The Joys Of Oral Pleasure

I love receiving oral sex from my man. The licking, the sucking, the slurping, the noises all of it is a complete turn on to me. Most importantly, it is all about me. It gives me a brief moment to be a recluse and disappear into the abyss of pleasure. For a few moments nothing else matters to me. There is nothing else on my mind. I don’t give a damn about going to work. I’m not worrying about my family. I’m not even thinking of this damn site. All that matters to me in that moment is the pleasure that I am receiving. I enjoy tongue caressing so much so that the idea of me dating a man who was against performing it is foreign to me. I’m looking at him like he is a VCR, like I have no use for you honey.

Seriously, he would have to be some kind of special for me to continue on into a serious relationship with him knowing he does not go low. So, now that I have said my piece (clears throat and places pearls back on) I extend the question out to you. How important is receiving oral sex from your man to you ladies?

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By: LJ Knight

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  1. Honey its VERY and I mean VERY important. If you don’t do it then it’s a major turn off. If I have to ask you to do it and you act all “stank” about it..that’s a reason to be kicked to the curb and deleted from the iphone. Pretty much it’s a must have and a man who doesn’t is one I certainly can do without.

  2. Lolz im a guy!

    But a guy should give oral to their girl!! Men always want to get serviced, so they should ATLEAST return the favour!

  3. Nothing i like to do more for any lady I am serious about.

    Savor the flavor!

  4. It’s extremely important, especially if he knows what he is doing. Excuse me for being so blunt, but recieving oral sex guarantees that i will “bust one” if you ladies know what i mean!

  5. Giving and receiving. I will leave it at that(giggles)

  6. its VERY important to me. its one of those things where if you dont go down ONE im not going to go down on you and TWO im going to have to find a new boo cause i be DAMNED if im just having a normal boring you play with me i play with you u hump me i hump you sex life.

  7. Sanging *u gotta go downtown that’s the way to my love*

  8. In the immortal words of Lil Kim..”If u aint likkkin this, u aint stikkin this..”

  9. What can I say? It’s amazing! The feeling is out of this world….I’m just gong to leave it there…..

  10. It’s not a requirement for me at all. Maybe I’ve never had the right one do it (and I’m married now, so…yeah), but I don’t see what the big deal is. And to be completely honest, I like to be fisted much more. I wish I could enjoy oral, but for some reason it tenses me up. I think I am in the minority.

  11. It’s not important to me at all. For me oral sex doesn’t give me an orgasm, it’s just cumming. Riding is orgasmic. I’d rather the man know how to work his stick.

  12. i never had it but my boyfriend really wants to do it but im like wats the big deal….maybe im just nervous….i mean really….does it honestly feel that good????

  13. I AGREE WITH CANDY…I’d rather have a man who can lay good pipe as oppose giving good oral.

  14. I agree with Stafany but oral is good too. I can dig it.

  15. @ MissMissC fisted??? is that what i think it is????? if it is does it hurt cos it sounds like it does????? pls share info with a fisting virgin.

  16. @ STEFANY i am the opposite i would rather he licked me to high heaven than the pipe, although i love the pipe but i cant do without the other. when i get head till the end i get convulsions i am not kidding convulsions like when someon is having a fit.. for me its that good.

  17. @SWEET PEA….I love oral too but there’s nothing like some good stroking!lol!

  18. @ Angel Yup, it is what you think it is. it really doesn’t hurt (i don’t think) unless the man is trying to punch your isides out, lol. It just feels good. He lubes his hand, slides in on finger at a time until he gets his hand in as far as possible. I don’t ask for this too much ’cause I’m scared to get stretched out, lol. I do however love good old fashioned fingering (2 fingers is perfect) of the g-spot at least twice a week. It’s better than oral if you ask me!

  19. I was once in a relationship where the guy loved to do it. And I promise you I was always in heaven. He had me thinking there wasn’t anyting else in the world but him and I. Pure Bliss. That was the first time that I actually came. And I do mean hard. I never in my life thought I could (excuse me for a minute) get so wet. It was excellent. And from then on. If I’m in a relationship with someone you have to do it and do it right or we won’t be in a relationship. You have to be able to lick it and stick it right.

  20. I like the licking but i take the sticking instead. If you get the right pipe and put it on you and make your legs shake everytime you good.

  21. It is also imperative to me that a man goes down on me,my question is why do women act all outraged when men don’t want to deal with women not sucking on their…?

  22. @ANGEL….Oh my goodness that’s some damn good licking!

  23. yes my NECK my BACK lick my pussy and ass CRACK…said Kiha that S**t feels soooo good espically when he knows what he’s doin’

    And ladies IF YOU AIN’T GIVING THE MAN NO HEAD HE DON’T WANT NOTHIN’ TO DO WITH YOU…(GIVE AND RECIEVE) THE SEX IS SO MUCH BETTER THAT WAY so all that I don’t do that , that’s just not right chiiilld pleaze lol

    *Sidenote*Oh and SAFE SEX Is GREAT sex! protect yourself!!!!!

  24. @Signature Barbie – Amen and Amen.

    Whatever you do – please protect yourself (and that goes for me too!!)

    Then – get ya freak on…

  25. @$ignature Barbie yes Indeed gurl cause what look good on the outside Is not good on the Inside!

    you said the most positive words on here RESPECT >stay safe

  26. Congrats to all you ladies and men who received some love below. My last boyfriend never returned the favor even after I gave. I hate selfish lovers! lol

  27. The clitoris has more nerves than any other part of the human body, and a man’s tongue is perfectly structured to service the clitoris. His penis certainly isn’t going to do the job properly (of giving his woman an orgasm) 9 times out of 10. Cunnilingus is an absolute must for all men, otherwise they’re nearly useless.

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