Paris Jackson Denies Being Hit by Janet

Despite her denials via Twitter, the media is still reporting that singer Janet Jackson, 46, slapped her niece Paris, 14, during an altercation at Katherine Jackson’s home.

Though Paris continues to tweet and then delete many of her comments, she admitted twice, once via Twitter and once via Instagram that Janet did not slap her. She would later go on to delete that tweet along with several she made vilifying her father’s siblings.

Whatever is going on in the Jackson family right now is without a doubt being exacerbated by Paris and her penchant for tweeting, re-tweeting and then deleting her comments. Anyone who follows Paris knows she’s been a terror on Twitter for a while. She re-tweeted a comment from a poster weeks ago insinuating Janet was against her acting because Janet was jealous. She also deleted a re-tweet she made in which a commenter suggested the Jackson family was trying to get her cut of Michael’s reported 1 billion dollar fortune.

I don’t blame Janet, I would have tried to take her phone too. Despite her claims of “knowing exactly I am doing,” Paris does not. She has effectively put herself into a spotlight she isn’t yet ready for. Cavorting around online with Michael’s crazy fans who blame his family for all his problems isn’t helping either.

I spent a great deal of time following Paris’ tweets yesterday and she re-tweeted a comment from a MJ site saying only MJ fans were her true family. Paris’ reply: “I love you guys too.” She also re-tweeted a comment that said “Now people see why your dad was away from his siblings.” That did it for me. I thought, if I was Janet or any of the Jacksons, Paris’ ass would be shipped off to a group home.

It was Michael’s siblings who walked hand in hand with him as he entered court every day during his trial for child molestation. It was his family who tried to intervene when they knew he was on drugs. It was his family that tried to keep his legacy intact after his death when all the media wanted to focus on was the negative. Most important however, it wasn’t his family who was filling him nightly with propofol. Truth is, had Michael stood by family, he would most likely be alive today.

So for 14 year old Paris to be wielding her iPhone like a weapon against the only family she has ever known, shows she’s not family. Social Media needs to be used responsibly and her constant tweeting, re-tweeting and deleting of comments is causing all sorts of rumors to fly. And unless she is being neglected and not cared for, she shouldn’t be on twitter saying a damn thing. Personally, I’d put Joe on her ass. She needs a good dose of what he used to give to Michael- an old fashion southern style ass-whoopin’.

Expect this little brat to end up like Lindsay Lohan in 10 years. Michael must be moonwalking in his grave. No way he wanted his daughter in the spotlight like this. But she asked for it and will eventually learn the hard way that the media isn’t a friend to anyone with the last name Jackson.


  1. Michael’s so called fortune will never reach the hands of any of his children. I heard the estate claims Michael was in deep debt and that before the family or his children can receive a dime they debts must be paid.

    Paris will be singing a new tune in four years when she finds herself broke and nothing but the Jackson to fall back on which will be worthless thanks to the years of bad press.

  2. There is always some shit going on with this family. I agree that Michael left a mess but it is up to the adults how to handle it. It appears there are two factions of Jacksons, those who know what is going on and those that don’t. Tito, Jackie and Marlon on TV last night show that they are in opposing views with Janet, Randy, Rebbie and Jermaine who claim to know where Katherine is and how she is doing.

    I wish they would stay the hell off TV and stop giving the media ammunition against them.

    Paris is another story. She’s been out of control on Twitter for a while now. Why doesn’t someone turn her damn phone off? Its not like she has a job and can pay the bill herself.

  3. @Sista, Very Well said. I think Mike would be VERY disappointed in his daughter. If I was Janet I’d slap her too!! Michael was very private and would not want her tweeting such personal business and garbage! She’ll learn hard way.

