Paula Patton Cast in Sparkle Remake

While speaking earlier today at the American Black Film Festival, actress Paula Patton revealed to the crowd that she has been offered a role in the Brock and Salim Akil (The Game, Girlfriends) remake of the classic 1976 film “Sparkle.”

Paula did not confirm which role she might play in the film or even if she had signed on. What she did confirm however is that producers specifically had her in mind from the beginning.

So which role might Paula play? I put my money on the part of Sista. Despite the film being named after the lead character Sparkle, it is the role of Sista that is the most memorable and clearly the most pivotal to cast.

Personally Paula never crossed my mind. I assumed they would look to cast people who were relatively young and able to pass as school age kids. Clearly the Akil’s are not going to remake “Sparkle” to the letter or else a near 40 year old Patton would not have been chosen.

Despite her age however, I like the casting of Patton and look forward to seeing who is offered the part of Stix and Sparkle.

I have $5 that says Terrence Howard will play Stix.


  1. Hmmmm I don’t know who she would play., idk….I’m sorry to mention the B word, but I thought they would go after Beyonce for this, but i’m glad she isn’t. She is doing A Star Is Born with Leo DiCaprio.

    My dream cast would be Raven Symone as sparkle, Alicia Keys as Sister and Naturi Naughton as the other sister.

    But i’m happy she is getting noticed and getting work.

  2. Glad they didn’t get Beyonce too. There are other actresses just as, if not more capabel for even these type movie roles. Happy for Paula either way. Hate that Hollywood again is on the remake bandwagon with ALL these fiilms and castings.

  3. LMAO I think it is a mistake to try and color cast this film which it seems you and the producers are doing and I had a feeling would happen.

    We don’t have to match the complexion of the original cast members. Hollywood should just look for the best people but I always knew that would not happen.

    I would not cast Raven, Alicia or Naturi. I would seek an unknown group of actresses who can actually sing the songs rather than go after singers who are already well known but not maybe the best option.

  4. @Ranjay
    I just realized I did that. But honestly I thought Raven would be good as sparkle, she can sing, beautiful and I think she can pull it off.


  6. Enough with the remakes, I like Paula but I have yet to see her in a challenging role

  7. they can’t remake lady sings the blues. noone can pull a diana ross but diana ross, and what black actor can be bill d. williams, or a richard pyror? raw talent hollywood is missing.

  8. Yea, I wouldn’t cast anyone. Enough is enough with the remakes. =/

  9. I can kind of see her pulling it off. Guess we will have to wait and see. At least they didn’t pick Beyonce. I would prefer to see some new upcoming black actors, but whatever. Typical hollywood for a *black* film..

  10. I don’t want this movie touched however this is what my cast would look like….

    Sister- Lonette Mcgee she owned that role. Period. No one can replace her.
    Sparkle- Jurnee Smollet can she sing?
    The other sister- Michelle Williams she’s used to being ignored.

    Tyrese-Satin I know he would be perfect for this role.
    Usher- Stix
    Levi- Neyo

  11. Wow…I hope you are right about Terrance Howard Playing Stix…he would be perfect!

  12. @ Amour I see you know all the names

    I don’t know…I agree with the person that said enough with the remixes….We Want The Girlfriends Movie!

    Since you mentioned her age I would guess she would play the older sister….It would be nice to see some younger ladeis get oppurtunities too…Like Raven, Rihanna, and Kelly Rowland

    Terrance Howard and Jamie Foxx don’t need to show up everywhere…next! Why not Hosea or Lloyd (he looks like Phillip M. Thomas)

  13. and another thing it would be hot if they just flipped the whole color thing…that might be hot…I don’t want to see the same script of the orginal. I think that’s silly. The brotha that beat the mess out of the oldest sister should be a Boris type. That movie was made at a time when people expected the dark skin person to always play the bad guy…they should correct that…my thoughts Cause Chris Brown and OJ are not dark…hello

  14. No Terrance Howard – but Paula is a great choice. I think she could pass for a 20 year old if she wanted to. I love Naturi though she would be great. I prefer actors over singer-actors.

  15. I know the shouldn’t be touched i cant wait to see who they cast

  16. Has anyone considered Fantasia!!! She would do wonderful playing the lead in Sparkle. Whats all this talk about Paula Patton. Can Paula sing, Nooooo. And yes, I have seen the original version of Sparkle!!!!!


  18. Why oh lord why are they remaking Sparkle? The original is great and should not be tampered with; if someone tries to remake it, it simply will not be as good. Aren’t there any good scripts around? How about doing a story about The Marvelettes or Smokey Robinson?

  19. I heard that they have been planning to remake this for the longest time. I for one would like to see it! A lot of Hollywood films are remade but as far as Black films, not so often. I would like to see more unknown faces versus known ones for this (and actors who really sing instead of singers who can kind of act). However, the suggestion of using Raven Simone wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  20. I really think that Trey songs should play stix and melondy pheona should do sparkle. I wish someone who put that IDE in the directors head. I say this because they are new, can sing, and fit the part.

  21. Can Melanie Fiona or Trey Songz act? Hell, Trey cannot even sing.

  22. What about Micheal Ealy as Stix? Idris Elba as Satin, Paula can’t sing at all… They need to pick someone else for sister…

  23. Paula can definitely act and her singing isn’t bad either. You can hear her on Usher’s song “Can U Handle It” from the Confessions cd. Robin Wrote the song and she is still featured on the hook doing background and the girl lead part. U will be surprised… hidden talent!

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