trying to look like the kiddies. Always love Jen.

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