  4. Joe Jackson needs to pull out his “Roots” whip.

  5. Thank you Sista for being one of the few to state the “Paris” tweeted Janet did not slap her! Janet would have been arrested or at least investigated by child services like Creflo Dollar or anyone who strikes a child. This is sad, when it’s primarily Randy and Jermaine pulling the stunt that’s causing the fire storm of criticism (Mrs. Jackson’s disappearing act). Paris is taking advantage of this situation (real wolves) as a rebellious teen, the executors will rob them blind, and hopefully, Paris don’t end up with the wrong guy, on drugs and other forms of self-destruction.

    I initially thought she was just protecting her and her siblings from uncle Randy, but after reading her tweets, she’s on a mission and “thinks” she knows what’s she doing, creating her own persona outside of being MJ’s daughter, she admitted her ego was out of control on twitter. I don’t believe TJ could control her as time goes on, she is on a vengeance…a mission to become a pop icon…this saga is long from over…sadly!

  6. Paris is a bitch and a fake ass Jackson. Without the real Jacksons to watch her ass the media will chew her up and spit her out.

    She’ll have nude pics online any day now and be caught doing drugs shortly after that.

  7. Sista! Preach! If we had enough characters on Facebook, I would post this. This is the most realest and honest post I have read since this Jackson twitter war foolishness began! You are right on point!

  8. Children should not be involved in grown folks discussion and all this talk, much less in public should be handled by the adults.

    I don’t know that we need to go back to Joe Jackson’s methods but Paris does seem to be in need of some serious adult supervision and boundaries.

  9. Sista,

    If you ain’t said NOTHING before… said it today.

    Paris has created a storm in the media just from her being on twitter. It’s no place for a child her age and with her last name. MJ fans are crazy as hell and want to do nothing but destroy his family including Janet. #sad

  10. Why does anyone care what drama lurks behind the Jackson family doors? Better yet, why does anyone care about what a 14 year old is tweeting about? Do I think she should get off twitter? Totally. Do I care what she tweets, retweets, deletes? Goodness no. We were all 14 once. Immature, impulsive, and emotional. Let her live her life and make her mistakes and quit nitpicking at this family and their problems once and for all.

  11. I just don’t think it’s right to judge a child for making dumb comments on something like Twitter. And to liken her to Lindsey Lohan for speaking out about her family problems….I just don’t think that’s fair at all. I for one am a huge Michael and Janet Jackson fan yet I could care less about their family drama. That and the last thing I’m going to do is act like I’m an authority on all things Jackson. Y’all don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Yeah, Michael’s family was there for him when he was going through his crazy trial but Paris is his child (flesh and blood, if you choose to believe so). Do you really think the way that family acts in front of the cameras is the way they act at home? If so, I think you’ve been incredibly fooled. I for one don’t know but I’m going to take a wild guess and say no.

    If we’re going to handwave grown men who run off to media to air their dirty laundry at the slightest hint of dissension, then we have to handwave a child airing said laundry on Twitter. As the most vocal member of her immediate family, she’s going to say a thing or two that crosses “the line” — it’s called being human. And the truth of the matter is, this girl was thrust into the spotlight the instant her father died. She didn’t choose that for herself. Yeah, no one made her join Twitter and talk about her family, but that’s what all her peers are doing (and grown men and women too). She’s going through something very few, if any people, in the world can relate to, so I just think everyone needs to back off and put yourself in her shoes for a second. I don’t think she should be tweeting either, but to judge a child for making what at the end of the day is truly a minor mistake (like any of this is going to matter 1 month from now, let a lone 1 year) seems a little much. Just my opinion but I suggest you do yourself a favor and hit the unfollow button and move on from the drama.

  12. Paris’ tweets show a child already fame obsessed. Her tweeting and then deleting comments show that she had some form of regret and was trying to clean it up. Either way, why is she doing it online? She never actually said anything bad, she just kept alluding to things without mentioning names and retweeting comments made by others.

    She wasn’t protecting herself or her brothers because they weren’t in danger. Check what Katherine just said in her interview, she is livid at the accusations.

    I hope the Jacksons see Paris for what she is, a non mutha fuckin Jackson who needs to be kicked to the curb.

