Paula Patton Covers Women’s Health

‘Precious’ star Paula Patton, who is expecting a son with her R&B singer husband Robin Thicke in May, has been looking amazing on the red carpet this awards season, baby bump and all, so it’s appropriate that she is appearing on the March cover of Women’s Health looking fit and fabulous. Inside the mag, Patton joked about her husband’s “super sperm,” which she said contributed to getting her pregnant soon after she got off birth control. “He’s so proud of himself,” she said. “It’s ridiculous.” She also spoke about some of her insecurities and problems other people have had with her biracial identity.

?I find [the term biracial] offensive. It?s a way for people to separate themselves from African-Americans?.a way of saying ?I?m better than that,?? says Paula, who is expecting her first son with crooner hubby Robin Thicke this spring. ?I?m black because that?s the way the world sees me. People aren?t calling Barack Obama biracial. Most people think there?s a black president?.People judged me because I was light-skinned. [They’d assume] I didn?t want to be part of the black race,? she says.

But all of those problems melt away when she’s with Robin. “He makes me feel beautiful,” she said.

Check out an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of her Women’s Health shoot here. The issue is on newsstands now!


  1. Love Paula and that statement she made is so true. Oh yea and GREAT actress.

  2. I admire Paula for being bold enough to tell the truth about most biracial people. Most biracial people want to seperate from black people and have their own box, because they feel that they are better and black people are ghetto and low class. I personally feel that biracals should be able to identify how they choose and not be forced to be something that they don’t want to be. But the bottom line is white society will still see them and treat them as black.

  3. Tamara, the U.S. is the only place where biracial people are automatically considered simply Black. The cause of that is the “one-drop rule” from the era of American slavery which held that one drop of Black blood contaminated a person’s perfect Whiteness. I’m a Black woman in an interracial marriage, and I’ll be raising my children as both Black and White, because that’s what they will be. What I find offensive is telling my children that their father’s genes and part in raising them doesn’t count because of his skin color. Saying they’re just Black would be essentially saying he doesn’t exist. That would be a slap in the face to him as a parent. My children will taught to embrace my Caribbean culture as well as their father’s European ones. As for what “society” thinks, “society” thinks a lot of things about various groups. It doesn’t mean we should define ourselves according to all of society’s ideas. I believe in defining self. My children won’t need “society” to tell them who they are because they’ll already know. I find the US’s obsession with color (ALL groups participate in this) and categorizing people based on it highly annoying and will probably raise by children elsewhere where it won’t be such a huge problem, anyway.

  4. Beautiful. And I’m so happy for her and Robin. Bless them both. 🙂

  5. Paula and Robin are the real deal. I can’t wait to see their little bundle of joy! Paula was great in Precious.

  6. Velvety: Your statements are dead on to me, and I applaud you for creating a solid cultural foundation for your children so that they don’t allow themselves to be defined by misguided strangers. It’s crazy how some grown adults don’t get it, the “one drop rule” and all the other pejorative rules that were put in place to marginalize blacks.

    As a mixed women, I can’t relate to what Paula says at all. I don’t know of any mixed person who claims his or her mixed ancestry in hopes of being deemed better than blacks. I’m not saying they aren’t out there; I just haven’t come across any (which makes me doubtful that this is a prevailing attitude among mixed folk). However, unless a mixed person is claiming white exclusively, the fact that she won’t chose black over all other does not mean she thinks she’s better. Better and different are two distinct concepts. It’s sad when grown folks can’t grasp that. Or maybe their paranoia won’t enable them to. Either way, I’m mixed ’till I die, regardless of whether I’m checking the “other box” or viewed as mixed in the minds of whites, blacks, or purples for that matter. Ask my forefathers; they’ll tell you.

    Oh and for the record, it’s funny how mixed women are black, not different, in some situations in the black community. But, let a rap video be full of all mixed chicks and see if the black women won’t be up in arms about how the rappers need to caste “real black women.” Yeah, we’re black alright…. when it’s convenient.

  7. when did she take these pics? if she’s due in may that means she is two months ahead of me and i’m showing pretty good now, so how is her stomach so flat? i know they do photoshoots ahead of time, but she doesn’t look pregnant at all

  8. Those pics are gorgeous!!
    She looks great. Cant wait to see her baby pics!

    To: Sho Ya Right, cut the generalizing. Take your Black Women stereotyping somewhere else.

  9. Most Bi-racial women i came across, Or light skinned, always tried to stay as far away as their melanin as possible, They openly talked about how they wish they were only White or anything not black, Perhaps because we share the same skin tone they thought we belonged in the same self esteem category, Luckily I’ve been raise by a strong black woman and even stronger Asian man, so I don’t feel the need, to demean one side of me to extol another one.

  10. @Velvety

    You are wrong about America being the ONLY country with a “one drop rule.” Instead of talking shit go outside this country and learn something about other cultures. In Brazil, Mexico, and any other countries you have a black parent YOU ARE A NEGRO!!!! Also, go to Europe where there are many women like you who have white husband’s and guess what their children are likely refered to as, shhhhh BLACK!! At the end of the day one is judged by society, so if they got curly hair and a lot of color they will be called black!!! George Lopez on his show did a geneology test to see what his racial make up was and he had OVER 60% white blood, however MOST hispanics are supposed to have more indeginous blood than european, but George lopez still calls himself mexican!! So its good that you make sure your kids know they are mixed!

  11. Also, I get tired of black women acting like ONLY black people them “choose” to be black when they are mixed. White people look at you as black too, never forget that. Tiger created his own new race, but he is treated like a black man by white people, the same goes for Halle, so white looks at mixed folks as blacks, never forget that!

  12. i did not know she was married to robin thicke!!! but i always did think she was so pretty!!!! i am so happy for them!!!! 🙂

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