Parlux Debuts Reb’l Fleur Fragrance

The TFWA World Exhibition went down in Cannes France earlier this week, and Parlux, the company behind Rihanna’s new Reb’l Fleur fragrance, unveiled the singer’s new scent and its packaging. The fragrance is said to be an intense and daring fruity chypre, consisting of sophisticated floral notes of tuberose, violet, hibiscus coconut water. The designers of the fragrance, Caroline Sabas and Marypierre Julien, said the scent was truly meant to be a reflection of Rihanna and her Barbados roots.

As for the bottle, a company spokesperson called it “daring,” noting that the bottle glowed from within and was co-designed by Rihanna herself. It is shaped like a high heel and is adorned with silken ribbons and a golden ring on the stopper.

Parlux says Reb’l Fleur will debut in the U.S. in the early part of 2011, with the international roll-out to follow shortly thereafter.


  1. For some reason the bottle, the layers of color inside make me think of ice cream. 😐 Maybe I’m just craving ice cream. Neopolitan. LOL. Good luck to her with this fragrance. She should get the tat on her neck lanced and re-written to match this signature

  2. the fact that it may have coconut scent in it grabs me I’ll have to check it out, I have never bought a celebrity fragrance before this MIGHT be the first..we’ll see…………….

  3. The bottle looks like one of those bottles that have the lava liquid or color water in a bag floating in it. You know the ones people used to look at when they got high or something!

    It’s not cute at all, and who can carry this around in their purse?

    Way to big and odd shaped..

  4. Bored you might just be the only person that carries a BOTTLE of perfume in their purse. Stop being negative. I’m sure they’ll come out with roller balls or the mini sprays that are MEANT to be carried in your purse.

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