  13. What is Paris going through ELLA UNBRELLA? Being the daughter of a gazillionaire and living a life of privilege few children and many of the Jackson children never knew. So she didn’t speak to her grandmother for 9 days, should she have gone online and set off a firestorm of bad publicity that reportedly led to a physical confrontation between family members? That girl is bratty like everyone has said and she apologized for her ego and bad manners last night on Twitter. It is only a matter of time before Paris gets the fame she so desperately wants and when she gets it I hope she gets it good. But if she thinks she will ever reach the heights of even the bummest Jackson member she is wrong. I hope Katherine is told every single nasty retweet Paris made against her children and I hope she tells that brat to go take a long time out. I bet Katherine has no control over that girl at all. I can tell.

  14. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS POST. Janet is being made into some kind of villian and the media is eating it up. They are acting like Janet was caught on tape dangling Paris over a balcony somewhere a la Blanket. Sh*t is not right.

  15. Yes to what Ella Umbrella said.

    You mad Sista? going in on a young girl bc you’re a Janet stan? Ridiculous.

  16. My post wasn’t just about Janet, but rather the nasty things beings said about the entire family in a forum it should not be said in. If anyone is mad it is those of you crying over my article, which is nothing but factual. Rather than lie on the Jackson family or speculate, I posted only what I saw and read online from the horse’s (Paris) mouth.

    Ridiculous at you being mad because I didn’t post lies like other websites did.

    The title says “Paris Jackson Denies Being Hit by Janet,” and guess what? She did.

    This isn’t a stan post, its the type of reporting so-called legitimate websites should have done and didn’t.

  17. When this drama started I hit up Twitter to check out what all the Jacksons were saying and was shocked to see members of the family tweeting personal business online. I kept thinking why don’t they just call each other. TJ tweeting Paris when he was left in charge of her and her brothers. Was he downstairs and she upstairs? I felt the same way about Deion Sanders. That fool tweeted everything, making the situation worse than it needed to be. Paris though is obviously an out of control kid. When Janet tried to take her phone she should have given it to her. Remember when adults used to be adults and children were children? Clearly Paris thinks she is the adult. Nothing good will come of her because she is already out of control. But I admit to not giving a damn about her or her siblings. Michael was nothing but another color struck negra black male who wanted to produce only white children. Millions of dollars will fall into their hands and thus the hands of whitey. Like most black men, Michael worked through racism and bigotry only to end up giving it all back to a community that hated them. The Jacksons will never win anything related to Michael’s estate in court because the media has poisoned the public against them. Plus whitey wants to see Michael’s money end up with them and not blacks anyway. Look at the Jackson family now, they nothing but Mexicans anyway. Not a black grandchild to be found anywhere.

  18. Everyone should read Randy Jackson’s tweets. Listen to the intelligence from him, an adult.

    I would tell you to read Paris’ tweets but she delets them all.

    Janet tried to protect Paris beacuse she knows how cruel the media can be. Paris, not being a true Jackson anyway, could care less. She is a fame whore.

    Notice how her Prince Michael hasn’t said a thing on twitter.

  19. I was partially agreeing with your post until I read this line: “Expect this little brat to end up like Lindsay Lohan in 10 years.”

    I was very disappointed that you’d even include this and it honestly voided a lot of the points you made for me. So you expect her to be an alcoholic and drug addict? You expect her to endanger the welfare of others on the road? You expect her to turn into a joke and a punch line in hollywood? You expect her to be a hot mess? I can’t express the disappointment I feel that you’ve already formed this opinion regarding a 14 year old girl. Is she acting too grown for her age? Yes! Would my mother stand for this type of behavior? No! However, she is an overly emotional 14 year old and it is not unusual for kids to lash out when they think they’ve been wronged, especially in today’s society. It is not an indication, at least for the time being, that she’s going to be a Lindsay Lohan.

    Truthfully, her being in the spotlight is part of her relative’s doing. This article seems to shift all of the blame onto this 14 year old girl when it was her aunts, grandmother, and uncles who allowed her onto social media and into the hollywood lifestyle. Those kids would’ve never made appearances on the Grammys, award shows and such if their father had been alive.

