Paris Jackson Tried to Kill Herself


So, as I am sure you guys have heard by now- Paris Jackson, the late Michael Jackson’s 15-year old daughter, has apparently tried to kill herself.

According to published reports, an ambulance was called to the Jackson home at about 2am and Paris was taken away after having either taken an overdose of pills or cutting her wrists. We don’t really know at this point.

Katherine Jackson, who shares custody of Paris with nephew TJ, asked for privacy via her attorney, saying “Being a sensitive 15 year old is difficult no matter who you are. It is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you. Paris is physically fine and is getting appropriate medical attention. Please respect her privacy and the family’s privacy,”

Debbie Rowe, Paris’ biological mother, also released a statement via her attorney, essentially saying the same thing. Paris had recently made contact with her mother and the two were reportedly getting to know each other.

The last time I wrote about Paris on this site, I predicted things would not go well for her. Earlier this year when she took to Twitter to disparage her family, I saw the writing on the wall. Paris has no parental supervision and has been allowed to run wild online… and probably off. I doubt anyone says no to this child.

Paris needs boundaries. No more Twitter. No more Instagram. No more interviews and no more contact with the media or various other strangers online. This suicide attempt is a plea for attention. Get this child in check now or make no mistake about it, just as I predicted, the world will have another Lindsay Lohan on their hands. If Paris is trying to commit suicide at 15, drugs can’t be far off.

Mark my words.


  1. Sounds to me like you don’t believe her suicide attempt was real Sista.

  2. I don’t. I just know better.
    This girl wants attention. She’s been tweeting for attention for days now trying to get people upset. No one has been talking about her. She’s addicted to fame and attention and she wants more of it and will do anything to get it.
    Mark my words; her ass is sitting in a hospital bed somewhere reading everything that’s being said about her.
    I guarantee within the next month she’ll be giving interviews again.

  3. This 15 year old just attempted to kill herself and you decided to make a post to rip into her and pretty much call her an attention wh@re who will end up on drugs in the near future? Wow

    You seem to have a personal vendetta against this kid and quite frankly, I find it strange. I’m not her biggest fan and think she should stay away from the media. However, with pics floating around of cut marks, I will just wish her the best.

    I find this post extremely disappointing, especially coming from you. Just wish her the best and hope she pulls away from her demons.

    There’s no need to rip into her some more while she’s down.

  4. @SISTA I said the same exact thing…she now craves the limelight and any attention beats no attention

  5. I agree with SISTA. I know a few people in high school who tried this for attention as well. So it is a possibility. When I read the post I felt like SISTA’s post was for her guardians not Paris.

  6. This girl ain’t suffering. Paris has played the media beautifully since her father’s passing. This victim as so many of you want to portray her admitted on Ellen that she attempted to fake cry at her father’s funeral and that she’d been fake crying for years because she was interested in acting. This girl has sought the limelight. She became instantly famously with Mike’s passing and she has enjoyed every minute of it. Some of us can see through her act and refuse to blame the Jackson’s who I personally believed have tried to do all they can to love and comfort her. The Jackson family have about 70 or so kids who are all sane and rational. The media loves bashing them but hey, they did the same to Mike when he was alive.

    Paris wants attention and she craves the adoration of the public. She pulled this stunt to get her name back in the papers. I think she has learned the best way to get attention is to bash her family or do something that will get her sympathy.

  7. Some of you all are so cold, it’s pathetic.
    I agree with WOHOO. Disappointing doesn’t even begin to touch the surface of how nasty and self righteous this post is.

  8. Dana, the fact that you’re coming for a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD girl and acting as though you have a front row seat into the inner workings of her life, WHILE removing all blame from everyone around her is abominable. What do you know about the Jackson clan, really? Who are you to say what goes on behind closed doors?

    I pose that question to you as well, “Brownsista”. We’re all entitled to our opinions, but I believe you crossed the line here. No matter how many tweets, news reports, etc, that are posted about this girl, You have NO idea how Paris Jackson truly feels about herself. You have NO idea how her family behaves behind closed doors (although their track record gives us an idea that sways toward negative territory). You have NO idea how she’ll turn out in the future. To write her off like that is unfair, irresponsible and disgusting.

    I don’t keep up with the Jackson’s. I’m too young to know their history, and I don’t really care tbh. I forget that MJ had kids. However, no matter what her motives were, this girl is hurting. She’s young, and she’s hurting. Have some tact, drop the stones. I’m not much older than her, so I empathize. I may not agree with her methods and I may not have lived a life as bizarre as hers, but I empathize because she’s a person, period.

