Nicole Beharie to Star in ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ Remake


Jesse Williams and Nicole Beharie to Star in ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ Remake

Calling all Nicole Beharie fans. I’m gonna need you guys to take ten minutes away from mercilessly dragging Sleepy Hollow on Twitter for the eleventh straight day, to celebrate news of our girl landing a new gig. Via online reports, Nicole will be returning to the big screen opposite Jesse Williams in the Will Packer remake of the 1990 horror classic Jacob’s Ladder.
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What’s Next for Nicole Beharie?


What’s Next for Nicole Beharie, A Musical Perhaps?

Let’s keep it real, Sleepy Hollow is done. After remaining stable in its new Friday night, 8pm time slot for several weeks, the show’s ratings have suddenly plummeted, falling to a series low of 2.5 million viewers and a 0.6 demo. Fox owned or not, the chances of the show getting a fourth season are not looking well. So, with that said, let’s talk about Nicole Beharie and what we’d like to see her next career move be.
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Nicole Beharie’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’ May Not Return for a Fourth Season

SLEEPY HOLLOW MAY NOT RETURN FOR A FOURTH SEASONMy Twitter timeline lit up today with news of Sleepy Hollow possibly not being renewed for a fourth season. Apparently the show’s dismal ratings weren’t enough of a clue, hence why so many people appear to be shocked.

Fox held their Winter TCA Tour today and word has it CEO Dana Walden was inundated with questions about the supernatural drama’s future. Dana reportedly said no decisions have been made about Sleepy Hollow returning for a fourth season, noting fans would more than likely have to wait several months for the show’s fate to be revealed.
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Cutest Thing Ever: Nicole Beharie Dancing

Nicole Beharie Dancing to Missy Elliott’s “WTF”

NICOLE BEHARIE DANCINGWhile Sleepy Hollow and I are not on speaking terms these days, my love for its leading lady, actress Nicole Beharie, is as strong as ever. And while I did not watch last night’s episode, I did follow along on Twitter, which was where I peeped this super-awesome video Nicole decided to share with her fans.
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Wanna Spend Your Friday Nights with Nicole Beharie?

WANNA SPEND YOUR FRIDAY NIGHTS WITH NICOLE BEHARIE - SLEEPY HOLLOW MOVED TO FRIDAY NIGHTSFox is hoping the answer is yes, because that is exactly where she is heading.

As many of you have no doubt heard already, Fox’s prime time line-up is set to look drastically different starting early next year. Among the changes, Sleepy Hollow, where Nicole stars as FBI Agent Abbie Mills, will no longer air on Thursday nights at 9pm. Instead, Fox has moved the show to Friday nights at 8pm, a move many are interpreting as the first sign of potential cancellation.
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Nicole Beharie Shines in “Bones” Crossover Episode

ABBIE MILLS SHINES IN BONESWhile Sleepy Hollow can kick rocks with flip-flops on, I am still a Nicole Beharie fan and will support anything she does outside of the show. Because of that I decided to take some time last night and watch the preview episode of the Bones/Sleepy Hollow crossover event.
I tried watching Bones some months back, but the sometimes gruesome nature of the show turned me off. Luckily, the rotting flesh and maggots were kept to a minimum, which enabled me to enjoy this episode’s true highlight: the awesome scenes between Abbie Mills and Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz).
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Nicole Beharie in Playboy Magazine

nicole beharie not naked in playboy magazine
Nicole Beharie in Playboy magazine. How long have we been waiting for this photo shoot? It was about seven months ago when we first found out about it and now, finally, it is here in all of it’s glory.

Nicole keeps her clothes on for her pictorial, but that makes it no less spectacular. The petite brown skin beauty still shines bright in her Becoming Attractions photo shoot, which is featured on Playboy’s official website and the October edition of the magazine.
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