    Furthermore, while you’re condemning Paris for putting her business out there on twitter, why aren’t you giving the same regard to Michael’s siblings, who are all over TV giving interviews? The media is not their friend and yet, they are running to the media in an effort to get their side of the story out there?

    The truth of the matter is that while Michael’s siblings stood by him through thick and thin, they also caused him a great deal of grief and he caused them a lot of grief. To basically put up an entire article highlighting the faults of a 14 year old while leaving out the faults of the adults makes some of your points fall short, IMO.

    Like I said, this is a matter between adults and Paris is acting beyond her years and not in a positive manner either. I do believe that she should stop encouraging MJ stans by tweeting disrespectful and crazy things about his siblings. However, his siblings also need to realize that this ought to be a family matter and they should not be conducting interviews unless they’ve reached a decision that is beneficial and agreeable to all sides.

  20. @Linzay

    Being the daughter of a gazillionare and living a privileged life does not mean that she doesn’t have problems. For starters, her father is dead and she lost him at the young age of 11. That’s enough trauma for grown people, let alone a 14 year old girl. She also had to change her lifestyle from the seclusion that she was accustomed to and once again, that can lead to several issues for a teen.

    Like I’ve stated, I think Paris is acting too grown and she does need to stop tweeting; however, just because you think she’s privileged doesn’t mean that she’s not going through a rough time. Ever noticed that some of the richest people are the most unhappy?

    It also doesn’t help that the family can’t or won’t come together for the sake of creating peace. I just wish they’d all stop tweeting, talking to the press and doing interviews until they’ve resolved their issues.

  21. I didn’t say Paris was going to do everything Lohan has done, move for move. But, yes, I see drugs, drama and confusion in her future. She appears to love the limelight and is seeking it out actually. I don’t care how she feels and what drama you all claim she is going through, at best all she said was she hadn’t spoken to her grandmother in 9 days. What drama is that? There is no excuse for her behavior after that and I think those of you who take issue do so because her tweets have since been removed, a sign of regret as another poster said above. But guess what? Had she done what Auntie Janet told her to there wouldn’t have been anything to regret. Her tweets set a lot of this drama into motion and has brought harm to the Jackson family, her family. So yeah, watch her future, it won’t be pretty and guess who she will most likely come running back to? The very family she spent the last few days attacking for apparently no good reason.

  22. @Sista,

    Like I said, it is irresponsible and downright sad that you would put such harsh predictions onto a 14 year old. The truth of the matter is that, she’s no different from the millions of 14 year olds out there who lash out at their parents and relatives via twitter and other forms of social media. They grow up and they change. You may very well be right, but at least wait until she has matured a bit until you make such strong correlations between a 14 year old tweeting private matters and drugs.

    Secondly, I’m still not understanding why you are not going in just as hard on the adults. Why was Katherine whisked away by her other children without telling the kids first? Why did she not contact them for 9 days when she is, well at the time, their legal guardian?

    The Jackon’s are always involved in some drama, with or without the aid of Paris. You are also acting like the Jackson family haven’t brought tons of harm to each other and don’t air out their dirty laundry to the whole world. Something happens and Jermaine and Randy are sitting on my TV screen/radio the very next day instead of dealing with the matter privately. Attacking each other is nothing new for them and unfortunately, I doubt that it will end with Paris.

    The article is biased, and I must partially agree with the poster who said it has to do with your fondness of Janet. Paris’ actions have brought negative attention to Janet, especially from MJ stans, and I think that irks you. It irks me too that this drama has become such a public spectacle. However, lets not pretend like the adults in this matter are pristine either. The adults are obviously very divided and are allowing this to affect the children.

    I firmly believe that Paris is acting too grown, but I think another Jackson adult is heavily influencing her and putting things in her ear and to me, that should not and cannot be ignored.

    This would have been such a better article had you express the same disappointment in regards to the adults and their behavior. Weren’t cops called to the house because of fighting amongst the siblings?

