Paul Ryan’s Black Ex-Girlfriend

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  1. That it does matter for the same reason the media & Obama played down his relationships with white women back in ’08. The media was QUICK to drag every single woman Herman Caine looked at out the woodworks, but Obama? crickets. Ryan. absolute silence. Hell, the media tried hard to paint Sarah Palin as the type of white woman who likes to “try” black men when her relationship with that black athlete came to light, and let us not forget that a smear campaign against Harold Ford Jr was crowed by his “predilection” for white women (I’ll throw in the attempted media onslaught against Allan West when he and a white female Democrat tangled words, and they’re trying to paint him as a white woman bully). RACE in politics matters greatly because it’s always used to divide and conquer for votes, and with Romney, Ryan, and the GOP being painted as the party for rich white men, the fact that Ryan dated a black woman in college AND has a black sister-in-law is putting everyone in a tizzy because they can’t place him in the box they constructed for him because of how he looks and his political party. I just find it soooo interesting that black folks are downplaying this when if the shoe were on the other foot–aka a black male candidate with a white wife–pitchforks would be out.

  2. I don’t know what Paul Ryan’s personal feelings are towards blacks, what I do know is what I have said online today via several other websites…. Dating or sleeping with someone of another race does not mean you are not or cannot be a bigot.

    White slave owners routinely raped their slaves, all while claiming they were animals. Imagine being so sexually deviant you would sleep with what you consider an animal.

    As for today, many black men, and I know plenty of them, have harsh feelings towards white men, Asian men and latino men, yet wouldn’t hesitate to bed the women.

    For many people, bigotry ends at the bedroom… at lest temporarily.

  3. White male Republicans love stories like this because they believe it proves a lack of bigotry. I too perused quite a few right wing forums earlier this week and you would be shocked at how popular black women were all of sudden. Forums usually full of visceral “welfare queen” and “baby mama” hate were full of white males speaking of their supposed attraction to black females. Attractions we know they keep well hidden from their white wives and the public at large. White men crossing over for a dalliance is nothing new.

    As for the CNN reporter, no doubt he thinks he can bring a few black female voters to the dark side by posting news I am sure Ryan would have preferred to keep secret. This won’t hurt him with the white males, but white females are somewhere rolling their eyes right now. 😆

  4. I would vote for a Republican with a black wife before I would vote for a Democrat with a white wife. Who a man lays his head down next to at night is where is priorities are, that is why I am pro Obama and the SISTA on his arm. Had Obama married white I don’t care what his politics were, he would not have gotten my vote.

  5. @Brtiney_Bitches,

    Are you serious? Your statement is exactly why we have so many f___ked up people in the government. So now the race of the wife is more important than his qualifications for the job? We are now voting for politicians based on the race of their spouses and not on the basis of their politics? And we continue to wonder why this country continues to sink deeper and deeper into a hole…smh

  6. Dating or sleeping with someone of another race does not mean you are not or cannot be a bigot.


  7. I agree with Wohoo. @Britney_Bitches you can not be serious if you base who you are going to vote on the race of a politicians wife we as a people are in serious trouble. The race of someone’s spouse does not necessarily say they are not a racist. I know first hand. Please think and make sure you are saying is common sense before you speak. And as black women lets make sure we do not allow ourselves to be used for “others” to gain brownie points.

  8. (correction) *what you are saying is common sense before you speak.

  9. Black women they are trying to garner votes from you. They pay attention to black media that spouts interracial stories and how black women desire white men! I wouldn’t be surprised if she was getting paid for this. But, don’t be fooled by this.

  10. When did black women start desiring and stuttin’ for white men? We aren’t black men, who will sell their souls to the devil just to be with the devil. Yes I here more about black women swirling but the average black woman is mentally a long way from jumping on that train. White people know black men but they don’t know us at all. Dating a sista is not going to get our vote, especially when the opponent is a black man with a black wife. Plus nobody can find this mystery black woman, mostly likely because she doesn not really exist. Ryan’s college pals say they don’t remember him ever dating a black woman. Yes the republicans will do anything to get a slice of the black vote but this sure isn’t the way to do it.

  11. I think this story is a BIG LIE and that the Republicans will say anything at this point and do anything. They are desperate and it shows. I’m not going to state my opinion about this FAKE STORY because it is just that FICTION

  12. Still waiting for the Black woman to come forward and admit out loud to ever having allowed herself to be touched by Paul Ryan. Ugh!

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