  9. AND the “she’s addicted to fame” argument is just…nvm.

  10. @UM,

    Excellent posts. This site doesn’t seem to do stories about Paris unless they want to call her out and predict her future for her.

    This girl has been cutting herself. Whether or not she’s doing it for attention is irrelevant, she still has some major issues and demons chasing her. Instead wishing her well and sending prayers her way, this site decides to provide a forum for people to bash her even though it readily admits that public opinion affects her.

    Disappointing doesn’t even begin to describe the things I’m reading on this site. I hope if you have children or family who go through something like this, I hope people are kind, sympathetic, and understanding towards them. I hope they don’t act towards your family the way you are acting towards this child.

    I will conclude with this: I hope she stays away from the media and I hope she gets well soon and gets the help that she needs because as much as people want to like she doesn’t deserve help, she clearly needs it.

  11. White girls cut themselves for attention. Ish is so lame.

  12. I thought it was a cry for attention. While I do empathize (her loss), I know this is what teens go through, not all, but many experience growing pains, fitting in, finding their place in their universe (rich or poor). According to an adolescence psych class I took, affluent teens experience more problems with drugs and esteem. Goldie Hawn stated what she went through with her kids and why she moved to Canada to raise their last kid in the nest. She said they (rich kids) struggle with “how am I going to top or live up to what my parents did.” Of course, she’s still mourning her dad’s early and shocking departure. As she gets older, she’ll realize that she was given a mighty powerful platform (MJ’s daughter), one of the reasons I believe fame exists.

    White blogs are blaming the Jacksons and MJ’s dysfunction, while her teen needs, wants and angst is pretty typical across all socioeconomic lines. I work with teens; this is the age of confusion, anxiety and rebellion, as many parents will attest. Self-esteem for young girls and women doesn’t come cheap and can take a lifespan to conquer. Granted it’s more difficult when you live and blunder under a microscope, but there are also opportunities and perks others won’t get no matter how hard they work in life. Fame addiction is real, celebrity is becoming a dis-ease. Today’s teens see how they can gain or maintain instant fame as personalities, socialites and reality TV stars, but they have no idea how difficult and strategic it is to keep the spin going. It takes time to build a celebrated career. Paris is crying out for help on many levels! I’m sure she’ll be sitting down with Oprah soon…

  13. This is what Paris wanted, for the Jackson’s to be seen as the bad guys and she as some sweet little innocent victim.

    Do any of you read that girl’s Twitter timeline? That girl has a nasty attitude and yes, she craves the limelight and the fame that comes from being Michael’s daughter.

    Prince on the other hand is just the opposite. He seems so much more grounded and far less media hungry despite his work as a journalist.

    I think he just wanted to work while Paris wanted the fame.

    I am glad not every blog is playing the blame the Jacksons game. Like someone said above, the Jacksons have raised dozens of kids and grand kids with no issues at all.

    Keep telling the truth and shaming the devil Sista. The Jackson family doesn’t deserve to continuously be dragged thru the mud by the media and and now this outsider.

    She ain’t no real Jackson anyway.

  14. Dang that is kind of harsh and judgemental. Reminds me of a relative of one of my friends who got pregnant at a young age, her aunt used say, “See I told you she was “fast” and hot in the pants. Done gone and got herself pregnant she is not going to amount to anything” Needless to say my friend got married to her child’s father and they are both in the military doing fine and just bought a house. Maybe Sista’s speculations are true and Paris is really seeking attention or need boundaries (something is obviously wrong here). I think it rubs people the wrong way when folks start predicting what going happen… when they don’t really know for sure what is going on. Especially when its a child

  15. Don’t care what the facts state, she is still a child and if this girl is starving for this much attention, something is most definitely wrong. Too often do spoiled kids cry out for attention and no one wants to help them because they think that these kids are living the life of everyone’s dreams and that these kids don’t need any type of help at all since they are well taken care of. Deep down inside they don’t know who to turn to for help because no one takes them seriously, laughs at them, and calls them names. Depression is not a joke if this child is going through that. This child is 15. She’s not 21+. She’s not an adult acting like a child. She is a child acting like a child who clearly needs help.

  16. I hope she gets the help and attention she needs. I have been there myself when I was a teen, so I’m not going to criticize her. She must be going through something really bad to hurt herself like this.

    However, since she blasted her ‘family’ on twitter, I feel a certain way about her too and I can tell the aunts especially Janet have distanced themselves away from her and her brothers. She has no adult female guardian in her life besides her grandmother, who is too old to deal with teen problems, so she forged a relationship with her ‘mother’ who basically sold her for million 15 years ago.