  23. This whole saga is just a mess. The family needs to have a sit-down and hash this all out with an impartial mediator and they need to do this behind-the-scenes. No one should want their family business “spilled like tea” in a gossip-arena for the masses to consume. They (the family and the courts) need to do right by these kids as Michael wanted. Sigh, I don’t know…

  24. Lots of comments being shared here but at the end of the day four things stand out:

    1. This is another example how dangerous putting personal business or comments out on Twitter can be.

    2. MJ was not broke folks! Yes, he had debts that he didn’t pay but that was cleared when he sold back the masters to the Beetles; which he made hundreds of millions on. Plus, his estate has made almost a billion dollars since his death in various marketing ventures.

    3. The real mystery here is why did TJ get custody of the kids? Are Rebbie, Jackie, or Janet (who has had a great history of cleaning up family issues, i.e. Latoya and MJ) not trusted to keep things in order?

    4. Speaking of custody, Diana Ross was next in line to handle MJ’s business in case something happened to Katherine. Where the hell is she in all of this??

    This is just a big MESS !!!!

  25. I’m not a child and my “fondness” for Janet has nothing to do with Paris’ behavior on Twitter. Michael’s fans have always hated Janet and the whole Jackson family, except the mother. The blame everyone for Michael’s problems except Michael. Some of you I think are so young, you lack the basic understanding of not putting family business into the street.

    And please stop talking to me like I am some teenager stanning for my idol, ala “The Beliebers.” I am a grown woman, long past those days of foolishness. I have an opinion… just like you all do… and oh yeah, my opinion is right 😆

  26. @sista,

    I think we are just going to have to agree to disagree. I just felt like this article should have called out the entire clan for putting out their business, not just Paris because Randy and Jermaine have done interviews and Marlon has also been tweeting about the situation. I hope your opinion is not right; I’d hate to see Paris end up like Lindsay Lohan or Amy Winehouse.

    I will say this though, I’m glad Latoya is staying out of the drama for once.

  27. I think the behavior of some of the adults is just as questionable. They all need to get off Twitter, but at least none of the adult Jacksons have taken the vicious stance Paris has and none of them have deleted their comments.

    Paris is a child and needs to be controlled… point, blank, period.

    Katherine Jackson spoke last night and said it all. But the media didn’t like what she said so they claimed she was “drugged up” by her family.

    The media hates the Jacksons and always have. They aren’t going to be truthful or non biased. Look at TMZ and the web of lies they post every 5 minutes. Have any of you taken issue with them? Nope.

    They tell you Janet… Janet, someone who has never been involved with Jackson drama, slapped her niece and you all believe it. They tell you she wants Michael’s money and you believe it. You all just turn on the Jacksons as if you know for fact they have done something wrong.

    Again, the tweets and deletes by these children is causing all sorts of lies and speculation and if they would stop this family could privately handle their business.

    But like someone above said, these kids aren’t Jacksons so they have no family loyalty.

    There has been no abuse, TJ was in charge of them, so why all the damn crying online?

    Lastly, Janet is the last Jackson who has anything of a career left, even after almost a decade or being banned on American radio. Are we shocked they are after her now more than ever.

    I am not stupid. I can see, a lot better than many of you. I just don’t fall hook, line and sinker for what the media tells me.

    Janet isn’t even shown hitting Paris, but did that stop the lie? No. Speak on that.

    The media tells you Michael hated his family, but who was by his side when trouble hit?

    The Jacksons who don’t contest the will will be saints, while those who fight to keep Michael’s money in the family, will be vilified.

    In five years I bet that Beatles Catalogue will be gone, just as another poster said.

    Yes, this is about money, but not on the Jackson’s end.


  28. Did anyone peep the so called damaging text Prince Michael supposedly posted last night? The one that is now gone. Before last night Prince Michael had not uttered a word, now he seems to be as tweet happy as his sister and like her seems to delete the message as soon as it has served its purpose. These children are being manipulated. They are not smart. They didn’t have a stitch of freedom until three years ago and are not schooled in the ways of the world.

