Pam Grier’s Life to Become a Biopic

70’s movie icon Pam Grier will soon have her real life played out on the big screen. Via a press release issued today, the 62-year old actress has sold the rights to her 2010 autobiography “Foxy: My Life in Three Acts,” to Imprint Entertainment, the makers of ‘Twilight,” “Percy Jackson and the Olympians,” “The Lightning” and “Thief.”

Grier’s book, in which she chronicles her relationships with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (turned down his proposal), Freddie Prinze (wanted her to have his baby), Richard Pryor (used to put cocaine on the tip of his penis before sex) and others, was a New York Times bestseller, going on to sell over 250,000 copies.

At the time of its release Pam was asked who she would like to see play her should the book ever be turned into a movie, and much like Aretha Franklin, Grier cited Halle Berry as her first choice.


  1. wow. Halle Berry what is wrong with people of all the talented black actresses that could play Pam i can’t believe she would list Halle first. I love Halle but please. She needs someone who has sexy street talent to play her because that is what she represents tough, beautiful and smart.

  2. What about Sallie Richardson? She would be perfect for the role.She looks like she could be her daughter. It’s so tiring hearing people always say Halle Berry should play them. Like she’s the epitome of black beauty and talent. Halle cannot touch Pam. There are so many talented black actresses out there who deserve a chance.

  3. I agree with you both. I like Halle and all but she is hardly a GREAT actress. There are indeed a lot of actresses out there who I think could do a better job. I don’t know why so many women are stuck on Halle playing theme. Thank God Tina didn’t ask for Halle when her biopic was made LOL.

  4. Yes to the biopic and No to Halle. No offense, but Pam Grier is tall and statuesque and authentically, a bad, bad women in the good kind of way, both on and off the screen. This is a chance for Hollyweird to try some NEW TALENT. Surely there’s someone out there who would suffice both visually and with the proper talent.

  5. They won’t get anybody new. They want Box office numbers. They will go after Paula Patton, Halle Berry, or Beyonce.

  6. Halle Berry can’t sell a movie though. When was the last time she had a hit? Halle has never been a box office draw. Maybe if this is a made for TV movie on HBO people will tune in but Halle’s name on the marquee is not gonna get people into the movie theater.

  7. Halle would be horrible for this part. Pam is a bad mama jama. She is an icon for black women and is still sexy to this day. I think Taraji would be a great pick.

  8. Sista you are so right, Halle is not a box office draw and if they want a box office draw they can’t pick halle, beyonce, or paula patton. they are only recognized for the cast members who make up the actors. not knocking their abilities but no one is going to spend a whole heap of money to watch them unless there is a great cast involved.

  9. I agree with the general consensus. I like Halle too, BUT Pam Grier should be played by a sista that is not only pretty, but an all around BAD ASS. Halle is just a little too “dainty” to play Pam Grier, even though she has had some action roles. You know I also agree with what someone said earlier, whatever happened to giving an unknown a shot at the big time. Believe me, if the acting AND the story are both great, word of mouth will spread like wild fire and make that film successful.

    Oh and Aretha “I want Halle to play me” Franklin……Hahahahaha!! I’m still cracking up off of that one!

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