    From their legal issues, to MJ being accused of Sexual abuse AGAIN, their weird family dynamics and probably many other problems we don’t know of I’m not surprised, the child have too much on her plate.

    I hope her brother help her too. He seems to be the smart, level-headed, less fame seeking one.

  17. Say what you want about Mike, but, when he was alive he monitored these children very closely. The media, basically, had NO access to them at all. I don`t know what`s going on with Paris, so I won`t speculate, and I sure as hell won`t take the media`s word. But, I will say none of us know what goes on behind close doors or what a person may be going through. And how many of us TRULY know a person in the DEEPEST way? And I pose that question in reference to the people that we engage and have relationships with on an everyday basis?

    I`ll even go so far as to say that, not even our family members know who we TRULY are because we have many secrets/demons that are our own. We are all conflicted beings as, both, our good/evil principles attest to. We, all, have many faces. This is even referred to in the bible on more than one occasion. It`s first mentioned in Genesis when Elohim addressed the other Gods after Adam and Eve fell when he stated, quote, “The man has become like one of us to know good and evil.” Here, God is stating that he too has an evil principle if we can grasp that. And the apostle Paul stated, quote, “when I want to do good evil is always present. This is a fundamental truth that we all face, the battle of good and evil.

    I`ll end on this note. If Paris is going through some sort of emotional rollercoaster then I hope she gets the adequate help she needs. But then, as conflicted as we ALL are, where does this help, that we speak of, truly lie??

    MJ & The GOLDEN 80s 4eva!!


  18. Everyone is providing their perspective on this situation but let’s take the time to at least agree this is yet another example of what happens when we do not build the foundation of purpose in a kid’s life. She may be doing this for attention or because she really has emotional stuff going on, but in the end the kid is lost and lacks direction. Our kids today seem to lack purpose, goals, and vision; and we see the results through their bad conduct, crimes and self inflicting acts they commit. Let’s just hope the kid gets back on track and moves on to doing positive things in life.

  19. My heart goes out to Paris. You don’t cut yourself and swallow 20 ibuprofen pills just for fun or manipulation. That much ibuprofen will shut down your kidneys and kill you.

    What teen hasn’t blasted their parents to their friends? What teen hasn’t thrown a fit when they were told they can’t go to a party or a concert. Who hasn’t taken self portraits or recorded videos of themselves talking or singing or laughing about something stupid just so they can hear their own voice. What teen hasn’t lost their father, one of the most famous people in the entire world, and were instantly thrust into the spotlight with a family they weren’t even that close to to begin with. Not a lot of teens, I’ll tell you that.

    You can stalk every tweet she posts, read up on the latest Jackson family drama, or analyze every interview or mannerism, but the fact is none of us, not one of knows what’s really going on. This girl needs help. Show some compassion and mercy instead of judgment and hatred towards a child you don’t even know let alone even understand.

  20. We all blast our family members on social media, but our name is not Paris Jackson. Paris knows she is not a normal teenager, the whole world is watching her every move. She is smart (very smart) and she used it against her family members.

    Paris is not adult she is a child and when Aunty Janet asked for the phone, she should have hand it over. She was fully aware of the lashing her ‘family’ was getting in media at the time but kept on tweeting.

    Janet was dragged through the media after Paris fit on twitter to the point where her reputation was almost Damaged.

    Paris is obviously going through something and she needs help, but that does not mean I am not going to say what I think of her CHARACTER, she is 15, not 5.
    And I think Catherine is too old to be rising those kids.

  21. Co-signs every G O D D A M N word of Eva’s comment.

  22. Eva, thank you! I was surprised that TMZ posted alleged comments the cops or paramedics said about Paris seeking “attention”…what gets me about this whole Paris saga, is that when “hard knock” kids from the hood have emotional issues, depression, suicide thoughts or attempts, in and out of the system or residential treatment programs because they were unfortunate to have had jacked up parents or mental illness in the family, we counsel them, scold and expect them to move on with their lives and get through and over their angst. We have high expectations regardless of their violations because it’s the only way to survive life’s harsh twists and turns. I don’t think that because people have money or prominence, they don’t have problems or shouldn’t receive compassion, but “fame” is the drug of choice and the commodity the masses want or worship. Help is available and if received, Paris will be just fine!

  23. The child needs help. It is not her fault if boundaries are not being set. How do we know that she isn’t still grieving over her father? This could be for attention and some suicide attempts are but what if it escalates later. In any case she is a child and she needs structure and prayers. She does not need to be put on blast like she is an adult. She is a child still finding her way through life. She can be saved. She is not a lost cause.

  24. I’m assuming Paris is an “honorary” brownsista because we all know there ain’t a drop of brown in her blood.

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