    I agree with Sista. These children will be nutcases in a few years. Katherine should not seek to regain custody and Janet and any other members of the family who are being spoken against should wash their hands of the situation.

    Let Michael’s money fall to swine like he did.

  29. I can’t say I agree on this post. Yes Paris is out there spilling the family tea, but so are her GROWN uncles & cousins. Let’s not forget that the child did lose her father @ a young age & well she is more than likely still dealing with that. YES the family was “untied” & strong thru out Michael’s passing, but as we all know that doesn’t really mean much. Many times family is there to have our backs & then in a blink of an eye they are stabbing us in the back. So what if they are “Jacksons”, they are still ppl in a family & like most have problems. NO none of us REALLY know what’s going on, but something in the milk isn’t clean.

    So many questions & a lot of half a$$ answers if you ask me. Why was the cousin TJ given custody? Why was one of the brothers(Marlon or Randy, not sure) on the “Insider” saying that he too hadn’t talked to his mother in days & was pretty much getting the run around on the issue. Not to mention he started crying. That gives some backing to what Paris has been saying & now the brother Prince is speaking. I am telling you something is NOT right. I bet my bottom dollar that there’s some truth to what Mike’s kids are saying. Maybe not a whole lot, but like they say when there’s smoke there usually is a fire.

  30. What happened to simply controlling your children? Adults are adults and kids are kids. Yes, I’m sure we all acted up at some point during childhood but how many of us are famous enough that a tweet becomes worldwide news? Exactly, so for someone to go from no social media life to accounts on every social outlet at the hyper-reactive age of 14 is still not an excuse. When the adults take responsibility for their children you won’t see all this. The elder Jacksons, as adults, can do as they please, they’re grown…the children are not. You can’t act any way you want simply because you aren’t getting what you want…that’s called immaturity. How many of you guys have ever threatened to run away? Or call 411-kids on your parents? Now how many actually did? Right, silence is deafening. When any adult checked me as a child I was checked, that’s how I was raised. No questions, no back talk, do it and say what you want under your breath. LOL

  31. I disagree, G. My parents checked me too, all the time in fact for my foolishness growing up, and I said all kinds of nasty about them under my breath too. I love them to death but when they were hypocritical, my respect for them went out the window. I will never support the “Do what I say, not what I do” mentality of raising children. You want to your children to be good children? Then be good parents. If the older family members are acting foolish do you expect the children to behave well, just because the adults tell them to do so? Of course not, and I think expecting them to is ridiculous. Again I don’t condone Paris for her behavior, but if we’re going to start pointing fingers at a clearly troubled child for mouthing off on Twitter, you gotta point fingers at the clearly troubled adults raising her and mouthing off on the Insider. It’s the exact same behavior, only the adults are hashing it out old school on TV instead of on Twitter. Being grown does not give you the excuse or the right to act like a fool, IMO. RIP MJ. May God watch over your children and protect them.

  32. @Ella. I’m not pointing a sole finger at Paris. The adults were at fault too for getting on the news. I didn’t see Janet on the news speaking out or on Twitter going back and forth. If Paris was super concerned about her Grandmother’s whereabouts why wouldn’t she have eventually called the police? It got to day 8 or 9 and she tweeted? Makes no sense to me. My grandparents watched me over the summer breaks from school. Had either one of them came up missing/unreachable longer than 24hr I would’ve called the police unless there was another adult in the house, which clearly with TJ getting temporary custody, was the case. How come they never acted out like this with Michael? I’m sure Mike said, “don’t do drugs.” That’s not hypocritical?

  33. Great exchange!

    There’s so much hatred or glee to see Janet on this side of Jackson drama. But, the truth always finds its way out of the dark. “They”…Paris included, wants Janet destroyed by public opinion. But, fortunately, Janet isn’t trying to sell an upcoming album, has her own money and can tour overseas and continue to make money. Her interview, “Janet Breaks Her Silence” will be a ratings bonanza for Oprah or Anderson Cooper. She’ll go back to her Billionaire boyfriend and live her life. She will challenge the executors of MJ’s estate where her mother is concerned. MJ siblings will go on, Katherine will get shared custody (I pray).

    Paris will continue to emulate the girl from the show “Revenge” on ABC and increase her followers. If her ways don’t change, she will experience the Karma of deception. Yes, she’s a child, but like rebellious youth in my own family or yours, eventually, people see the truth when parents or caretakers and situations are exploited. There were so schemes going on, but Paris is milking it and deliberately attempting to destroy whomever she can!

  34. @G why would the 14 year old be the one calling the one calling the police when she has 7 aunts and uncles and dozens of older cousins and an older brother who should have been the one to make the call. It’s not about that. What do you do when you are angry, frustrated, (likely) deceived by people you love who have more say than you do? You lash out, and that’s what she did. Is it juvenile, thoughtless, impulsive? For sure. Maybe she never lashed out when she was living with her father because she never had a reason to. It’s not just about whether or not Michael would have allowed her to, it’s about the reasons behind why she did it in the first place. But for people to act like what she did can equate to the behavior of a drug addict — who by the way was a very beautiful, talented, up-and-coming young woman who also comes from an extremely turbulent family with terrible role models of parents basically equivalent to the Jackson family drama– is not justified to me. No one is allowed to label a child like that in my book. And to accuse her of chasing fame or deliberately scheming and “milking” her moment when the one person her only parent entrusted her to disappears is words I won’t say on this forum.

    And another thing. I’m sure Michael probably told his kids never to do drugs. Does it make him a hypocrite? Yes it does. But I’ll straight out say it. Michael is no saint in my book. He’s a human being unworthy of worship like every other human being on this planet. I’ve loved Michael since I first laid eyes on him and I wept for days after he passed but I will not handwave his foolishness. It cost him his wealth, it cost him his happiness, it cost him his career, it cost him his children’s stability, and it cost him his life. I’m not a better person than he is, in no way, shape or form, but for people to stan for him the way they do makes no sense to me.

    Likewise, the way people stan for Janet to the point of senselessness is crazy too. You don’t know her. As much as you may think you do because you like the way she acts in front of a camera, you don’t know her. Just because she’s not mouthing off to the press or the public doesn’t make her innocent — it makes her quiet. I’m not accusing her of anything, so slow your roll. And I’m not a Michael fan who hates her (I don’t know why any Michael fan would hate her — I personally love her music and her style) but I’m not going to sit here and sanctify her either. I don’t know her, and neither do the rest of you all acting like Janet is the wronged party (not the children who are clearly lacking a good role model in the midst of this insanity). But you know what? I’m going to guess Paris Jackson knows her a lot better than any of us do. There’s a reason Michael entrusted those children to his mother, so just accept it. Again, not slighting Janet. Just stating the obvious.

  35. @Ella Bottom line, life is different for these kids. They are part of one of the most well-known musical dynasties ever. That makes anything they say, write, or do important. Important in the sense that the tabloids, blogs, and national (international) news syndicates will give it instant access to millions of people. Raised in this type of environment your upbringing is radically different from those of us that are not celebrities. A tweet, leaked security tape, Facebook update wouldn’t travel past our immediate social circles, whereas there’s would move way beyond.

    I never said she would turn out like all the other burnt out young stars. What Paris’ future holds I don’t know. I’m not a super stan that only sees the greatness a celebrity has done. It seems super fishy that Janet, of all the siblings is portrayed as this spider spinning webs of deceit. When has she ever used her NAME to get something? Or attached herself to Mike to achieve? Had she not just come off a successful tour I would question her motives, as far as the estate is concerned. Katherine is in her mid-eighties, the executor of a billion dollar estate, and solely responsible for three adolescents. Does anyone else feel that she’s totally up to this challenge?

  36. @July 25, 2012 at 4:13 pm all debit has been cleared , that what the fight is about.

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